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I am very very New at editing so I am taking my first shot at it with NHLPA 93 since I do not know how to do logos plus the league I am making is the defunct UHL

which fighting is a must lol. I was wondering where is an appropriate spot to post any questions I may have. I did post my question under an NHLPA 93 topic but I saw

a lot of posts and replies from there were from years ago. 


The main issue I am having is no matter how many times I read the tutorials I can not figure out how to change the team names on the banners at the selection screen.   

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Guess you liked that documentary eh?

Actually I have a question, as the banners are all sprite based and the information is located in different places and the process would be a bit different depending on which version of NHLPA 93 you might be trying to mod.

Are you using wboy's 30-Team mod as your base?
[with this splash screen]
This is probably the easiest to work with if you are just starting.

Or Slapshot's 32-Team mod?
[with this splash screen]
This is good to work with too, but will require some extra steps.

or hopefully not trying something silly like using the original NHLPA'93 ROM.
[with this splash screen]
[I tried doing stuff with this one before and man, it's a lot of extra work]


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