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SDL 4 Checkpoints and remaining games


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All coaches should be at 40 games played or more as of August 31st. I'm going to extend the league one week because of the king of 94 tourney. The final two checkpoints are:

September 7th 48 games

September 21st 56 games

Playoffs will start September 22nd.

Here are the remaining games for each coach:

Hazmat 0

jackandjose 0

c4outlaws 0

fank 4

Blackdevil19 4

Mc Markis 4

annatar 4

wwojo75 8

oilers442 8

kingraph 12

Bobkudelski 12

Boknows 20

Plabax 20

XCing 20

stheds 20

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Alright guys, lets finish this up! Still many games left to play. Post your availability like annatar has done(thanks bud!). Emailing your opponents also helps.

Plabax, stheds and Boknows are fighting for the last playoff spot so get your games in. I'm going to set a minimum of 44 games played to qualify for playoffs.

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