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  1. Took me a bit to remember what you were talking about. You mean flags/banners eh? Yeah there are a lot of repeated tiles on those screens in the name of saving bytes, so in that case I think I just imported a full mockup into another window and then copied the matching tiles over whatever they were replacing. The good news is that the hex code, that sets the arrangement of the tiles for main menu background and overlay and all of the menu screens, is usually found after each of the graphical assets. Can take a fare chunk of time going through and reconfiguring that, but it does open up the options.
  2. Aah. I was wondering where you got those. Curious though, have you conducted any experiments with 95 music too? I've been seeing how far I can go with changing every asset in the game, but haven't figured anything out with the sound yet. Figure that should be something to try too.
  3. I'd noticed that wboy's tutorial mentioned that the colours are also referenced for elements on the main menu screen [and I think the pre-game perhaps?] but in testing it turned out that as long as you don't change the default white and black, the remaining six grey scale values can be any colour you want and you won't mess up anything else. I've done this with other things, kind of jealous that I didn't think to try with realistic player photos myself. @DeterminedApathy Just a heads up in case you haven't tested it yet, but as for NHL 95, turns out that the photo palette behaves the exact same way. Just a shame that EA ditched the player cards that year and you can only have your awesome photos for the starting lineup.
  4. Not being familiar with IceHL, my first thought was if this related to the IHL [1945-2001] [quickly clear it was not] Have to say, the colour photos are impressive. I was a bit curious where the rosters came from until I saw an Alaska Husky player name Calvin Broadus. ....hmm, wait a minute.
  5. When you are playing around in NOSE and realize this must be a good omen. Anyway, just giving this a bump to highlight the completion of the series. Because now it is a series. Olympic Hockey - 2022 Beijing-N.bin Olympic Hockey - 2022 Beijing-M.bin Olympic Hockey - 2022 Beijing-W.bin Updated descriptions and download in the original post
  6. Don't know is this will help, but I have noticed something similar to this occur when I was copying or importing sprites within some games. My problem seemed to be related to what colours were being displayed when the copy/pasting occurred. Importing is just a matter of making sure that the colours are different enough so there is no misinterpretation on tile molester's part when it chooses what colours to use. Copy/pasting is weird because you would think that it would just directly swap the #4 colour in one game for the #4 colour in the other game, but I came across an issue when the colour palette had a dark grey [R096/G096/B096] and a dark green [R096/G128/B096]. For some reason, both the grey and the green were being interpreted as grey, and it was messing things up. I've also encountered this when the transparency colour is either the same, or too similar to one of the visible colours. The NHL games have this problem a lot since the transparency colour is typically ice blue, so if a sprite uses a colour that is close to that shade, it ends up disappearing when you paste it. This happens a lot in the case where the first/transparency colour is black and there is another instance of black in the palette, everything you paste just ends up as that first instance of black. This is why I usually use bright magenta, or sometimes its inverse of bright green, as my transparent since it should not come up in a regular sprite. In some cases, I've even gone as far as to change the current colour palettes to this, just to make sure that there is no chance of misinterpretation. Sorry for the long reply, hope this helps.
  7. Update complete. No more "Bruins" outlier. New ROM in the main post.
  8. Sunuva.... You know, I'd forgotten all about that. And that's the kind of thing that really bugs me too. ... V1.1 will probably be incoming sometime tomorrow.
  9. After spending a lengthy amount of slow progress on some bigger projects, [plus you know, that whole "being a responsible adult" thing] it was nice to take a break and bang out an Adam Savage style "One Day Build" [in that it actually took two days]. Figured now that it's done, I might as well share it. Thanks to @Deckard for the suggestion on this one, been a while since I did anything with NHL96 and it was fun to revisit it. The premise: Take NHL96 and give it an NHL97 roster update. Effectively making it closer to season end rosters. Fix art as applicable. Which makes this, Not a lot of changes, but the most obvious is, out goes Quebec, in goes Colorado. [sorry to see you go, but it is more historically accurate this way] All the other logos were mainly borrowed from '97 for consistency, although there are a few other fixes that, in theory, shouldn't haven't needed fixing... It's a little thing. Not so little on the other hand... Now, two caveats: 1. Due to how the team positions are hard coded, to avoid a giant compounding mess, Colorado simply adopts Quebec's old place in the North East Division. 2. Due to NHL97 having more memory space allocated to rosters than NHL96, I've had to cut one or two players per team to get in under the free bytes limit. Luckily there is no pre-game preamble anymore [something I would not say under any other circumstance], so I could delete the arena names and free up some extra bytes to avoid having to cut even more players. Thanks to @Deckard again for making the tough choices. UPDATE: Switching to Version 1.1 to eliminate the odd "Bruins" inconsistency. NHL 96 ~ Playoff Edition V1.1.bin
  10. Ah. Yeah that's fine, we all start somewhere. To be fair, I find that the 96-98 games are a lot more complicated than the 92-95 ones anyway, so you don't want to start learning there. Unfortunately we don't have any A-level hackers around here who find cracking open 96-98 - like others have done with 93-95 - to be as worthwhile, but at least an art swap like that is attainable.
  11. Curious. You just want the rosters copied over? That's relatively easy to do in NOSE, but what about the artwork? Also 96 still has Quebec and Winnipeg in it, while 97 has them in Colorado/Phoenix. [although I prefer the former anyway] 96 also would be lacking the All-Star teams, but the menu presentation is a lot cleaner and nicer to look at. [Which is mostly why I typically I just skip it an go from 96 to 98]
  12. Yeah, I had started multiple versions, it was just that between some of the actual rosters not getting announced until very late [or getting announced and then changing last minute] and the age-old "free time" issue, I just haven't had the chance to complete the set as it were. Figured at this point I'll just throw this one out and wait until the Olympics are finished so I can use the complete stats as my base for player ratings.
  13. Well that's annoying. I do recall coming across this once while I was in the middle of making changes, and it stumped me to the point where I just went back to a previous version where that issue dis not arise and went on from there. But it seems that when I select South Africa, I'm now getting about a 50/50 chance that it glitches. Weird that I didn't notice this when I was testing, guess it must have snuck back in there along the way. I still can't figure it out, but I'm curious if it has something to do with the fact that I used the hex code edit that changes the default from the East & West All-Stars to the EA & THQ teams. [they had more sprites to work with as far as art] South Africa happens to be the first of all the unranked teams. [EA] Did the same thing for 98, but the glitch hasn't come up yet. Only using Gens myself.
  14. Hah. Guess that means the teams were nicely balanced. Glad to see you like it!
  15. Oooooooooh... I... think so? I'll be honest, withe the recent talk around the 3-star formulas, I was trying to also use Smoz's hack applicator for the modified base weight numbers and 1-15 scale along with the new three-star calculator, but even with the NOSE file edit, something was preventing me from opening it after all of those things were applied. However, I am pretty sure that I did the weight bug and base weight before I ran into issues [although the base weights probably didn't change anyway], but I reserve the right to be wrong.
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