NHL95 PC Roster Databases

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Original rosters and other info are saved on NHL95 root on ".ORG"-files. If you make changes to current rosters, those changes are saved on ".DB"-files on NHL95 root. In game you can select in some cases which ones do you want to use, for example at that roster viewing/editing or when you are starting new season. Season databases will be located directory with season name. If you choose for season name as myseason, game makes "myseason.lp" directory for that season database. Database files on that directory are ".DB"-files.

Files in root for default (current) database:









Files in root for original database:









Files names are quite self-explanatory, but you can view info from those databases by NHLinfo. For example if you view teams, select one team and press "d". That shows you what info are stored according to that team in TEAMS.DB, offsets linked to KEY.DB and SCHEDULE.DB

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Okay that makes sense. I assume that the *.org files have the same format as their *.db counterparts. So if I wanted the original rosters to be custom I could make changes to the 'current' rosters by editing the *.db files (say with your import/export roster tools) and save the *.db files over the *.org files by changing the file extension?

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I guess I'm concerned about loading up the original rosters in the game and that 'accidentally' saving them over the current rosters which would erase any work I have done. But I suppose that could be solved by making backup copies of the roster files themselves.

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You should always take backups and keep one version of them on other place than your hard drive, like in server. Is there even possibility to save original rosters over current ones in game? I thought game will ask which one you want to use if you make a season, not that you can replace the current with originals...

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Yes. My issue occurred not when starting a new season but when I was in the central registry I accidentally overwrote my current rosters (which had a bunch of changed team names) with the original rosters. I hadn't made a back-up of the current rosters so all of the work was lost.

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Each team can hold max. 25 players and 3 goalies. You can insert new players or goalies to that point, after that new player/goalie will be created as free agent.

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