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  1. How good are you with TM?

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    2. Jlsegafan2001


      Oh, okay.

      Here's what I'd like forwarded to someone who knows how to use it:

      I'd like to see the Anaheim Mighty Ducks logo get replaced with the Sega logo, and I'd like to see the "Anaheim" banner read "Sega" instead.

      Once again, I'd like this request forwarded to someone who knows how to use it.

      And here's the rom in question.

      Team Sega 94 (1).bin

    3. smozoma


      You'll have to just post the request. I can't really go and contact everyone who might volunteer to do the work.

      Reach out to me on Discord some night and I'll see if we can do screen sharing to try to figure out what the problem with TM you're having is.

    4. Jlsegafan2001
  2. Are you still around on this site?