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Doing some housecleaning of some old projects I started and never quite finished up and came across some pre-NHL and early NHL vs PCHA/WCHL roms that kind of fell between the cracks.  I did some graphics updates with the ice markings and net layout but then kind of got sidetracked with other things...

In the interest of accuracy, was wondering if anyone had ever figured out the possibility of permanently including the extra attacker (therefore bringing back the Rover position) and making the game 6 v 6 with a goaltender?  I've seen @The Sauce has a 3 v 3 but was curious if you could also go the other direction?

Early games were also often played in two halves instead of three periods, any chance it would it be possible to make the 3rd period into OT and eliminate the OT period?  I know the owners would be unhappy because it will cut into concessions but trying to stay accurate to the rules at the time as much as possible.

Anybody have any ideas where to start digging?  It would be nice to give the game a different feel for those early Stanley Cup days.

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