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  1. Haven't played this one much as I missed it when it was new, but that Jets one kind of stings. [For some reason the only "debacle" I can think of from that season was the off-ice stuff]
  2. Hah. I noticed that. [Although from my end it looked like you were the winner] Good to know we have each other's backs in a pinch anyway.
  3. Downloaded these a couple years ago. Guess it would make sense to post them here if the links are indeed dead. Hope the file all still work. NHL'93classic.bin NHL'93classic_modano.bin NHL'94classic.bin NHLclassic+6.bin NHLclassic+69-73.bin NHLclassic+75-78.bin NHLclassic+81-85.bin NHLclassic+86-91.bin NHLclassic+usa.bin 2v2'Slapshot.bin
  4. I'm kind of sad because I know I had tried compiling a list like this myself, but now I can't find it. Would have been interesting to compare notes. Also know that it would have taken a while to make so, yay... lost effort... If it helps with some of those question marks, I think the issue is that the rosters were compiled during the off season and many of the player numbers represent the rosters at the end of 1990-91 season more so than the beginning of the 1991-92 season. Case in point: Pittsburgh #9, when Francis had transitioned back to #10 by this season. Or Quebec having a #37 on D [probably Shawn Anderson who actually spent 1991-92 in Germany] since F Martin Rucinsky at the trade deadline wouldn't make any sense. This is also what I think San Jose's issue is. Most of the players were drafted but likely are still using the numbers from their old teams. And similar to '94, where Anaheim and Florida were added late so you get Guy Hebert as the Ducks' starter and the Blues' backup or the Panthers' Beezer and Fitzpatrick splitting time on the New York teams, I think all of the numbers represents a player that is still on both teams as well. [I noticed you went that route with San Jose's goalies as well] I also seem to recall figuring #19 on the Rangers as well as the Sharks be Brian Mullen [although the stats don't match], making #12 on the Rangers become Kris King, making Tim Kerr still #12 on Philly [he's on the "4th" line ie: PP/PK.] The weird thing with the first NHL Hockey's rosters is that you can't edit the lines unless you actually go into NOSE and switch them up. Otherwise if you play with line changes, you're just stuck with whatever the programmer decided to give you.
  5. Oh! Yes that is a good question. Are you playing a regular game and seeing this roster issue or just looking at season mode? For context, I had made a custom NHL95 ROM <for reasons> and copy/pasted all the players onto different teams. [was easier than manually trading everyone] BUT, when I went into a season, the rosters were a right mess. Eventually realized that as I had started a season already, they players were considered "traded" to their teams, despite the edits in NOSE. Turns out that not saving as a copy was the problem. When I closed the game, GENS saves the game settings data to an .srm file in the same folder as gens.exe. So despite my changes, every time I opened the game, it was referencing that .srm file. Saving as a copy, or deleting the .srm file that has the same filename as the ROM you are using will give you a clean slate and might resolve your roster problem.
  6. First, Hey welcome. Second, figured since I have made some mods in '98 I might have some helpful info. While taking the wonderful expanded teams mods for '93, '94 and '95 into consideration, it theoretically *could* be possible to add another team to '98, it's easier said than done. I know there was a '97 based mod that tried to add the All-Star teams to the playoff format, but using them was a bit glitchy. That said, including the All-Star/National Teams, you would have 31 total teams to work with already in the game, [yes 33 if you count the EA and THQ teams, but they just end up taking the place of the East/West teams] just that the last five would not be included in season or playoff mode. The other thing that you may have noted is that on the team selection screens, the team names are entirely sprite based, meaning that in addition to changing the text in NOSE, you would also need to edit the team name sprites along with the logos in Tile Molester. The unfortunate side effect of that is that some of the teams [like Team USA] have a limited number of sprites to work with so fitting the new names in there sometimes takes some creative hex editing as well. Not sure if international hockey is your thing, but here's a thread with a pair of mods I made using '98 if it helps in dissecting the game. Also have some notes, not sure how easy it is to follow [I got rather lazy in making them], but I can lend some of those as well. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/20403-the-world-championships-series/
  7. Well, I don't know about him, but if I had one of those, I wouldn't let you know until I've collected on the rather large wager I'd have placed on the Finals.
