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Are simulated playoff winners random?


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what I can add is that if you don't like what is about to happen in a highlight, press a button and it seems fifty-fifty rather than the 80% or so likelihood of being a goal that each shot in highlights seems to have.  I built a playoff tree to the same results as the actual 2011 finals, game by game, save and play/simulate until achieved.

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3 hours ago, Matt55 said:

When the game decides which cpu teams move on in playoff brackets, are the winners randomly chosen, or do team ratings/player ratings/ team advantages affect the outcome?


Sim data determines the winner, and it is the one and only determiner.
It is similar in TSB.

Notice in the Original Game how often the Pens advance, as they have great sim data.

The Sim data works like this:

Each team has an offensive rating (0-7) with 7 being the best and a defensive rating (0-7) with 0 being the best.
The Pens are 7/1 which is the best in the Original game.

Basically the top 3 GF teams from the  1993 got 7, the next 3 got six, etc...down to the bottom who got 0.
Then the Top GA teams got 0, the next 3 got 1, etc....down to the bottom who got 7.

I use a similar break down when setting sim data in my roms.

Like in an Original 6 rom I will go

6,5,4,3,2,1 for Offense based on GF from the season.
1,2,3,4,5,6 for Defense based on GA from the season.

I don't use 0 and 7 in my Original 6 roms.

This number is also used for the games being played in other games scores and highlights as well as playoffs.

Fun to experiment with for an like make every team 7 on offense (best) and 7 on defense (worst).

Watch how high scoring all the sim games will be.:big_smile:

Those numbers do not affect actual game play when a human controls like PP/PK and Home/Away, but still are usually equalized in custom roms, just in case we are wrong.

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