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  1. Ok, I am in c league then? Just confirming. I am ok to stay in B as well. What ever works for Chaos
  2. I am in. If you need me in B that’s fine, I need the practice. Also ok to go into C. weekends are better for me for drafting.
  3. Sheehee sends hawerchuk and McLean to raiderCanuck for granato and terrerri
  4. I am just reading this....sorry. I can be a back up if someone can’t keep up. I can take over a team if needed
  5. Canucks left wing gartner centre gilmour right. Weight left d suter right d Wilson Gill first d first forward sub garplenov
  6. I messaged awhile back I wanted Goulet instead of weight lamb instead of Propp cheers
  7. Played in King of 94 tourney in Richmond last year.....having a hell of a time trying to connect with my buddy. Retroarch, done..... I connect to other people and be player 3, but can't connect with my friend. Major frustrated! Help
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