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KingRaph of the New York Rangers wins his second straight Gordie Howe Bobblehead with 300 Goals/8.33 GPG

This is a new league record.


AngryJay93 of the Montreal Canadiens wins the Tony Esposito Bobblehead with a 3.39 GAA.


Lupz27 of Boston Bruins wins the Tiger Williams Bobblehead with 405 PIM/11.25 per game.

This is a new league record.


Lupz27 of the Boston Bruins wins the Hanson Brothers Bobblehead with 89 FW/2.47 per game.

This is Lupz27 second straight Hanson Brothers Bobblehead but with a new team, last season he won it with Chicago.

This is also a new league record.

Other Awards

Lady Byng Trophy (Fewest PIM) Darko99 St. Louis Blues

Most Shutouts KingRaph NY Rangers

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Thanks. Solid group of Buds is the most important part of a solid league.

The most important part to being a solid bud imo is not waiting until deadlines or warnings or the last minute to play your games OR communicating why you are gonna be away.

This group of buds has been exceptional we finished both leagues way ahead of schedule.

Like by more than a month.

We have played 2 Full Seasons in around 4 months.

Each league was 6 weeks from start to awarding the Cup and we had a 2 week break in between.

I really enjoy running these leagues.

I am really trying to love '94 so I can play more.

I wish I was in Classic B instead of GDL, but did not feel I could do both and get easily frustrated by wasting time not playing games.

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