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We've had some recent concern about people's records, highlights posted on the website. It's time we all come together and iron out how these things can be easily added and updated to the website.



This should be the easier task. These are typically video clips or "reels" that we make. I have one on the homepage done in flash, while the rest have been compressed using the DivX codec. Ideally, it would be nice if anyone signed up could upload videos to our videos section.

All your programmers out there, anyone have a good solution for this? I've actually started using flash with XML and that could be a solution. The XML file is what gets updated from users, which contains the information for flash to play the videos. All we'd have to do is make some sort of form where the user can upload the video, and edit the info in the XML to include that video.

This is just one idea, any other ideas are welcome. We have the ability to use PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Javascript, Flash, HTML, SHTML, SS Includes, and probably just about anything else.



This would require the user to email me a screenshot, and modify the nhl94 records database which has been setup. The guy who's been helping me with the database has it all seutp. The only thing we have to add is the "log a record" page, which would allow me to update that section easily when users post/email me a screenshot. We've been busy lately, so this just hasn't been done yet.

Again, any brainstorms here would be great. I know someone mentioned posting league records separate from the general records vs the computer or friends.

I want to thank everyone who's already posted for your records. I do have them, and I'll see if we can get moving on this part of the website sooner than later. If anyone thinks they can help out with these sections, please reply or email me. We have a lot of talent in this community, lets use it for the good of NHL94!


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Im in the dark when it comes to this stuff. Sorry I cant be of any help.

The only suggestion I have: Make a thred where people can submit their scores and vids, until you figure out what method your going to use. It would make it easier to retrive the records and vids since they are all in one location.

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Though I'm not a part of this league yet, I think you guys should consider allowing trades in the leauge. It would add another dynamic.

Edit: Oh, snap, wrong thread.

As for records, I think it wouldn't be so bad just to take a screenshot of the Scoring Summary, and player stats for records. Also, make it mandatory, so if there's any dispute, having a screenshot would prove the outcome.

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