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The Century Challenge


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Alright, a couple of people have broken the century mark (supposedly), but because they did things like use an all-star team or pull their goalie (for the entire game lol) I don't really qualify those, so here's the challenge I'm throwing out there:

By November 30th (two months), I want to see who can post the most goals under the following conditions:


- SNES or GENESIS (this is such a huge advantage to the Genesis players because scoring is about 30% easier on Genesis)

- 20 Minute Periods

- You must use a regular team, and must NOT pull your goalie for any part of the game.

- Your opponent must be either Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, or Montreal.

- Offsides can be off, and you may not use line changes.

- YOU MUST KEEP THE SAME FIVE PLAYERS ON THE ICE (refer to injury section for the exception).

Screenshots Required

- One of the final score after the game has concluded, and, if possible, the last faceoff you have in the third period while all your players are on the ice.

- All parts of the game stats. (i.e. Take a picture of the top part, then scroll down and photograph the bottom part)

- All parts of the player stats. (same procedure as game stats)

- Any injury that occurs during the game.


To prevent people from pulling their goalies, keeping all five players on the ice for the entire game and taking screenshots of player stats will allow everyone to see that an extra player was not on the ice (it'd be damn near impossible to have the extra man on and make sure he didn't get an assist on any of the goals). If a player becomes injured, however, you must take a screenshot of them being injured, and then replace them with any player other than your team's designated "extra man" (i.e. the guy who comes on when you pull your goalie). That way, when we we look at the player stats at the end of the game there will be an extra player with points beside his name, but he will not be the guy who comes on when the goalie is pulled so we know the points did not come from that (plus you'll have the injury screenshot).


I'll try and think of something decent that isn't too expensive, but for now I'll send both the SNES and Genesis versions of the game to the winner (it's always good to have backups). You don't have to post if you're planning on entering or anything, just post your screenshots on here.

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Why can't you use line changes or switch players mid-game? Neither of those should make scoring easier.

And why do you put LA & Detroit on the list? Cheveldae is weak as a goalie. Detroit may be one of the best offensive teams, but they're no harder to score on than any other 70ish team & LA is pretty good, but nothing special defensively.

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got really drunk and tried this. Boston with Kvarltnatonsvladslavechichekislov instead of Juneau and Wesley at RIGHT d. versus LoScandalous. got to 91. very possible, as I had 39 in the first but slipped into a stupor. might try again if properly intoxicated.

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