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  1. So I've embarked on a project to map out and hack every SEGA Genesis NHL game [92-98] and have run into a problem that I can't figure out. Similar to NHL 95, the Team Ratings in NHL 96 are obviously... somewhere... in the code, but I can't seem to locate it. [or 95's for that matter] '96 also has the Even-Strength, Power-Play, Penalty Kill, Goaltending as well as Overall ranking in the team select screen, but given that something like EARE doesn't work with any game other than '94, how I may edit these has eluded me. This is basically the only thing I have left to figure out [other than some of the menu background colour palette references seem a little wonky, but that's not a priority, and adding extra teams is well above my pay grade] and would really appreciate any assistance from anyone smarter than I in the matter.
  2. Realize that this is a bit old of a thread, but for anyone looking this up in the future, the reason that this is true, is because EA Hockey, being PAL, plays at 50Hz. And if your emulator is defaulting to the NTSC 60hz setting, you get a 20% speed boost. The cool part is this seems to affect the physics as well, and if you get a guy with good speed and checking, you can just demolish guys. The downside [or upside, depending] is that the extra-crushing hits seems to will trigger fights a lot easier.
  3. I was thinking to suggest the 'Hawks "Pony" line or the Maroons "S" line, but I gather that including a third or defunct team was not the intent. Although I like that you were able to keep the older ice markings with helmet/stick patches. Now if I can just figure out how to adapt this to my full roster with player cards International team ROM....