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  1. LW - Makarov C - Sandstrom (17) RW - Broten (7) First Scrub - Ted Donato Second - Jeff Lazaro LD - Jyruki Lumme RD - Mark Tinori First DScrub - Adam Burt Second - Glen Feathersn (16)
  2. I'd prefer to stick with regular teams and players at least for two more seasons. It's been a lot of fun digging into the lesser used players. If we want to draft all-star teams, then let's do it that, but my preference would be to save that move for later.
  3. Boston Bruins Scoring Lines Position SC1 SC2 CHK LD Bourque Wesley Shaw RD Sweeney Murphy Feathrston LW Donato Kvartalnov Douris C Juneau Ruzicka Poulin RW Oates Neeley Pantaleyev Special Teams Position PP1 PP2 PK1 PK2 LD Same Same Bourque Wesley RD Sweeney Murphy LW Donato Ruzicka C Juneau Oates RW n/a n/a
  4. Calgary Flames / AdamWoodrow First Line: LW - (55) Scheifele C - (11) Staal RW - (19) Tkachuk LD - (14) Ekholm RD - (8) Muzzin G - (80*) Vasilevskiy X - (88) Kane Second Line: LW - (12*) Kopitar C - (12*) Kopitar RW - (88) Kane LD - (58) Letang RD - (58) Letang X - (88) Kane
  5. 1. Name, age, occupation, location? Adam, 33, instructional designer, Pittsburgh, Genesis 2. What hobbies or other interests do you have Reading and learning, replaying NES and Genesis games, following the Penguins, other things 3. When did you get introduced to the game NHL'94? How did it happen? My cousins introduced me to NHL'93. At a Mother's Day dinner, we talked about how great '94 was going to be, and here we are. 4. When did you get introduced to nhl94.com and the online community? Were you playing between these two dates? (That is, between first becoming aware of game, and first becoming aware of nhl94.com.) At no point since its release have I ever stopped playing it. Randomly searched for NHL'94 related content in the mid-2000s. I think I created my profile in 2006 or 2008 but didn't participate until 2017. 5. What are a couple of things you love about the game? Every game is completely different, just like in real life. 6. Are you a gamer in general? What other games do you play? I used to be much more of a gamer, but I've lost interest in the new systems. I only play NHL'94 and the NES Classic now. 7. Do you follow hockey in real life? Any other sports? I watch most sports and follow Pittsburgh and Arizona teams (lived in AZ for six years). 8. If you have been to a live tourney, what was it like meeting the real people behind the screen names? Any big surprises? I haven't been to a tourney yet, but I'd like to so I can put faces with usernames. 9. What is behind your screen name? (Origin story, if there is one.) My screen name is my birth name, so you'd have to ask my parents about the origin. I just rather people know my name than use an alias. 10. Favorite NHL'94 player in game (and why)? Nelson Emerson because he was a monster in '93. They nerfed him in '94 and put Craig Janney (SUPER SCRUB) on the top line. Then, somehow, Janney is a 100 in '95, which is half the reason I don't acknowledge that game. My wife is on board to include the name 'Emerson' for if we have a boy at some point, so that's cool.
  6. Nice job, @The Sauce ! Just played a quick Flyers/Pens match-up and everything plays as expected. I'm a fan of both ROMS from @skip and @naples39 . You offer a great alternative, and I appreciate the amount of time you've put into making it! Looking forward to some more exhibitions using this ROM!
  7. Being newer to playing in the leagues, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the weight bug. I understand what it means, but I think I'm lost on how or if the checking rating applies. Which player types are more likely to have a successful C-B check? High weight, low check? High weight, high check? If I C-B check with a 9-weight and 2-check player, which attribute determines a successful check? In theory, a 9-weight 2-check player (Coffey) should successfully C-B check a 6-weight 4-check player (Nemchinov), but not a 10-weight 2-check player (Shanahan), right? Or, are the check-receiver's attributes more of a factor? I think what I'm really asking is how do I know when to C-B check?
  8. 11.2 - Pens take the young Dominik Hasek.
  9. 10.8 - Pittsburgh selects: Calle Johansson.
  10. Line: LW - (16) Pat LaFontaine C - (17) Tomas Sandstrom RW - (49) Joe Juneau LD - (7) Chris Chelios RD - (34) Al Iafrate G - (GOAT) Mike Vernon Bench: F - (71) Wendel Clark *New jersey number* (1st sub) F - (7) Nelson Emerson (2nd sub) D - (28) Eric Desjardins *Sub for both LD & RD D - () Scrub bucket G - () Scrub bucket
  11. Arizona Coyotes / AdamWooodrow First Line: LW - Ryan Getzlaf C - Alex Ovechkin RW - Blake Wheeler LD - Brent Burns RD - Rasmus Ristolainen G - Corey Crawford X - Milan Lucic Second Line: LW - Milan Lucic C - Ryan Getzlaf RW - Nick Ritchie LD - Justin Faulk RD - Justin Faulk X - Alex Ovechkin
  12. 7.4 Arizona selects Forward Milan Lucic.
  13. With the 6th pick in Round #6, Arizona selects Defense Rasmus Ristolainen.
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