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    Well in my own case, if my C guy, Lee, goes out, I want Marleau to move to C and to have Marleau's spot replaced by Matt Martin. How would I indicate this, since it is 2 moves? (Or is it not possible?) Also, is a PIM and an injury the same thing, as far as a guy being out? (Because an injury you are not a man down, after all?) Sorry for the confusion. In some ways I guess I am a rookie still. Edit: I found Raph's explanation message: http://forum.nhl94.c...435#entry143435 TBH I am still not 100%, but I will edit my post above to include *what I think* should be my 2nd line.
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    SNES NHL '94 Jeresy Hall of fame! Nice Darrell! It has the L and R buttons on the shoulders! Wow! I have this multitap so I can get 5 players to play at the same time. I'd like to see in a SNES NHL'94 side tournament have the best players like Jammer vs 4 other players and keep track of points for the team that has the 4 players. See who wins! See if the Champ ever loses. Video tape it. Great goals, great saves and great games would happen.
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    1. Offensive zone faceoff win to dman --> one-timer pass to winger in the middle 2. Faceoff to winger and accelerate towards the net immediately 3. Offensive zone faceoff win to winger against boards --> crease cut Those are the only ones I ever used.