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Slaying the Netflix/Streaming beast


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So obviously the best experience you'll have playing online is if you are home alone, wired in with nothing else competing for internet bandwidth. That's not to say that you should kick out your room-mates, or abandon your wife and children...well..no, don't do that.

In my house, I am competing with phones/tablets/laptops - all of which are chatting/surfing/streaming. My computer is the only thing hardwired, the rest are accessing using WIFI. The best way to eliminate the others, is to simply turn off the WIFI on my router, easy and effective. I even do this latenight, just to eliminate the opportunity for a phone/tablet/laptop from starting an update.

If this is not an option for you, then you need to limit the damage.

For one, make sure all of your devices are set to update overnight, or perhaps only update on your orders.

Two, log into any of your streaming sites (Netflix/Disney + etc..) and change the video settings to low/medium for all accounts. Folks on phones/tablets will likely not notice the downgrade but it will reduce the bandwidth requirements by over 75% (3GB/hr to 0.7GB/hr).

Please add any other recommendations you may have tried.



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If you happen to use a Google / Nest Mesh wifi system (and perhaps other Wifi/Routers in 2022)... you can set priority devices.  That means their bandwidth is not to be interrupted, and you can set how long.  8)  I haven't had to to do that yet, but with 4 kids about 35 devices online at a given time.. I'll keep this idea in my back pocket.

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