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  1. The Sauce

    Off the Grid

    Hopefully, this isn’t the end of an era. Hopefully, you (eventually) come back with some more original concept Roms. Even to noobs like me, you are a legend in these here parts! Thanks for all your great/hard work!!!
  2. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    Per the above, I am posting an updated roster (v2 in the OP). It was announced 3 minutes before today's 5:00 EST deadline that William Nylander re-signed with the Maple Leafs. I reposted v1.1 as well. Like version 2, I made it default the main menu to "manual goalie" as I didn't notice it was on auto. There were no other changes in the event you like(d) version 1.1. I also posted both files unzipped for convenience. V2 includes some new players as well as some player edits here and there. All roster moves are as of today. I did a 3-tier structure for team that's between 65-75 (in EARE). Because, this time of year, teams move up and down the standings, I don't like to put teams at a number that very well could be higher or lower in a week or two. It also helps some weaker teams challenge some stronger teams every now and again. Version 3 & 4 of the rom will return to a 4-tier structure (like version 1.1). Enjoy...cheers!
  3. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    The only known/reported issue with my Rom (Skip’s and Naple’s have the same) is the “Winnipeg Freeze Bug”. That only happens if you allow the game to display the Jets player portraits in the main menu screen. There have been several posts about it if you do a search. If you use Kega Fusion, it won’t freeze. It displays a weird error code under the player portrait names. No big deal (IMO). Besides that freeze bug, I haven’t seen or been informed of any other freezes (was playing the rom as recent as last night). Now, not an "issue" but rather a human error, if you don't synch a player portrait correctly, the main menu screen will freeze and have some funky colors. However, that is based on one, incorrectly, having done a player portrait update. Unrelated, I am posting V2, of this rom, this weekend. The William Nylander “sign or you miss the season” deadline is 12/1. Just waiting on that status update. Plus, we are at the first quarter mark of the season so it seems like a good time. I have updated the rosters with all in-season trades including yesterday’s between CHI & ARZ. Added some new players too and removed some as well. V3 will be done at the trade deadline. V4 will be the Playoff Edition. Cheers!
  4. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    I have re-posted the file (again) as I just discovered the same issue with the Buffalo team roster that I had with the NJ roster (mentioned above). Both have been fixed. It dates back to this summer. Long story short, I got sloppy (and lazy) with the exporter/importer tool and didn't pay attention to certain important instructions. Lesson learned. I did my best to comb this file and I think I have, now, cleaned up my error for good (knock on wood). If anyone catches something that appears to be a mistake (such as jersey number, wright, hand, etc.), please feel free to let me know. Sorry for re-posting so many times... the OCD in me couldn't let it go. LOL Oh, and I did give Elias Petterson a little more of a bump in ratings and the kid is just awesome (so far)! Cheers!
  5. The Sauce

    We Strictly Do 80's Joel Music Sir

    I just usually tell them that NHL94 is like the "F****n' Catalina Wine Mixer". Enough said! But, '95 is still a good game even IF, not the best. LOL
  6. The Sauce

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    I just posted v1.1 of this rom. It was pointed out, to me, that there was an error on the NJ roster. I have fixed it but also used it as an excuse to post more updated version. I updated the NLC for a handful of teams, including certain player portraits. These teams include, CHI, EDM, NYI, VAN, VGK and WAS. I also updated a couple of rookies (and a couple of vets) by giving a slight to modest boost to their ratings (notably Elias Pettersson who is killing it this year, so far). Cheers!
  7. The Sauce

    Bug 12 Goalies

    Just tried this out on my 32-team rom and it worked. At first, 12 goalies appear and as soon as the play end/whistle blows, it goes back to 5v5 with 2 goalies but no net. The 12 goalie thing is very bizarre (as it is happening).
  8. The Sauce

    NHL 94 2019 box cover

    We’ve heard that before... lol He should go there or retire. He’s too slow for today’s NHL. Not sure what it like over the Czech leagues. At his age, and after all he’s accomplished, there is nothing left to prove. Plus, injuries are starting to impact him.
  9. The Sauce

    The Time is Now!, isn't the original the "ultimate retro hockey game"? Weight bug aside, it is still more fun to play than anything EA is currently releasing.
  10. The Sauce

    NHL 94 2019 box cover

    Very true however, Jagr hasn't officially retired and keeps hinting he may play again. At this point, I believe there may be one or two teams he has yet to play for...
  11. The Sauce

    Bug 12 Goalies

    Cool...thanks! I will try it out tonight.
  12. The Sauce

    Bug 12 Goalies

    Maybe I missed something...after you switched the two Dmen in the PK lines, I see you clicked on Instant Replay. What did you do within the Instant Replay screen?
  13. The Sauce

    NHL 94 2019 box cover

    Nice job!
  14. The Sauce

    Bug 12 Goalies

    That's awesome! Looking forward to learning how to do it.
  15. The Sauce

    I'm having problems with NHL 2000.

    I'm not versed in that software so, unfortunately, I cannot be of more help. The word "load" can be nebulous as I'm guessing it's not that simple as "plug and play". I used to mod NHL14 through a program called NHLView and it was never as simple as edit and then "load". Multiple steps were involved. I would have to assume that there are different things you do or don't do when doing a "load" of your roster. I'd recommend writing out the exact steps that you took so that anyone familiar, with this program, can maybe determine what you did incorrectly (and where/when). I recommend spelling out what you do in each software, start to finish. Maybe someone here knows the software you are using and can advise.