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  1. Just updating the IIHF 95 ROMs since I finally managed to fix the team rating numbers [for the most part]. Many many thanks to @kingraph for the assist on that one. The caveat however is that this will only fix the pregame rating as told by Mr. MacLean. The ratings used for season simmed game performance is stored somewhere else. Don't be surprised to see Estonia [formerly Detroit] and Japan [Rangers] overachieving their butts off in the standings. IIHF 95 1.2.bin IIHF 95 WCE 1.3.bin
  2. Just a follow up. Turns out the 34 team ROM works the same for me [start at offset 0A06FA instead of 0A06DC] Those six extra teams seem to be referencing something else, but that isn't dissimilar from the player photos and roster data. Teams #31 and #34 are the only ones with really messed up ratings so I'm not overly concerned given the circumstances. On a side note; After changing the ratings, I noticed that the season mode seems to take it's cues from somewhere else entirely. As evidenced by, well this... 24th ranked Estonia kicking ass in that division?! [Estonia is the team formerly known as Detroit]
  3. Thanks a lot! Actually now that you mention it, I haven't gotten an Everdrive myself yet, but does the original NHLPA 93 works alright on one? I've been looking into making a hack of the original, as opposed to using the 30/32 team mods. [seems silly, but I like the spinning logo splash screen] Wouldn't be until I'm done some others I already have on the go, but I'm curious if that will work any better.
  4. This is so weird. That was what I thought from your hex notes, but it wasn't working, until... I tried editing a clean original 28 team ROM and in editing the first 28 pairs of digits it finally worked! BUT, copy/pasta those hex values over to my IIHF 28 Team ROM... nothing. Still the old ratings. But on a hunch I noted that there was enough data between those 56 numbers and the start of the pregame preamble and that they were divided by identical 6363 hex values. So I punched in a bunch of 1s to see what it might do [it was nothing] and pasted in my new numbers into the second section. Lo and behold that did it. [Of course I copy paste my new data back into the original ROM and every team has a rating of 17, because 11 in hex, what the hell...] No idea why it would do that how that pointer got changed, as my ROM was based on the original one [haven't looked at the 34 team one yet] but I suppose as the developer adage goes; if it works, that's good enough. Pro tip for any other interested parties: DO NOT touch the 6363s. It will break stuff.
  5. Alright, if I may @UltraMagnus , as a preeminent expert on NHL 95 around here, I am compelled to ask. How the hell are the team overall ratings determined? Long long story short, I've broken a lot of things in my experimentation, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get that number to change. [which is kind of dumb as the game includes built in create-a-player and roster editing functions. I can have a team stacked with 90+ ringers vs an AHL squad and the team ratings still won't reflect that] The step-by-step only shows the pointer, but changing that [even to just hide the number] doesn't seem to have any effect, too bad EARE just crashes if you try to open anything but a 94 ROM, and messing around with the team hex data like with NHLPA 93, doesn't seem to hold the key either. I'm right bloody stumped.
  6. Just in case @DeterminedApathy was asking in the other way, [and this actually applies to my interests as well] does "limited" refer to both more and less than 26? I am curious as in theory, because of the way '95s season mode is set up, one might simply create a calendar that omits one or more teams? The initial issue that comes to mind however is how the standings/team/player stats will get handled for the removed teams.
  7. Dude! Thanks for this. Oh... so many ideas. So few hours in a day...
  8. Well how about that. Weird that should be what makes it work, but there we are.
  9. Yeah the problem here is that It's not even getting through the "Press 1 to generate images" step. Used a .bmp that I had already resized. Used the sample pic in the folder. Used a giant .jpg file just to see what happens. Same result every time. File size: 0. Crash. I mean I can just keep using photoshop, just the issue there is that even when I make an index coloured file where I manually enter and match the rgb values in the colour palettes, the way tile molester and photoshop process colours usually means that fine shading detail will get lost if two shades are deemed to close to each other.
  10. Yeah that's the thing. It's literally the sample .bmp file that was included in the zip folder with the Ditherer.exe file. Properties says it's 169kb. I was able to open it in photoshop, so I know it isn't corrupt. Unless that is just too small? Rounding down to the closest Mb? But it's not like you're going to get a very big file when you're dealing with so few pixels anyway... But yeah, not giving me much to go on.
