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Boosting Recruitment through Ko94 II and the Movie

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I have seen people mention we did a poor job of recruiting new people at King of 94 1.  Let's not blow it again.

  1. What can we do at the Ko94 II to recruit new guys?
  2. Can we add something to Pixelated Heroes -- if Mikey will let us -- to also recruit new guys?

For the Live event, I don't have any special ideas... maybe flyers? Maybe have forum dudes wear different colored lanyards, and we give a spiel when we play non-members? (Someone mentioned this I think?)

For the movie, maybe at the end, in the credits, there could be some text that says "Players wanted!  Check out to join in". Then have a special intro page there?

What do you guys think? Please share ideas -- we can't blow this again!

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  • Signing up puts you on a newsletter (can opt out..). Part B... we need a newsletter.
  • Nice poster at the event. Flyers are a nice idea, too (or cards)
  • Some kind of "break time" with a presentation about the community/leagues/ROMs... There will of course be a break time for the movie, so maybe do it after that.
  • Have a 2-on-2 station so people see and then want to play 2on2 online because it is of course the best thing in the world
  • A problem we had last year was our emails got spam filtered. First, we need to solve that. Then, we can use those communications about the tourney to also push the community a bit.
  • As has been mentioned, we need to streamline to focus people into joining
  • People who sign up for the tourney, we can suggest to them that they play online for practice. We'll need a nice streamlined page for getting them going with that.

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Offer them free admission to the Classic leagues.


But seriously, I think we 'recruited' a few competitive guys from the Toronto tourney. 

I know I told every one of my opponents about playing online, and many were interested.

I mentioned it before, but I think the idea of a 'hockey program' would be awesome. Maybe a few fluff articles about previous events, maybe advertise a few that are coming up. Two page pullout for Pixelated Heroes, and a backpage ad for Inside the backpage a couple of blank/form pages to write down your opponents and scores, and keep track of the team combos you've previously picked.

You'd have to charge guys a couple bucks to recoup printing costs, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a bust. You could probably approach the hotel for a full page ad and recoup the printing costs.

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I like it. I think I didn't like it last time you suggested it but now I like it :D

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