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    Believe me, I get it. I did the roster updates here for years, and humbly say that my logos were the best ever. I'd agonize over a pixel here or there like a repressed perfectionist. This is coming from a guy that bought 20+ media guides from the 90-91 NHL season just so he could scan them to make player cards. Just try to keep in mind people play these edits to have fun and we all appreciate the hard work that goes into your edits.
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    I don't know if there is a consensus, but my understanding is Genesis Plus GX is the closest representation. I can definitely say it's better than GENS emulator.
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    probably just a throwback that someone added to later when the year was added to the name, it was never actually named that, always EA HOCKEY to me ahh just seeing the preview in MEAN MACHINES was enough for me for an instant sale, as i was looking for a decent enough ice hockey game ... and after TWO DECADES of using it for my simming competitions it was retired and i guess the teams were selected because they were the more popular ones ... yes even poland it was quite interesting as to who won ... here's the list of my world champions 2009-2010 - GERMANY 2008-2009 - FINLAND 2007-2008 - SWITZERLAND 2006-2007 - FRANCE 2005-2006 - SWEDEN 2004-2005 - SWEDEN 2003-2004 - UNITED STATES 2002-2003 - CANADA 2001-2002 - RUSSIAN REPUBLIC 2000-2001 - HUNGARY (NOT A TYPO, they beat CANADA 7-2!) 1999-2000 - SWEDEN 1998-1999 - NETHERLANDS 1997-1998 - C.I.S. (SOVIET UNION) 1996-1997 - GERMANY 1995-1996 - CANADA 1994-1995 - NETHERLANDS 1993-1994 - BELGIUM 1992-1993 - CANADA 1991-1992 - UNITED STATES 1990-1991 - SWEDEN