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  1. Here is a playlist of the videos in order for Saturday. I will work on Sunday soon. I will be uploading the individual matched on youtube. at some point.
  2. I can believe you beat me to the posting.
  3. tonight NHL 94 congrats to the champs!!!! Settle it on the Screen tonight with results from the TGEF NES Rematch tourney, New World Record announcements, the Olympics 2016 draft, Ninglendo's steam pick of the week and much much more. Maybe. Starts at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST at www.twitch.tv/twingalaxieslive
  4. The best way to be verified by the community is to use a camcorder and show your system, controller, boot up wires to the TV. I use my iPhone 4s and it records well enough. Just remember to focus. Direct capture might be accepted but the community lately goes back and forth. Raph Does it perfect in his past recordings. There is no doubt with his video evidence. http://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/140310 Any questions here ask me. I'm more than willing to help. I host the Settle it on the Screen Show for Twin Galaxies's Twitch channel/show.
  5. Different frame rate is what we were told by old refs, when the tracks were originally setup.
  6. Damm it, we were in the Strathcona as well. Wonderful time and was glad to meet many of you.
  7. Playing with a keyboard.

  8. I just played with minpinD, fun game!
  9. I just registered, can someone do a test game with me tonight by chance? my AIM is Michaelsroka1981. I'm on a Mac running Gens in WMware, not sure about this, so would like to test soon, so if this doesn't work I can find something else.
  10. Would like to test and try this for the fall 2013 season. my AIM name is michaelsroka1981 and my username on here is Coffey. I was the guy with the former WR until Raph finally beat it. I'm available now, or whenever I'm sign on to AIM.
  11. Interview with New World Record Holder for NHL 94 for Sega Genesis.
  12. When I get a Genesis to USB adapter I'll join you guys.
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