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--Rosters, ratings, and lines from the end of the 1974-75 season by Coach Mac.
--Ratings are exactly aligned to the original NHL Hockey ratings template.

--1974-75 was the first year of using (Wales, Campbell, Patrick, Adams, Norris, and Smythe)
--Awesome EASN Splash screen.
--Awesome new Center Ice logo.  America's Bi-centennial.
--Banners updated.
--Ron Barr Team introductions are updated to reflect 1974-75 season.
--Sim Data updated to match 1974-75 Season.
--Starting goalie sim accurately reflects 1974-75 season.
--Playoff Match-ups accurately reflect 1975 playoffs to the best I could. 
Only 12 teams made the playoffs in '75 and the seeding and reseeding was done differently.

--Uniforms right out of the 1970's..
--Eliminated NHLPA symbol on the playoff brackets.
--Eliminated second splash screen with the goalie.
--Eliminated numbers from Ron Barr intro screen. (Replaced with rom info)
--Weight Bug Fixed.
--C/B check fixed.
--Bonus Teams from the movie SLAPSHOT.

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Yesssss, nice to see the superior NHLPA '93 get some more love. Definitely gonna give this one a go!

EDIT: And as I scroll backwards through the past 2 months of posts I've missed, I see this is actually the fourth of four '93 hacks. Needless to say they'll all end up in my rotation!

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