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NHL 2000 Cyberfaces: I need help identifying

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I need help identifying the players from the 1998-99 Vancouver Canucks organization for a mod I am working on.

The only one I think I was able to identify was f0003334.fsh (the one with the smile lines), which I believe belongs to Harold Druken. Other than that, I am not too sure, as I am not that familiar with the Canucks of this era. If anyone is familiar with the Messier years of the Canucks, please let me know which players these cyberfaces belong to.


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If you use the NHL View tool, look in the View roster data tab and there is usually a section that has a Player Face number. Even if it is a few years after 1999, the game usually had extra cyberfaces it kept in the graphic archive. Just match the numbers to the cyberfaces you have there... unless you already figured all this out already LOL

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