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  1. Awesome! Thanks for putting this all together!
  2. Agreed... it does look better than before. Nice job bud! I’d be curious to see what it would look like with the red line extended. Oh, small detail, the center ice logo needs to be rotated (if you ever go this route on a ROM). The logos face away from the team benches. But again, nice job figuring a way to make it less “squished.”
  3. I agree. It doesn't look as nice when re-arranged. As you said, the whole playing from top to bottom to top makes it look off.
  4. I apologize as I misplaced the notes. It definitely can be done and if memory serves, you just rotate the team center ice logo, in TM, and then alter some hex code in the rom file (where the center ice logo placement exists for each team). Unfortunately, I just can’t recall the specifics. @Jkline3 if possible, would you mind chiming in with your knowledge of the subject? Assuming that you remember the how, of course.
  5. Yes, it is absolutely possible to have center ice logos go horizontal vs vertical. @Jkline3 figured it out once upon a time. We had PMed back and forth about it. I’ll check and see if I still have the notes. Stay tuned...
  6. Nicely done @lendogg81! And, welcome to the NHL94 community!
  7. 1st post, 1st rom. It's for GENS but that's because not many custom SNES roms are created in comparison to GENS. Switch to the dark side! lol
  8. Hi All - I just posted V4. It reflects recent trades and the Kovalchuk signing (MTL). What's new: *Tweaked jersey colors for COL and CGY. *Updated NLC lines for EDM, CHI and VAN. *Added the stamina hack so that lines/d pairings tire faster, when using line changes. Line changes will occur more often in games that have longer than 5 min periods. Not an exact science but I have seen improvement. It has no barring on games with NLC. *Altered my goalie ratings to no longer be structured in tiers. Allows for better ratings. *Updated several player ratings.
  9. Cool! I actually thought of doing a WC rom of all of the WC games (so far). Just haven’t had the time. Maybe one day as the first 5 WC games were pretty good in terms of entertainment value.
  10. Cool. I thought you might like that setting. I’m still trying out some stuff, related to it, and I’ll let you know if I find any other helpful tips/suggestions.
  11. 0021 vs 0051 in the hex. I saw "improvement" if I played 7 minutes or more. I recently had a 1-0 lead near the end of the first period and my checking line came out (usually don't see them til the third if you have a lead). It's not consistent though and I don't recall what may have been unique about that game or the teams. I am still tampering with the hex code vs endurance to come up with some other conclusions as I have a few things I want to try (muah-haha). I just haven't had ample time to review. I also don't know if the gameplay differs, in any way, should you sim vs control one of the teams. I'll have to remember to test that out. If I can get some concrete findings, I will share them.
  12. Ooooops... I didn't see that Clockwise posted the energy/stamina hack instructions that I referenced in my post. My bad. I got the steps from that same post, once upon a time, but couldn't find where I got it from when I posted below (as I have notes saved for all hacks, at home, in Word files and never remember to bookmark pages). Anywho...
  13. Perhaps... I can't speak to NHLPA 93 but in NHL94 you can alter the in-game stamina logic so players tire faster and lines change more frequently depending on A) the overall stamina of the line/d pairing (as endurance is factored in for each player on that line/d pairing) and B) how long a line/paring was on the ice. I alter stamina in the hex coding of my peronsal roms (meaning, the ones that I don't post here). While it doesn't work as desired 100% of the time, as this isn't real life, I do see more line changes within a period and my checking line will even make an occasional appearance in the 1st period of a game. This is usually if the other lines/pairs are A) gassed and B) the period is 7 minutes or longer. It doesn't seem to work well or consistent with 5 min or less periods. I suspect that if I lowered all endurance of players in the game, in addition to the hex code modification, the lines would probably change to a frequency that is closer to reality. I'll add it to my to-do list of things to try out. That said, perhaps similiar editing can be done to the hex code of NHLPA93? I don't know the hex coding locations for NHLPA 93 but perhaps, some others do and yo ucan do some testing.
  14. Updated ROM (V3) posted in the OP. Hall now on the 'Yotes.