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    You can set the playoff matchups however you want through NOSE, which is cool. As far as actual lines with players, I haven't spent any real time working on that. My goal is to create a base ROM that people can use to update for future versions. The current ROMs I posted have a copy/paste player stats/lines from an early 2018 '94 ROM from @naples39, just for the sake of having differentiation. If I manage to finish this thing before the playoffs, I may spend some time updating for 2018, but that would be some time.
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    For an offline season, try this program
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    Get it here: http://www.oldgames.sk/download.php?filedownload=8637(STIAHNUĆ€=DOWNLOAD). Preinstalled, in English. NHL 94: http://www.oldgames.sk/download.php?filedownload=2876 Only one download allowed in 2 minutes, so wait after you finish the first one.