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  1. Been quite some time, but it's finally time to release the final game in the Genesis/MegaDrive World Championship series. This one ended up having an unexpected amount of stuff to do [especially since I had always passed it off as yet another reskinning of the NHL 96 engine], not to mention simultaneously assembling a note file so I'll actually have some idea of what the hell I'm doing when I have to go back and fix something. Either way, this game feels like the game that EA was supposed to release in place of what would now be called the "Early Access" version that is NHL 97. Interesting t
  2. Huh, It could also be that I simply conflated the two, as dudes that are heavy and good at hitting, would obviously also enjoy going around handing out free hits. Still find it odd that checking preference would affect the player's overall score [as many as 6 points] when shooting and aggression rightly don't. I will say that I have been spending a lot of time recently, exclusively with the later games and the stats seem to be slightly different. And not just in that a "0" score translates to a 40-44 in-game rating, all 5's is a 100 overall player, and all 6's = 120 overall.
  3. I noted that Checking is a rated stat. [As in when the number is in/decreased it likewise affects the player's overall rating] and that it seems to influence a player's ability to execute a check. A 6 will mean that you can Scott Stevens anyone into oblivion while a 0 means you're basically just caressing their shoulders as they brush past you. Roughness and Aggressiveness don't affect overall rating, but seem to be there to influence preference. I'd always figured that Roughness would influence penchant for taking penalties and throwing hits, where Aggressiveness would be chasing the puc
  4. Just came across this guy in NHL 98 and figured it might qualify. We'll call him the Calgary Flames', Cale "Mr. Average" Hulse. Coincidentally enough, Right D is also the third position in the list. Too bad James Patrick already took number 3 and he didn't weigh 16 lbs less or he could have gone for the sweep.
  5. I always figured weirder than Beezer's short name was that he can face off against his clone in Florida. And if Florida plays the other New York team, Fitzpatrick gets to be the back up for both Beezer and Healy, just like back in the pre-Original 6 era. Weird because they did have a team of clones in NHL Hockey with San Jose [although you couldn't really tell with only player numbers], but they did a decent job of limiting clones in '93, only to mess up again with Anaheim and Florida a year later.
  6. I can confirm that this is "possible". The caveat however is that you will need to do a bit more to the ROM to prevent the game from crashing when it's trying to access those non-existent players in the Pre-Game Scouting Report or Line Editor menu. I guess it might depend if your play style is to ignore all of that.
  7. If you wanted to, you can change that actually. First time trying out NOSE, I accidentally toggled off "Auto Re-Order Lines on Move" as well as on delete. [the "L" icons on the top of the Players window] Was a bit annoying as I was changing things around and had to fix the lines after each change. Didn't discover the reason for the problem until I moused over all of the icons to see the tool tip pop up. I can see pros and cons to having that set on or off, although typically setting the lines is one of the last things I do now so it's not that important anymore.
  8. Actually I've tested that after @kingraphhelped me find the offset for those pre-game ratings. They don't seem to have any relation to team performance. And frankly the fact that they are hard coded in the game data when you can create and trade players at will just seems weird to me. [I mean, the original NHL Hockey would change the pre-game lineup checkmarks after the player stats were tweaked in NOSE and they didn't even allow trading in that game!] I can add to that that in my testing of NHL96, whatever the team performance rankings [Powerplay, Goalie, etc...] were, this seemed to cor
  9. I am curious about this. Haven't had the time to figure this out by myself, but how much does the order affect? Specifically, in '95 it would be nice to have the teams perform in season mode as you might expect their team ratings would suggest. In lieu of being able to edit the behind the scenes ratings [that annoyingly have nothing to do with the pre-game rating number], would arranging your teams to correspond with the ranking of the NHL teams you are replacing, and then alphabetizing them after the fact, mean that the teams would perform more realistically in simulated games? The addit
  10. I'm curious about this myself. Not to give false hope, but I noticed while poking around in NHL98, that the Carolina Hurricanes graphics and roster data were located in the spot between Florida and Los Angeles [where Hartford should be]. So while I know this is possible, in 96-98 at least, it would be related to pointers somewhere in the hex data. The only tiny issues here being that this is assuming that this knowledge is even transferable to the 94 game engine and I have no idea where to find that data anyway. That said, if it turns out that this isn't possible, I would be willing to vo
  11. Just raising my hand, but I've actually road mapped and figured my way around most of the 96-98 engined games. Still a few holes to fill as far as code work goes, but I've gotten enough to go on to do complete graphical facelifts anyway. If you're interesting in diving into those I can save you some time by sharing my notes [just need to see about getting them into a format that doesn't use so much shorthand] and noting what I still need to figure out. [with which having a collaborator would help me out too]
  12. Haha, In that case, sorry, but I had to.
  13. Curious... What's the difference between the EIHL Champion, EIHL Cup Champion, EIHL Grand Slam, EIHL KO Cup Champion and EIHL Playoff Champion? At least Erhardt and Gardiner could replace the Campbell's and Wales conference, but which of those would be closest to the President's [best regular season record]? Also I was mostly curious about what the awards looked like. Other than the Patton Conference, not listed on Elite prospects... ...and your Devils winning the Monteith Bowl a couple years back... can't seem to google-fu a picture of a physical incarnation of an individual player
  14. Thanks for the mentions guys. As an aside, I noted that the description, but not the player award trophies were changed. Was curious what player awards the EIHL actually had, but searches come up empty. Does the EIHL even have physical trophies to hand out? Or do they just have a list on a wall in a head office or something... [a plaque at least?]