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Triple Play Gold '21.jpg.png

To all TRIPLE PLAY enthusiasts!!!

I've fixed the is issue of the dreaded TODD's TEAM or GHETTO CITY, or not being able to play a season from the start or Unable to create, release and players. 

Look no further, we can now all enjoy the "Your Out", the crouch scratching and the great game play.

What's New

  • 2021 rosters (effective as April 2nd (FanGraphs Baseball | Baseball Statistics and Analysis)
  • Team Names updated (Washington is under the name D.C.)
  • Player Stats will be updated in the next update.
  • There is no expanded teams (No Arizona DiamondBacks, and Tampa Bay Rays)
  • No updated jersey # or skin color. I haven't found where they are. Currently working through the stats feature for each player. 

Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to the Fall Classic.

  • Download RetroArch (Google Play, Apple Store, or Online (https://retroarch.com/?page=platforms)
  • Load CORE ==> Sega MS/MD/CD (Gensis Plus GX)
  • Load Content ==> Find the path for the game.
  • Start the Game. It should go through the process of Initializing the memory.

Let me know if anything else you would like to see in this rom.


Triple Play Gold '21.bin

Edited by UltraMagnus
Update Rom information plus box art.
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Anytime. Need to due some changes still. But need to get some other roms completed as well. Im in the process of completing a NCAA version of World Series Baseball and almost done with the NFL Primetime rom (Super excited about this one)

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On 1/11/2023 at 11:52 AM, UltraMagnus said:

It's just a hex editor. But ill send you the locations and stats you need.




That would be amazing and make my life much easier, otherwise I'd probably just be poking around in the dark

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