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My NHL 94 ice (Genesis). For those not wanting the super white ice...

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quite nice. I'd use this.

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How is the hex related to color in the image below?




First of all, is it only the last two hex numbers that changes the color?

Seems like it.


If the answer to #1 is Yes, then we got:

E8, EE, EC

Let's separate with comma, so we got R,G,B


If I write that in html color code, the closest color I could mix using those hex would be


That would mean that the red slot is backwards, in the ROM it says 0EE8, we only need E8, then we read that backwards making it 8E.

For the green color I haven't ran tests because it was EE, no point trying reverse it :)

For the blue color, it seems that it wouldn't be reversed, so 0EEC, we use EC, and DON'T reverse it...keeping it EC

Is that how it works? :o


Reverse, ??, Non-reverse

so in HTML color language, the color #8EEEEC would be 0EE8 0EEE 0EEC


In Tile Molester, 224 is the brightest color for the palettes I've come across so far..

But the color EE is 238 in decimal (and 238 in Tile Molester doesn't work, it snaps to 224).

So, for the ice, what decimal values can be used to blend your color?

For Tile Molester I've noticed it being:









But what about the possible decimals for ice color?

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Ignore Tile Molester's 0,32,64,96....224 values. They are not accurate, they are simplifications. Basically each colour component has a value from 0-7, but TM is scaling it up arbitrarily.

post-253-063050900 1312340640_thumb.png

0EE8 = the main ice colour, blue-green. it's in BGR (blue/green/red) format (instead of the usual RGB) and the first value is just filler, so is always 0. E is the highest value (not F.. F will get rounded down to E if you use it). So it's blue=E, green=E, red=8. 0 is the lowest value, E is the highest. the 'odd' values (1,3,5,7,9,B,D,F) are not valid. EE8=blue-green.

0EEE = the net colour and the highlight in the light reflection on the ice (follow the yellow lines on my image). EEE = white.

0EEC = the colour of the striping on the ice. EEC = blue-green, but brighter than EE8.

They are storing the colours in an odd way.

To understand it, you need to realize that NHL94 on the Genesis has a very limited set of colours it can display. It can only display 512 different colours (and only 16 at any one time).

When you're using Tile Molester, you tell it to use '9bpp' colour. That's 9 bits-per-pixel. 29 = 512.

Since the colours are composed of 3 separate colours -- red, blue, and green -- each colour gets 3 bits. 3 bits has 8 different values, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7. (23=8).

I guess for aesthetic reasons, so they could read the palette colours easily in a hex editor, the programmers decided to store the 9bpp colours (9 bits) in 16 bits. Or maybe it was easier to process this way.

In a hex editor, each character is 4 bits (possible values from 0-15, but F=15 in hex.. E=14, etc)

They way they stored the colours was by making the first character in the hex editor four 0 bits, then

The 2nd character is the 3-bit Blue value, plus a 0 bit on the end. The 0 bit on the end has the effect of doubling the value, so instead of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7, you get 0,2,4,6,8,A,C,E.

The 3rd character is the same, but for Green..

Then Red...

Dunno if this is understandable...

"0000" = black

"0888" = grey

"0EEE" = white

"000E" = red

"00E0" = green

"0E00" = blue

There is actually no 0EED. The game will round it down to EEC when displaying it.

Bright ice is hard on the eyes.. my recommendation is just changing the base colour to 0EEA. It's a little brighter, but still easy on the eyes. Although.. that's on an emulator/LCD, and I guess a TV signal isn't as bright...?

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if the suggestion is to alter your already modded ice color, I'm against it. that's great as it is.

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"0000" = black

"0888" = grey

"0EEE" = white

"000E" = red

"00E0" = green

"0E00" = blue

Thank you, made perfect sense. Now that I read your post I remember that when I was editing the ice I actually knew that some was for the highlights and stuff, as explained in the tutorial on the main page.

Will round my value to C (instead of D) just to be proper.

Yeah the ice is pretty bright, even on TV. I usually only have 1 or 2 backlight on my LCD because I'm sensitive to display brightness, can't understand how people can sit in a black room in front of a iMac/Macbook with their brightness set to MAX :) It's like looking to a flashlight, the iPad 2 on the lowest setting is too bright IMO... so yes, I'm sensitive (and like to use google in the middle of the night when lying in bed)

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