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my world hockey championship 2008 experience

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I was in Quebec as younger kg ...staying in Quebec when Russia won the gold medal I couldn't pay for the final but i must of watched 4 or 5 games ....Russia played canada inthe gold medal game clkovalchuck scored overtime winner it was an aamazing comeback so theywon the gold medal and ovechkin dug the gold medal out of center ice I was kinda pissed and smashed drinking at beer tent outside ...I was invited to

and met the whole Russian team favorite dude was sergie Fedorov he was so nice to me and said thank you for congrats......I was outside and ovechkin was with 2 girls and completely smashed he got into car with 2 girls I busted his balls and said u r lucky Sidney was not playing mostly outta jealousy ....he had 2 chick so f**k him lol it ...then started raining and I am standing outside smoking when I said I wish I had a umbrella and Pavel f**king Bure was there i didn't recognize him .... thensaid are selling umbrellas  I'm like no! does it look like I have any f**king umbrellas lol........anyways enough with throwback Mondays .....maybe u guys can share some real stories  happy may 24 to my fellow Canadians except Quebec! they hate the queen! :)hope ovechkin can step up game 7 he needs this for his legacy .......kgman article patented by me ........ I also met Stamkos he was nice but he seemed introverted and he also had Tampa Devil rays cap on .some o called him a canadian sell out.... but f**k it should be good game 7 ......I got the under 

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