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  1. Season 1 of the Genesisi Line Changes League has been completed! Congrats to @kingraph for winning the title 3 games to 0 over @corbettkb. Raph took over a team that was 6-4 and went on a 16-0 run to capture the number 1 seed. In the playoffs he went the max 5 games vs @danTML7 winning game 5 in OT. He also took out @IceStorm70 in 5 games with Dave Andreychuck scoring the winner with :24 left in 3rd period of deciding game. Highlights of the season: 100% games played! All 4 first round series went the full 5 games League Leaders: Wins - Kingraph (22) Goals for - Corbett (127)(4.88) Goals Against - Corbett (58)(2.22) Team Sh% - Icestorm (44.8%) Team Sv% - Icestorm (.761%) Best PP - Corbett (34.1%) Best PK - Kingraph (91.4%) Most PPG - Corbett (15) Most SH Goals - Icestorm (12) Trophies: Art Ross Trophy: Doug Gilmour (56) Rocket Richard Trophy - Doug Gilmour (35) Norris Trophy - Igor Kravchuck Vezina Trophy - Tommy Soderstrom with a sterling .761 sv% William Jennings Trophy - Bill Ranford sparkling 2.18 GAA Jack Adams Trophy: @Triple A despite being new to GENS and absorbing some decent lumps, he stuck with it and completed his season. He'll get that initial win next season i'm sure! Looking forward to season 2. Will keep everyone posted on when it'll start and also discuss some potential changes. Thank you Everyone for making this season a success!
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  2. If that is the case, I wonder if something like this could be used to get a better 5on5 game https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/08/blast-processing-in-2019-how-an-snes-emulator-solved-overclocking/
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  3. Couple of differences I've noticed in 2on2 between SNES and Gens: Framerate seems higher in SNES 2on2, as compared to SNES 5on5. I've noticed this on an actual SNES with my Super Everdrive as well. You can speed burst out of control quickly by just spamming it. In Gens, you have to get checked really hard into the boards to lose control of your skater so that they can speed burst super fast. Floater goals are very rare to come by. Flying burrito saves don't work well at all, unless they're done across the goal line. Penalty shots happen even with penalties off. Not sure how I feel about it, but I wish we could toggle it on / off. Having a lot of fun with SNES 2on2 so far.
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