How to use the poke-burst or speed-check

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Just wanted to post a quick vid of this move, which to my knowledge, was figured out by @HABS.

It can get you up the ice much faster than checking or just speed bursting by itself. Basically, you cancel the speed burst a few frames into the animation with the poke check, then you speed burst again, and cancel that burst again with the poke check. Rinse repeat, all the way up the ice.

Easiest way to pull this off, for me, is to have your thumb on (B) & (C) at the same time.  This way it's easy to press one part of your thumb on (B) to poke check and cancel the animation, then, the other part of your thumb can burst again with (C).

Made the video, like, 10 minutes ago in a hurry. I could have done a better demonstration of how to get up the ice faster if you do it more smoothly, but I just wanted to get the video up for now

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