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  1. You’re trying to making a video game be “realistic.” That’s not going to happen. All video games are unrealistic in one way or another. I get where you are coming from though but, I’m not sure how realistic you can make a video game, especially one that added features to increase scoring chances (the one-timer). The irony of “realism” is that you’re looking to make it hard to score yet, scoring is up in the NHL over the last two seasons. It’s the highest it’s been since 1992-93. I certainly do believe that by making the goals smaller, you’ll be able to achieve low(er) scoring games as you are making it hard for folks to score. You may also be on to something with the low glove/stick ratings. I’m not sure what a 0 vs a 6 rating does for the glove or blocker other than, making them stop more snappers and hard wrist shots on frequency. But if you confirm that it causes even more rebounds, that is interesting to know and I’d be curious to test it on a non-custom rom (as I enjoy me some juicy rebounds/dirty goals).
  2. Of course it’s going to effect them and their abilities. As to what degree, I’ve never been tempted to test. But, it’s no different then lowering a players scoring ability or skating speed. The game has the ratings for a reason. Now, guys with a scoring accuracy of 1 can score at times. But, you’d be hard pressed to get them a hat trick or maybe even two goals in a game. As to how much a goalie with a glove hand of 0 or 1 does vs a goalie with a glove hand of 3-6 range, I can’t advise. That’s something you’d have to try out. Because you are making the goals smaller, it may be a non-factor. I’d recommend first testing on a rom that has a regular size goal (per the original game specs) and edit two goalies to have a low glove and blocker/stick rating. Then, try one timers and wrist shots and see what happens. Then try it against the same goalies but raise their glove hand and stick side ratings. That should give you a sense of the impact of lowering the attributes. But again, it “may” not matter with your smaller goal size.
  3. Glove Left and Glove Right attribute rating appears to only affect your goalie if he catches left or right. Obviously, one cannot catch left and right with only one glove. I also don't believe that the game developers intended it to mean that a goalie who is left handed catching is also rated on how they reach across their body to catch on the right side. That is not a in-game animation. Same with Stick Left and Stick Right which, translates to Blocker Side effectiveness. Some call blocker side the "stick side" when the defection/save is made with the stick vs blocker. So perhaps, that's why it is called that in the video game? The problem is, if you have a left hand catching goalie and only do the attribute adjustments for glove left and stick right, and zeros for glove right and stick left, it lowers the goalie's overall rating anywhere between 2 to 12 points. There is no logic in the game that disables (for example) Glove Left's impact on the overall rating, if your goalie catches right-handed. So, they remain in the game in the event a goalie is left handed or right handed. It's weird to have it as it effects the overall rating but there are other strange things about the game that exist so, it's not that surprising. I have done a lot of testing on the Glove/Stick theory that I have mentioned, with altering those four attributes, and I'm 99% that this is the case. I had zeroed the opposite catching/stick hands and didn't notice an impact other than the goalie being weaker/stronger glove side or blocker side. I got away from it as I didn't like the impact on overall rating. Also, originally, I thought that "stick left/right" might impact how a goalie passes left side or right side (as far fetched as that sounds). However, it didn't see it impacted with low vs high stick ratings. Plus, in the original game, Patrick Roy and Ed Belfour are rated higher on the stick rating than Ron Hextall and there's no way either was better at passing them him. Only Marty Brodeur can compete with Hex in that area. Anywho... Perhaps it is good idea to rate, if for example you have a left-hand catching goalie with a good glove hand, something to the effect of: Glove Left: 5 Glove Right: 5 Stick Left: 4 Stick Right: 4 OR; Glove Left: 5 Glove Right: 4 Stick Left: 5 Stick Right: 4 For the most part, the original version of NHL94 does one of these two structures. There are only a few exceptions in the original which could have been just human error. And yes, lowering puck control does create more rebounds.
  4. Hi again... I found an issue with the rom that I posted last night. As such, I fixed it and just re-posted. I apologize to anyone who downloaded it. Feel free to download the latest version of the v2 rom. As a Rangers fan, it is opportune for me because I also updated their lines to reflect Mika's return and what is being projected as lines 1 & 2 (based on today's practice).
  5. As we are now a little more than a quarter of the way through the season, I just uploaded V2 of my rom. As always, special thanks to Slapshot67 for making this 32 team rom and all of his assistance in the past. I did try to work on the "pulling the goalie only after a two goal lead" thing (see my other post regarding goalie pull logic) but, wasn't able to figure it out. RAM tracing and codes just ain't my jam. If someone else wishes to collaborate on it, PM me and we can see how I can be of help. For now, that "glitch" will remain as it is not that big a deal. In the meantime, what's new for V2: * Updated headshots and combos for NLC - ARZ, CHI, COL, LA, NJ, NYR and OTT * As seen above, I updated the Kenny Albert image * Updates to several players as well as some new ones added (like Morgan Frost) * Added/removed some prospects to the 2020 NHL Prospects team * Removed Dustin Byfuglien as it doesn't appear that he will play this season. Lines & D-pairings are not 100% accurate for each team. However, they are lines/D-pairings that were (or maybe currently) used at one point. Feel free to change as you see fit. For additional details on the ROM's setup, please review the original post above. Cheers!
  6. The Sauce

    USHL 20

    Nicely done! A lot of current NHL star talent (John Carlson, Johnny Gaudreau, Auston Matthews and Joe Pavelski) that played in the USHL at one point. There was even some past star alumni (Gordie Howe, Phil Housley, Gary Suter, Thomas Vanek and Brian Rafalski) as well.
  7. It is possible. My season rom is also the same slapshot67 rom that Skip edits (albiet with different ratings, jerseys, logos, etc.). I added Clockwise's spite hack to mine as well as some of Smozoma's patches. So, definitely doable. Below is a link to the sprite/helmet hack if you need it.
  8. Unfortunately, this is very greek to me as this requires more of a concept understanding then editing a rom or images. I'll play around with this over the weekend when I have some free time. It's gonna take some time to figure it out as it is a lot of "new" for me. It's almost like learning a new language. LOL. If I have questions, I'll definitely ask.
  9. Admittedly, the second paragraph (and 4th paragraph) is “Greek” to me. I don’t know anything about RAM read traces. However, I’m assuming the guide that you linked covers it. I’m up for trying so I’ll get to reading and see if I can figure it out. Thanks for the point in the right direction!
  10. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows how to "re-program" the GENS roms so that if the CPU is down by one goal, in the 3rd, they may pull their goalie. The logic, now, is that the CPU won't do so unless they are down by 2 (as a min). I thought I saw it mentioned, once upon a time, on this forum, but can't find it. Anywho, if anyone knows "the how" and could provide some instruction on how to do it, I'd greatly appreciate it. It's definitely something I'd like to have in my future roms assuming a novice like me could do it. Cheers!
  11. The Kenny Albert headshot has been fixed. I put him on an all carbs diet! It will be in my next ROM update/post.
  12. Now, I realize there is a growing concern over Kenny Albert’s appearance but, if you google his image, he’s not exactly a pumpkinhead. Lol It will be fixed in a future release (as I plan to post 4-5 versions/updates, for this season, just like last season).
  13. Thank you! I’m glad you like it!
  14. Hi @AlexGages First and foremost, welcome to the forum/community! This is a great place to be, surrounded by fellow NHL94 enthusiasts. Second, thank you very much for your kind words. It’s always nice to be appreciated for your work/efforts. There are many great roms within this forum. It’s great that my work can be appreciated among the others. I’m always a bit surprised when someone reaches out to compliment something I that posted. I kinda feel like Wayne and Garth... “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.” Lol So, thank you again!