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How do I do tape?


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I suppose that would depend on what your intention is for the ROM.

There is a patch for it, [don't know offhand, but it's in the forum] but the caveat is that it also updates the ice surface to modern standards. All well and good, but doesn't exactly fit a game that is meant to look like it is from the 1994 era.

Another option [and the one that I mainly use for period accurate ROMs] is to open your ROM in your sprite editor of choice and import a copy of the taped sticks from another ROM or from a set of image files.
I can hook you up with a set of images if you are interested in going that route.

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Yeah, I'm thinking about making an 80s ROM, so I like your 2nd suggestion.  However, I have never done anything with sprites.  Most tutorials begin with what people consider step #1, but they underestimate my ignorance - I've had trouble even opening Tile Molestor and I don't even know how to get to the "locations" in Hex editors that people often discuss and screenshot.  I've spent many, many (many) hours with NOSE, so I don't mind putting in the time tinkering and learning, but I'm starting a level 0 when most people assume I'm ready for level 1. :)

Can you start me with how to find, download, and open your suggested sprite editor and hex editor? Once I open a ROM in these, I can start figuring things out, I think. I've seen many crazy things you've done with graphics - I'd be thrilled to do my own stick tape (and eventually logos and banners).

Thank you,




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I could probably hook you up with something that should be easy to follow at some point this weekend. I'll have to reinterpret my notes away from my particular brand of shorthand, but should have something in the step-by-step style that shouldn't be too hard to follow [as long as the program is working well enough to open correctly I suppose]

I guess the other question is: What type of sprite style are you looking for? I have a couple of different stripe styles and helmet patches that I use depending on the look, but if you prefer to have something that just looks like the original game sprites, but with tape, I just checked and it looks like I have a version of that too.

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Well, I like the original look, and I'm used to working with the uniforms in NOSE; I guess I'm not familiar with any other options.  I will say that I always liked the idea of brown goalie pads or anything else that would make it look more 80's and less 90's.  (I like everything 80's, except the turn from the fiberglass goalie mask to the birdcage mask that happened during the 80's.)

Having said all that, the original sprites are good.

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