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  1. Nice stuff. Always like to see some appreciation for the old WHA.
  2. I've noticed that all of the NHL games have some art and code assets left over from previous games in the series, [using the previous year's Playoffs logo, having unused Ron Barr Hot/Cold commentary in non-Ron games, build note comments, etc.] but this one was a surprise. Took me a bit to realize what I was looking at, but getting near the end of the ROM data, it appears that while THQ was compiling the Genesis version of NHL 98 they pulled in some Madden assets. And just below that. Almost as interesting, [at least it's the same sport] but the entire title graphic from NHL
  3. Hey don't worry man, we all have to start somewhere. Personally, I trolled the tutorials in this forum for about a year and a half before I was confident enough to start taking part in discussions [and still asking questions] and posting my own ROMs.
  4. This..... really? I am curious, does NHL 96, 97 or 98 work in Classicboy? I guess they would react the same way as they are basically build on the same engine. But the weird part is; those are the least modified as far as the actual ROM goes. Basically just graphical changes like with 92.
  5. Actually I have some ideas that I'm looking to explore in this vein. Nothing decided on how I might do this just yet, but thanks for the interest.
  6. I've had this happen while demoing a cpu vs cpu a match in NHL95. The kicker was that if the player had scored, it would have resulted in a tie game [and should trigger overtime] Instead, the player went with the lamest of ducks in a backhander from the hash marks, and that was the game. Would have been interesting to see a tying goal, although I have a feeling it would not in fact have triggered an extra frame. The weirdest part was that it didn't even let me look at the game stats afterwards. After the penalty shot was over, it just kicked straight out to the main menu.
  7. Wait, did somebody say 97? Why yes. You read that correctly. Unfortunately I must admit that this was not a very fun project. I never really liked '97 as it just seemed like a lazy copy/paste job of '96, to the point where they didn't even change the year on the playoff bracket, [seriously, go check] and with uglier menu graphics. So unlike '92 to '96, there was no sense of discovery or even an interesting art direction that would allow me to flex my chops. But, the original plan from the start was to make an IIHF version of all of the Genesis NHL games, and by golly I wasn't going to q
  8. Despite trying to make sure that I was finished with a ROM before posting it, I've come across another that I wasn't quite happy with and made an adjustment to the IIHF 96 presentation. So here's an update. IIHF 96 1.1.bin What is in this update? Just instead of this... ...we get this. The upside is that teams are not only easier to navigate in NOSE, the timeout and shootout/penalty shot screens have something a bit better than "TIMEOUT TEAM" or Shootout TEAM vs TEAM. Came to this conclusion after trying something different in 97 and finding I was unable to use tile or p
  9. Surprised that no one mentioned to the original poster that the lack of fighting in '94 had nothing to do with angry moms, [who seemed to have no problem with buying their kids Mortal Kombat back in the day] but it was the NHL who leveraged their support on presenting a "cleaner image" of their league. Although I'm curious if it is possible to figure this out. I know from poking around that pretty much all of the Genesis games have some bits of legacy code from a previous installment. Although I feel that it may be easier [which is a relative term] to program the one-timer into 93.
  10. I had questions myself until I saw the original post date. Although I'd thought that this vernacular was discontinued by the end of the '90s.
  11. Ah nice. All the more reason to make a mod of the original despite the lesser number of teams I suppose. Additional heads up. I have replaced 95 WCE with a final fixed version [thanks to kingraph for helping me realize that it was a really simple fix]. Now all 34 teams have proper team overall ratings.
  12. Huh, actually that was pretty easy. If anyone else is interested, all I did was: 1) go to 0A06BA and change 000A 06DC to 001D ADA0. [it was in a free area and seemed like a fun word] 2) go to 0A06CA and change 000A 06FA to 001D ADD0. [even funner] 3) go to 1DADA0 and enter in 34 pairs of random numbers. [You may wish to use a hex calculator to convert a dec number out of 99 to hex for some more specific numbers] 4) go to 1DADD0 and enter in 34 pairs of numbers that two or three values higher than the first set. 5) save as, and you're done. I can post the updated ROM if anyone
  13. I accept your challenge good sir. Actually I think I may have stumbled upon the reason for that. Following kingraph's notes the team rating are supposed to start at offset 0A06DC, but my game seems to want to use the set starting at offset 0A06FA. The pointer at 0A06BA directs to 0A06DC, but again my game is using the pointer at 0A06CA which, as it turns out, is 0A06FA. The numbers are slightly different starting at those two points, but they seem close enough that they could very well be a high/low range.
  14. Just updating the IIHF 95 ROMs since I finally managed to fix the team rating numbers [for the most part]. Many many thanks to @kingraph for the assist on that one. The caveat however is that this will only fix the pregame rating as told by Mr. MacLean. The ratings used for season simmed game performance is stored somewhere else. Don't be surprised to see Estonia [formerly Detroit] and Japan [Rangers] overachieving their butts off in the standings. IIHF 95 1.2.bin IIHF 95 WCE 1.3.bin