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  1. I think it would be cool to have a ROM of only Stanley Cup winners. Something like maybe the last 30 winners, or something like that. With such high ratings for all teams, it would be really competitive.
  2. Hey, just wondering what will be done for next year since there will be 31 teams and the ROM only has room for 30. Have any ideas been floated around? Is there any hack that could allow for more teams to be added somehow? It would be awesome if we could have all the NHL teams plus an unlimited number of all-star teams of some sort. Is there any undiscovered way to do this possibly that can be looked into?
  3. This is great! I prefer naples39's versions because the speed is slower, making it harder to score, I find. Plus, the slightly slower speed is more realistic, and less arcade-like.
  4. Just downloaded the update. Looking forward to playing it. I prefer naples39's versions because the speed is slower, making it harder to score, I find. Plus, the slightly slower speed is more realistic, and less arcade-like.
  5. Awesome stuff thanks!
  6. Great work as always, naples39! Not sure if it's possible, but do you think you'll include any of these teams on the NHL '17 rom? It would be cool to have an all-star team or two on the NHL ROM.
  7. How do I go about doing this in the hex editor? I see that people have created 4 on 4, 3 on 3, 2 on 2, etc. I would like to do 4 on 5 or even 3 on 5.
  8. Is there a way to make NHL '94 harder? Wish it had a difficulty level. Would like to give the CPU a boost somehow (without editing every player rating). Is it possible to hack to have me play 4 on 5 shorthanded the whole game, or something like that?
  9. Is there a way to slow down NHL '94 to make it like NHL Hockey (92 version)?
  10. Looks good! Didn't expect a final update, so this was a surprise to see. Many thanks! I think the 89/92 ROM Pens aways jerseys are very accurate, so when the time comes for the '17 version, just need to use the code for those.
  11. I think the Pens jerseys you have in your '89 and '92 Deadline ROMs were spot on. Same with the banner. I tried copying the hex code for those jerseys into the latest Deadline one, but the center ice logo was a bit discolored. Oh well. As far editing them for the '17 release, you can just lift everything from one of those 2 ROMs and good to go. I don't think it needs edited any more. Just wanted to mention also, the Washington Capitals logo with "Capitals" spelled out in center ice is the better one and the one most recently used.
  12. Thanks naples39! Btw, I saw that you're a Flyers fan if I'm not mistaken. Well my first hockey jersey I bought was a Flyers one when I was 10 years old at a local store here in Pit. I wanted a jersey so bad, and the store only had Flyers and Canucks left (this was in days before the internet), so I bought the Flyers one.
  13. Will check that out. Thanks CoachMac!
  14. Just downloaded your Deadline ROMs and just wanted to say they are amazing! I really enjoy all of your ROMs, naples39. Toning down the speed burst really makes it even more wonderful to play. Aside from the 2017 update, do you plan on doing anymore ROMs? Do you have any from any individual years in the 2000s aside from the past couple years? (I saw there were pre-lockout and post-lockout ROMs you created, which were also great).
  15. Awesome! Would love to check out the custom ROM you mentioned if it's no trouble. Also, I'm kinda new modding and such, but downloaded NOSE and used that to edit previous ROMs a bit. I was just wondering if it's difficult to edit each team's organ music? The Pens default one seems to be the St. Louis Blues song and I just wanted to change that back to the original one from the original NHL '94 game, as that one is the one still in use. I downloaded a hex editor, so will try to figure that out.