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  1. flatcrusher

    Plablegs 3 or ???

    Where is the Auto Goalie option?
  2. flatcrusher

    VHL6 Line Combos

    Winnipeg Jets / Flatcrusher First Line: LW - Nik Backstrom C - Vlad Tarasenko RW - Mark Scheifele LD - Hampus Lindholm RD - Alex Pietrangelo G - Sergei Bobrovsky X - Sasha Barkov Second Line: LW - Mark Sheifele C - Mark Scheifele RW - Sasha Barkov LD - Colton Parayko RD - Colton Parayko X - William Karlsson
  3. flatcrusher

    VHL 6 Trades

  4. flatcrusher

    VHL6 Draft

    7.8 Colton Parayko
  5. flatcrusher

    VHL6 Draft

    6.7 - Alex Pietrangelo
  6. flatcrusher

    VHL6 Draft

    5.12 - Hampy Lindholm - Defense
  7. flatcrusher

    VHL6 Draft

  8. flatcrusher

    VHL6 Draft

  9. flatcrusher

    VHL6 Draft

  10. flatcrusher

    Plablegs II

    Drop Ruuttu and Add Borshevsky
  11. flatcrusher

    Can't save game

    Oh just that the button mapping interface is different in each version. In regular gens it doesnt make you map every button the way the netplay version does. Easier than hitting random keys for buttons that dont exist on your controller but ya that would work if the netplay version was used to map buttons
  12. flatcrusher

    Plablegs II Lineups

    Updated Lineup for Winnipeg Jets: Winnipeg LD Manson RD Samuelsson LW Larmer C Selanne RW Federov X Ruuttu
  13. flatcrusher

    Plablegs II Trade & TRADE BLOCK!!!

    Flat trades Brian Bradley and Ray Bourque to Brutus for Sir-Gay Federov and Dave Manson. Yes I realize I just put the best shot into Sir Slapper's hands. I am sorry. **confirmed by Brutus**
  14. flatcrusher

    Can't save game

    Yep. As Aqua discovered - You need to use 6 button mapping for most ROMS's but the netplay version of GENS will not really let you do 6 button mapping for a 3 button controller. Original GENS makes it easier.