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  1. I guess what was/is throwing me is why are you editing the team name color on the banner. They default to light grey which, depending on how big you're emulator screen is, probably won't give enough clarity/detail to distinguish between white and light grey. Certainly white can "pop" a little more but given the effects on the game, it doesn't seem worth it. That light grey may be used in another area of the game graphics. It's no different than if you change a team's skate color, it affects the floor color on the player bench. With team banners, you should really only be editing the top and bottom colors to match (as best as possible) to the team's primary colors. Check out page 17 of this PDF. You'll notice that the first color of the 16 color swatch is the rink color. Per the pink warning/disclaimer, don't use it. Use color #2 as it is the closest you get to white.
  2. By not utilizing color #1 (in the banner color swatch in TM) within your banner colors. Whether it is blue, white, mauve, periwinkle... don't use it.
  3. The Sauce

    1976 WHA

    Nice job!
  4. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    Thanks @game-winning mullet! Truth be told, with knowing the NHL, I'm not sure how well I really do. I spend a lot of free time watching NHL Network, random hockey games (not just my fav team's games) and reading TSN and HFBoards. I also use several good websites for stats, analytics and/or scouting reports. It's a sickness. LOL Thankfully, I married a hockey fan and she is more tolerant then I deserve. LOL
  5. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    Sounds good! This version (knock on wood) and the 3v3 have been checked and I haven't discovered anything else to update/fix/address in the here and now. That said, if that remains the case, I won't be updating it until later this year/early next year when enough roster changes have occurred and we see how players are trending for the year. So, definitely feel free to use this version. Thanks for downloading... have fun with it! Cheers!
  6. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    RE: this ROM. It was brought to my attention, last night, that there may be a potential error of sorts. The team rankings were not the same as in my 2018 version. It was indeed an error and not by design. Not sure why they didn’t carry over when I made a 2019 edition. Anywho, I fixed and reposted the ROM. They are correct in my 3v3 rom as well (posted last night). I keep the teams set as “average” for offense and defense ranking as well as for their PP, PK, Home and Away settings. This allows for some unpredictability to go with the players individual skills (vs being “hot” or “cold”) to help determine outcomes. I did this last year and enjoyed the gameplay. Apparently, others did as well.
  7. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 3-on-3 ROM by The Sauce

    Hi Everyone! So, like last season, I took my recently released NHL94 2019 ROM and converted it to 3-on-3 play. The biggest change/update is that Team #32 is now the fictional skaters/team from the movie Mystery, Alaska. Because, in the movie, the team only had 11 players, I added an extra forward (Scott Gomez) and an extra Dman (Matt Carle). Both Gomez and Carle are no longer in the NHL but both are from Alaska like Brandon Dubinsky and Nate Thompson (who are still active). The arena that I assigned to them is the one that was used by the Alaska Aces before they moved to Portland. Other notable differences between this and my 5v5 rom include: * When playing with line changes, the CPU gets the lines wrong. The CPU treats the CHK line as the #1 scoring line. The #1 scoring line is treated like the second scoring line. And, in turn, the 2nd scoring line is treated as a checking line. That said, I re-ordered them in NOSE. The CHK line will default to start each game that is simmed (as several folks like to sim games) but, it will contain the #1 players (Crosby, McDavid, Ovechkin, Doughty, E. Karlsson, etc.). Keep this in mind whether you do auto or manual line changes. If you are player 1, it defaults starts scoring line 1. If your opponent is the CPU, you default start with scoring line 1 and the CPU default starts with the CHK line. If you are playing head to head, both you and your opponent will default start with scoring line 1. If you use NLC, it's a non-issue as that will default the NLC line. * The PP lines will have 4 skaters to have a man advantage. If your team gets two men in the penalty box, unfortunately, it will be a 4-on-2. Can't do anything about that...the good news is, penalties, in this ROM, are only a minute in length (unlike the normal 2:00 length used in my 5-on-5 ROM). * Line combos/pairings are "best guess" in most cases as the 2018-19 season is just getting underway. * By default, offsides is turned off. Feel free to turn it back on if you like... KNOWN BUGS: * Player portraits can only be viewed in the main team selection screen. In any other screen/view, if you allow the portraits to cycle, it will eventually freeze the game. * The “Winnipeg Freeze Bug" known to all 32 team roms. If you catch anything errors or mistakes, please feel free to share with me. I welcome any feedback! Cheers! NHL94 2019 3on3
  8. The Sauce

