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I've been playing NHL 99 for the past couple of days. It was the last game I recall being fun.. Not too found of it but at least it has season mode. Some people talk about NHL 2004 being good, but I don't have that one. Don't remember if I've even played it.. I really liked NHL 96 for genesis back in the days, but there just are to few ways to score in it. In NHL 94 for snes I still today score in new ways now and then... Amazing.


I've actually put a bid on NHL Championship 2000, new and pretty cheap. Just wanna try it out. Someone said it was good and uhm.. Well we'll see. I've played all EA's hockey games that I know of, as for the other ones

Thought maybe we could put together all hockey games availiable for PC (not including air hockey and pong like hockey games of course.. But those with at least Blades of Steel quality heh):

EA Sports:

NHL 94

NHL 95

NHL 96

NHL 97

NHL 98

NHL 99

NHL 2000

NHL 2001

NHL 2002

NHL 2003

NHL 2004

NHL 2005

NHL 06

Series - URL

Virgin Interactive:

NHL PowerPlay 98 - URL

Fox Interactive:

NHL Championship 2000 - URL

Midway Games:

NHL Open Ice 2 on 2 Challenge - URL


Backyard Hockey - URL

Backyard Hockey 2005 - URL


PS. If ya think we should list console hockey games as well here's a start:

NHL Hitz, NHL 2k, NHL Face Off [PSX], NHL All-Star Hockey [saturn, Sega Sports]... DS.

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Ok, a list of every hockey game for whatever system, wow, that would be a big list. But I think it's a good idea, saying a hockey game sux from the get go is hardly fair but I like to try the new ones when they come out. We should make a ongoing list on this board of all the games, you don't have to provide a URL just list what platforms the game is available on.

Here is another list on wikipedia:


If your a member you can update the list. Be the best way to do it as they have a good start.

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Well I was mainly going for PC games.. That's why I didn't post any system, I just provided links so ya would get a picture of it if ya haven't heard of any of 'em before. :huh:

And I did try that keikko game once.. Might have some potential.. But felt a bit to finnish and javaish. :P And I actually prefer single player with hockey games. Of course battling against friends is the most friends, but playing hockey online against people I don't know isn't my bag of potatoes really.. :P

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I was thinking maybe more games that were comparable to 94, or worthy of playing if you can't get your hands on 94. A list like that would be better then just listing all hockey games.

Of course to be honest, we could dismiss EA's NHL's 95 to present because I have most of them and have played them all and they are just not that good. I was impressed that NHL 06 has somewhat usable manual goalie but again, most of the buttons they add are useless, the whole right hand stick for puck control and shooting and then you have the buttons on the side thing is stupid.

off topic

I'm telling you when you play hockey in real life, if you can't puck handle and move in one fluid motion, you are not going to have the puck very long, they need to have both in the same control just like in 94.

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I've played some of the other hockey games, and I gotta tell ya, most of em just aren't worth a s**t. I keep coming back to NHL'94, but there are some great games out there, the type you keep playing again and again. How about Streets of Rage 2 on Genesis, Soul Caliber on Dreamcast, Mario Tennis on N64, I'm still jammin those out. Blazing Lazers on Turbo Grafx 16 anyone? What ever I play, I try to keep it real, keep it classic, and keep my equipment in shape to play these games forever.

Just picked up a multi-tap for Genesis on 'EBAY' last week, can't wait to start some NHL'94' drinking games here at school, welcome week is around the corner! Let the games begin.

Jeff Rickett

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