  8. Guess you liked that documentary eh? Actually I have a question, as the banners are all sprite based and the information is located in different places and the process would be a bit different depending on which version of NHLPA 93 you might be trying to mod. Are you using wboy's 30-Team mod as your base? [with this splash screen] This is probably the easiest to work with if you are just starting. Or Slapshot's 32-Team mod? [with this splash screen] This is good to work with too, but will require some extra steps. or hopefully not trying something silly like using the original NHLPA'93 ROM. [with this splash screen] [I tried doing stuff with this one before and man, it's a lot of extra work]
  9. Don't know if the player types are possible. I hear that music might be possible. [but really really hard to execute] Otherwise this is something I was already interested in taking a stab at although I didn't really want to make a competing version. On the note of artistic vision, I did make a TRON hockey game from the older PAL EA Hockey [1991] ROM. Curious about how much influence this could have on perhaps a TRON 2.0 sequel in the '94 engine.
  10. Here? Damn. I never knew about this. Don't be sorry. Now I want to try out that puck thing. [edit after looks again] Oh, you mean in the offset for the palette swap eh. That is something that I do not have, but would like to as well.
  11. This was the best I could come up with too, but you would think that after the Leafs' <insert mocking adjective here> first round exit, EA wouldn't figure it beneficial to hitch their wagon on him again so soon. Not to mention that there are six other regions that very much dislike Toronto and the Leafs [although they will admittedly be buying the game anyway so it doesn't matter] Although to be fair, if EA wants to pump up their PS5 numbers, I'd say that they would probably be better served by getting Sony to pump up their PS5 numbers.
  12. Heh. Yeah, I figured if I wasn't going to completely redraw the entire crowd to be wearing Edwardian 3-piece suits and ankle length skirts, then they should at least be less vibrant.
  13. Not to take away from kingraph's guide, but it if helps, I tested my EARE list generator on my 1920 ROM and all of the rosters had between 7 and 12 players. And I actually had two versions of each team, [one that the player can select, one they can't - for purposes of playoff configuration] and just linked them to the same set of photos. I even changed the order that the teams were listed in NOSE and set the cards again without changing any of the sprites. The thing with EARE is that as long as the player's name and card offset on the list, match with the player whose picture is located at that offset, the program doesn't care. It also by default uses the NLC Line as the main menu featured cards. You can change the NLC line after the fact and it will modify the lineup for Ron Barr's pre-game screen, but will leave the main menu alone. Used along with the hex code change to set how many players are featured on the main screen and you can effectively feature your top players regardless of position, [and the #1 goalie] just so long as you initially set the top two D-men as two of your desired featured players. After that, it seems to just run down the list starting after the top three forwards. The only real issue with this method I find is that you just need to make sure that you haven't made any spelling or copy/pasting errors along the way and that everything is exactly the way you want it before you click that "Set" button. Otherwise you might be going back and setting it again. And like kingraph's, any name in NOSE that doesn't have a corresponding entry in the card list, will just end up linking to the default Lefty/Righty Player/Goalie pics after you click that button.
  14. So, it is with thanks to @Jkline3, that I was able to get that cleared bench I was looking for. And I figured while I was at it, I might as well go with a few more period accurate touches. Rover is thinking "I should be out there." I like the more scattered snow look in this goal area better. The seats appear really far away without the glass, but it's not out of the ordinary in European rinks. Not much keeping the fans separated from the action, or the penalized player, but at least he won't have to share a bench with an adversary from the other team like in some old rinks. Decided against the old tongue-and-groove slats look for the rink boards as that was just way too busy, but behind the bench works. Updated the main post as well, but I'll keep the original in there to in case anyone wants to use it for reference. Olympic Hockey 1920 V1.1.bin
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