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    As with any great breakfast place just about anywhere you go. Seems like once word spreads of a great breakfast, especially on the weekends, and a long wait.
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    Can't wait to get back to the Edge VR Arcade. Venue was comfortable and the employees were great. While this is still a game I'm a novice at, I'm hoping to be much improved by tourney time. Troy was a great host As always at the Hardcore Tecmo Super Bowl tournament and I'm sure that will continue. If you're on the fence about this I'd recommend giving it a shot. Worst comes to worst they have a pretty good (and reasonably priced) beer selection! Just be ready to grind with some low tier teams if I get to pick teams.
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    Haha, I hope @angryjay93 is able to make it and be 100%. That was NOT the way to finish up a long tournament day.
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    I think it was the hotel breakfast that was.. suspect.. "I don't think these are real eggs"
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