    32-team ROM offsets

    Hey bud... sorry I wasn't able to assist/advise as we went back and forth in PM. Hopefully, you'll get the answer soon.
  9. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    The issue has been fixed an I have re-posted the corrected rom. Special thanks to @slapshot67 who quickly discovered the issue. Some of the commentary text got cut off when I edited it to be for Kenny Albert. All good now!
  10. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    Thanks @bbb777! That's weird that it is happening... I never noticed before as it doesn't do it in my 2018 ROM. I did some changes in the hex code, for this rom, so I'll see if there is a connection. If I can get it fixed I will re-post. Thanks for bringing to my attention!
  11. The Sauce

    32-team ROM offsets

    @Jkline3 I have a file that has the team selection and center ice logo offsets (for each team) for a 32 team rom. I'll PM it to you... I'll also include where the team banner offset is located within the 32 ROM. Hope it helps...
  12. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    Hello All! Several jersey numbers were updated after I posted my 2019 ROM (on opening day). I went ahead and updated those numbers as well as made two player updates. MIN traded Olofsson to MTL and NJ signed Stratford. Both occurred after I originally posted the ROM. If anyone notices any errors or whatnot, please let me know. I am still working on a 3v3 version of this ROM and will post it sometime this month. Cheers!
  13. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 by Skip & Slapshot67

    Nice job @skip! Technically, as this is a celebration of 25 years since the original release, the apropos announcer could (or maybe "should") be Howie Rose. Afterall, he shouted one of the most famous calls in NHL lore in 1994... "Matteau, Matteau, Matteau". As a life long Rangers fan, I prefer Sam Rosen's "...and this one will last a lifetime." Sadly, it has... Roenick, albiet a great player, is partially associated with this game due to a bug. Kathryn Tappen was a nice addition to your other rom. Mainly because she is friggin' hot!!!
  14. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    Just as a "heads up", like last season, I will be doing a 3v3 version of this ROM. I will release it, sometime, later this month.
  15. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    Hi Everyone! The new hockey season is officially here!!! With it, comes a bunch of new ROMs. As I did a "pre-season" version, I am now excited to present my official 2019 season ROM!!! Here’s what you need to know: *Link for the ROM is below the in-game images. *There are over 100 new players in this ROM vs my 2018 ROM. Many of them are rookies. *I created a new structure for all teams. Each team has 3 goalies, 14 forwards and 8 defensemen for you to choose from prior to a game. *This ROM is a “healthy/best case scenario” ROM. That means, most injured players (Shea Weber, Ryan Kesler, Seth Jones, Corey Perry, Mike Green, Torey Krug, Corey Crawford, Alex Galchenyuk, Cory Schneider, Dustin Brown, JG Pageau, etc.) are in the line-ups. I prefer it that way as it is more fun to play. Also, RFA “hold outs” like William Nylander and Nick Ritchie are in the line-ups. Kinda figure that they will stop being greedy and sitting at home before long. *Suspended players (Tom Wilson, Nate Schmidt, Austin Watson and Robert Bortuzzo) are in the line-ups. *LTIR players like Henrik Zetterberg (who has essentially retired) and Marian Gaborik (who may retire due to back surgery) are not in this ROM. I was going to include Patrick Eaves but left him out for now as his return is unknown and I needed his spot for a rookie. *Almost all opening night players made this ROM with the exception of approximately 10 players. I just couldn’t fit them given the 3/14/8 structure in bullet 3 (above). That said, I tried to include the guys that I felt most folks would want included. Unfortunately, as I would have liked to include them, I had to leave out Barrett Hayton and Isac Lundstrom but both are rumored to not stay on the rosters for long (as they are up due to injuries). *Many of the line combinations and D pairings come from preseason and will be used on opening night. In some cases, they are what was/is projected when a healthy player returns. Feel free to change them if you want something different. *Jersey number have been updated for all players as of 10/2. This, of course, is subject to change. *31 NHL Teams. The “WPG freeze bug” still exists. *32nd team is a 2019 Prospects team (featuring Jack Hughes). *Kenny Albert has replaced Mike “Doc” Emrick as the new “Ron Barr”. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated! If you catch any mistakes/errors, please let me know. Cheers! -The Sauce NHL94 2019 ROM