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  1. Another vote for NCAA here, and maybe KHL :)
  2. Let's goooooo!! Trying it at the moment and it rocks! Well done Ultra!
  3. That interface is looking fresh! Feels like a new game, good job!
  4. Good job! NHL 98 content is always welcomed!
  5. Looking good! Gotta say, I like the helmet pixel art, but the logos are so well done that I prefer them now. Good job!
  6. Great! Gonna check it out assap, thank you Ultra!
  7. College Slam is the one. Eskayelle does really good roster update/mods to NBA Jam TE on the SNES, maybe some resources from those could be useful.
  8. I think at least having a current rosters batch would be a nice companion to the already great set.
  9. I love hobby fanzines and mini publications like this. I'm short on time, so I can't get really involved, but I would suggest having some NHL94 sprites as decorations for the corners would elevate the presentation further.
  10. Hi! I would lie if I said I'm not waiting for your Madden editor update anxiously. Any updates on it?

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    2. Goldglv


      Awesome...thank you.  Will def let you know as soon as I get to the point where I think it's ready.  I always loved the older Madden games, just felt like they played a bit slow, I was happy to see the '17 version I modified speed up a bit.  And yes, been in touch with UltraMagnus, very knowledgeable and helpful.  I'm hoping to get this ready soon, will definitely keep you updated.  Thanks again for offering to test, this is where I spend a ton of time because even though I'm not paid to do this, lol, I want to make sure the Editor is working the way it should.  

    3. Goldglv


      Wanted to update you on the editor....while I thought I was making progress, I ran into a road block that I highly doubt I can get around.  Seems that Madden '98 player names are not in a specific order in the file.  I noticed this when my program skipped certain positions.

      So it seems what they did was instead of listing all of the names in a specific order (QB1, HB1. FB1....), if there are common names across any of the 32 teams, it only lists that name ONCE in the file.  So for instance the name 'ARMSTRONG' is a common name across at least 2 teams.  So it will have that name within Team A's structure but it WILL NOT list that name at all in Team B.  I'm assuming they did this to save space but it makes what I'm trying to do impossible.  

      I did test this by changing the one instance of 'ARMSTRONG' to 'AAAAAA' and sure enough when I opened up the roster in the game, the 2 different teams that had a player named 'ARMSTRONG' were BOTH changed to 'AAAAAA'.

      So as there is some structure in the order the names are listed, it could skip ANY position if the name is duplicated within the file.  So I have no idea if the QB or the RE could possibly have the same name on some other team.  Now I thought about going through each team and if I found duplicate names I would modify them in the file, naming one EDWARDS1 and the other EDWARDS2.  This could have worked if all of the teams had the SAME amount of bytes in the file where the names are listed but they don't.  Some are 449, others are 423 and so on.  I don't think there's a way to insert anywhere in the file to make all of the team player names the same amount of bytes, that would mess up all of the other locations in the file.

      I will still do my best to try and figure this out but I doubt I will be able to come up with anything.  Sorry, was hoping to have better news for you....




    4. EmpireBowl


      Aww, that sucks! Yeah I can see how that's a problem, almost like the player itself its the position in the code so it's position on the team can't be freed for other player.
      I'm no coder, but I can't wrap my head around that, besides having access to the source code, in an ideal world, to mod how it works in the game.

      What sucks more it's knowing that you put all that work on it, just to hit a roadblock. I'm wondering, in the version of the editor you released, you can already edit player attributes only for 98, so, are those shared positions also sharing the edited attributes in that version? Maybe just accepting that issue of the engine and making those positions, the ones that share a player between teams, being connected in the editor, so if you write player AAAA in FB1 it will also be AAAA in the other team that shares it, having a disclaimer that it's a shortcoming of the game and cannot be modified. Now, while that would not be accurate to actual rosters, at least it would be something.

      Another option would be taking a look at how Madden 97 operates, as it's basically the same game, so maybe it does not have that problem. Beyond that, maybe UltraMagnus can take a look at the code and have a better insight on 98 or 97.

      Now, just having people gathering around hobbies and things like old videogames, making and releasing new things just for the fun of it and the enjoyment of others it's a thing of wonder on itself, so whatever happens, thank you for your work on the editor and your disposition, what it can already do it's good enough.

      Still, let me know if there's a breakthrough, I'm not losing hope hahaha. Take care mate.

  11. This will surely be useful for a lot of people around here, thanks!
  12. Oh, that's amazing! Christmas never ends around here haha Yeah, I'm with you on the PS1 titles, they got a lot clunkier for a while there. Your editor is very welcomed, especially with the little movement there is around the Genesis games compared with the PS2 ones (Which is understandable). There was a forum which name I don't remember, where people share updated Roms for 93 and other football games, but hasn't been active for years, so when I looked for tools, the only one I could find was yours, so I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who apreciates it. And about Tecmobowl, some guys where speculating that it may make a comeback (?), because the URL now shows a different message that might be hinting at it, but who knows. Hope it does though. EDIT: Yeah, that was the site!
  13. Hi! I been using your Madden editor, it's great! Especially the spreadsheet import feature. Is there any possibility of being able to edit/import player names on Madden 98 in the future? It's my favourite of the bunch. Would also be possible to extend functionality to College Football 97?
  14. Are you even human? Thanks for all the content! As far as I know, PS1 hacking is kind of a burden due to the sizes expected for each iso, that's why hacks and fantranslations of PS1 games are not as common, if it wasn't the case I'm sure there would have been updated rosters for the EA sport games on there already. On romhacking dot net, there's a guy working on updating the roster for PS1 NBA Jam, so it's possible, just messy.
  15. Agree on both of those! Triple Play also, and, this may sound sacrilegious to some, but I would love to see updates to NHL98 someday, if possible. I love the sprites and animation on the latter NHL offerings on Genesis.
  16. Awesome! Thanks for the constant roster updates!
  17. That's great! I hope you could do a similar edit for the 2021 (95) one, also by UltraMagnus.
  18. Even though somebody may be doing a better update to TSB3 at the moment, I'm sharing this I made for myself. This roms are based on the yearly releases from Fernando49 that were on the defunct tborg site, updated with the rosters from Sblueman's 2020 week one TSB NES rom, with me filling the gaps on the missing players and attributes when doing the transition to TSB3. Two roms, one with Ravens and Browns and the other with Titans and Texans in their place. (This are not the same as the ones I shared on other thread) Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition 2020 [Browns - Ravens] (Hack).smc Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition 2020 [Texans - Titans] (Hack).smc
  19. Thanks to UltraMagnus guide, I ported the updated data from his genesis rom to a pair of TSBIII SNES roms by Fernando49 that already had logos updated. Fernando49's roms came in two variants, one with Browns - Ravens and the other replacing those teams with Texans - Titans. I also updated Ravens and Titans which were not featured on the genesis rom, but sadly Washington Footbal Team's logo remains as Redskins, as I lack the knowledge to replace the graphic. Feel free to check them and fix my mistakes, as I'm a noob at this, so there may be some. Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition 2020 [Browns - Ravens] (Hack).smc Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition 2020 [Texans - Titans] (Hack).smc
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