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  1. I have an idea for these NHL’94 tournaments and Kingof94 for the future to make things more exciting, lucky and quick. The Sudden Death tournament! Let’s say 30 people pay $5 to enter this side NHL’94 tournament. Hopefully these games are recorded for highlight goals and put on a dvd for the Champion. You can be any team you want except All-Star teams. The first to score in the game wins the game moves on to round 2. Have 5 rounds. Player only has to score 5 goals to win $100. 2nd place gets $50.
  2. I bought the portable Super Nintendo SupaBoy BLACK GOLD! 2 player game works great! Game changer having SNES NHL’94 anywhere you want to go!
  3. I’m happy to see the Super Nintendo NHL’94 is in the Hockey Hall of fame. I want to get a SN30 black controller and a SupaBoy to play SNES NHL’94! 2 players can play! Does anybody in this ‘94 community have one? How is it? The SN30 black controller and the SupaBoy Black Gold looks great!
  4. Jan.18/2020 The battle of Vancouver NHL ‘94 sounds like a great time. Be there! What is your favourite goal of all time for the SNES NHL’94? Is one of these goals the best goal ever scored for the SNES NHL’94?
  5. Nice video Kevin well said Champ come to have fun. Top 3 NHL’94 Super Nintendo players In the world Jammer, Mikail and Kevin! Nice Super Nintendo Hoodie! Nintendo Switch should put SNES NHL’94 on the list! Come on Nintendo wake up! Updated rosters also would be great!
  6. Nice Clockwise! Here is my similar video from a few years ago at the end of the period.
  7. There is one dream match up (best of 7 series) left to prove the best in the world at Super Nintendo NHL’94. Mikail vs Jammer Nice jersey, great passion Darrell!
  8. Kingof94 4 2019 Toronto SNES NHL’94 Champion Mikail Fancy! Mikail made some unreal diving saves in the crease on the line with his goalie! Mikail is from Toronto Ontario Canada winning 4-0 in a best of 7 series beating Daf (Dafydd Pritchet) from Victoria B.C. Canada in the finals. Mikail was the Champion in the first Kingof94 and now the Kingof94 4 King Champion! Congrats Champ you played great! Halifax (Darrell’s) play by play announcing was great! I love his passion! I’m glad he didn’t lose his voice lol.
  9. Jammer, Case and I are not going to Toronto for Kingof94 4 this Sunday. Sounds like so much fun. Somebody please get a video of Bob Kudelski (Adam) playing NHL’94 songs on his piano. I’d pay to see that in person. Haha classic! Good luck Bud!
  10. I found this on YouTube SNES NHL’94 Speed run! Whitman Price well done! This is probably the record! 10 Goals in 2:34 game time!
  11. Vancouver Sun Oct. 5 1970 newspaper in my Canucks collection. So old should be behind glass at Rogers Arena. Go Canucks!
  12. One of the highlights for me at the SNES NHL’94 Kingof94 III 2018 tournament was Jammer’s penalty shot spin goal. Great control of his player! At the end of this video you can hear me say wow! Casey recorded this play so thx Case! Jammer in the playoffs penalty shot spin goal! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uyg9jq9ydetsf1l/AAAd5oAEUUgRIcumKC2JEshGa?dl=0&preview=Jammer+94+III+Penalty+Shot.mp4
  13. British Columbia Canada is were this great Super Nintendo NHL’94 game was made. The greatest ambassador for Super Nintendo NHL’94 is Darrell (Halifax). Arda Ocal our bud said he got the Genesis NHL’94 version into the Hockey Hall Of Fame! But not the Super Nintendo NHL’94 version. Brutal! I’m not okay with this! What are your thoughts? Darrell? The last 2 Super Nintendo NHL’94 World Champions are childhood friends from British Columbia Canada! B.C. Canada is so proud! Best in the world! Champions Jammer and Kevin!
  14. SNES NHL’94 Kingof94 2018 I made a big dive save on a penalty shot in the playoffs! Darrell was right beside me but he doesn’t overrule the game yet. It was in. Lol Great picture taken by Case of me after the save and you can see all the guys in the back laughing good times! Great job at the tournament by Mikey, Darrell, Smoz and Arda!
  15. Kevin Hicks The SNES NHL’94 Kingof94 2018 Champion from B.C. Canada! Tournament was at the Richmond Canadian Brew House in B.C. Canada. Kevin was in Beast Mode all day! Great Celebration Bud!
  16. Kingof94 Sunday, October 28, 2018 The World’s Greatest NHL ‘94 Tournament in Richmond BC Canada at the Canadian Brew House. Be there! Darrell, Jammer, Kris, Kevin, Case and I will be there!
  17. I watch the NHL 2018 hockey video game championship and the players got to choose their team. Most would pick Pittsburgh Penguins. I like this because I like to play with a team that can pass. Lol. Teams I’ll play as: 1. Vancouver Canucks 2. AllStar West 3. AllStar East 4. Pittsburgh Penguins (Best team in the game) Bring it on Canucks vs Canucks AllStar West vs Allstar East A tough match up for me is Canucks vs Penguins because of Mario and Jagr magic! I beat Fenty for the NHL’94 league championship I was the Canucks vs Penguins. Fenty Bingo Bango bud. Fenty come out to King of ‘94 Vancouver! Fenty were are you? We miss you! Fenty made it fun by scoring cheap cross crease goals or hitting his own net off and saying Bingo Bango! I will not bring my table hockey to Kingof’94 because I don’t want to have table hockey to distract from the great SNES NHL’94! Adam Bob Kudelski my bud is not coming Brutal! I wanted to kick his butt at table hockey. I have been trained to hate the rest of the league because I’m a big Vancouver Canuck homer. So I don’t like playing as these teams in King of ‘94 tournament but I’ll go with it. I’m bringing to King of ‘94 lll - 4 TV’s and 2 SNES systems, 2 SNES NHL’94 games and 4 SNES controllers so when there is downtime in the main tournament I look forward to the side tournament once people get eliminated to see winner goes on!
  18. Kingraph that picture is great!
  19. Jammer, Kevin, Casey and I will be there in Vancouver! We will play! You know we will play! We would play on crutches! ‘94!
  20. King of 94 Trailer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RdhK3J2-cJ4 They used my video at the end with Jammer’s celebration for King of 94 nice! Darrell (Halifax) sent me this picture!
  21. King of 94 is coming Sunday, October 28, 2018 to Richmond, BC Canada! Skytrain is only 10 mins away. Cheaper plane flights fly home on a Monday. Come Sunday world and play through The Vancouver SNES NHL’94 Wolf Pack Gauntlet and lose to Jammer The Champion of SNES NHL’94, Kevin, Casey and I (Jeff). I’d like to see someone beat us all on a SNES NHL’94 side game. On this side game you can play as any team you want. I’m bringing 2 TVs , 2 SNES systems, 4 SNES NHL’94 games and 4 SNES NHL’94 controllers. Who’s coming Adam?
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