  11. Thought I would try out this tool, but I'm getting a weird/major issue. Simply trying the default example Bure pic, I only get this. And Option 2 is giving me this. Not crashing, but after locating and pressing the "any" key. The program just closes.
  12. Thanks! I'm sure someone with more coding expertise would be able to manipulate a lot more stuff than I could, but I did find the artwork a lot easier to work with. Especially since in this one, all of the colour palette and tile order data is directly after the sprites themselves. So I basically just bounced between tile molester and hex workshop and in most cases it was pretty easy to do what I wanted to do without a lot of messing about. The winning team photo was a bit of a headache though. Just got reminded that the tile palettes are multi-layered and for some weird reason I had to hand draw a lot of the sprite in tile molester rather than importing an image. I don't know why, but simply trying to fill in the gap in the player that the Stanley Cup used to cover would just mess up swaths of pixel colours. It would look fine in tile molester, but playing the ROM would show the grey shadows changed to bright blue or some other weird thing. Took me about three hours and twelve iterations just to stop that same nonsense from happening in 97 [spoiler alert]. I think if I weren't trying to change the trophy sprite and just had to edit the giant list of palette data it wouldn't have been a problem, but we can't have that now can we?
  13. Well dammit, I can't believe I missed the typo all this time. Although it wouldn't have fit otherwise... Re-upped a version that doesn't have team "Sposors".
  14. Okay, it's that time again. The IIHF series is getting another graphics and engine overall, resulting in the nicest looking game in the series to date. Presenting the sixth main yearly installment [ninth overall] of the World Championship Series, IIHF 96! This one was definitely the most fun to do from an art perspective, as evidenced by the fact that I had banged out the complete graphical update in about two weeks. It's just the roster data that might have taken another two months to input... Getting to the game features: This game was based on the NHL 96 engine, so it features the top 26 teams [based on final standings] and no additional unranked teams due to there being no All-Star teams that year, because the lockout shortened 1995 season had no All-Star game. [Seems backwards? I know, but here we are.] More game modes! Awesome new team selection logos! [I'll mention a couple bits of unfinished business right here. Due to this game not being as compatible with NOSE as the previous games, the Main Menu options window is simply inaccessible. So setting the default game setup options and match up is not something I was able to figure out. Additionally I was not able to figure out where the team ranking data was kept, so after breaking the game a bunch of times, I gave up and decided to have some fun with the rankings. I will note that the team rankings have way more to do with how a team does in simmed games than actual player ratings. It's also too bad that EARE only works with 94] New pause menu logos! These are actually the same logos referenced in the season mode calendar too, so, went for an UI matching style there. Also, With the removal of the pre-game preview, Ron MacLean and player cards are out, but TSN and other prominent sponsors signed on. New player sprites! And the return of some licenced team center ice logos. Compete for the IIHF World Championship trophy in a single game, best of seven or full season mode! Win it all and get the glory. [hot damn, I just remembered how annoying editing that team photo was. more on that later] Don't necessarily expect this one to be very popular, but hope it's liked anyway. IIHF 96.bin
  15. Hey! Welcome! I suppose you could start off with this: The help section has a bunch of other tricks in there too, but I found it best to just start off with this. Although, word of advice? Just assume that the first three or five ROMs you try making are going to be somewhere between "Not bad, with some things I'd like to do better." and "This is complete trash" and you'll have a much better mindset in learning how to make something you like. On the other hand, graphics is actually my favourite part, so it may be a bit self serving to ask what you are looking for and maybe I can help out.
  16. That was pretty intense. [It's funny because watching that game actually turned my son into a Great Britain fan, to the point where when we play one of these ROMs, he'll usually pick the Brits] Actually that is probably second in my favourite games that I've watched in recent years next to Latvia vs France in 2015. [The premise being in that game that the loser would be relegated] And Latvia led 2-0 going into the third. Midway through the final frame, France starts to push hard and their efforts pay off with a goal. All of a sudden it's 2-1. Okay, Latvia just needs to weather the storm and get through this, but momentum has swung hard in France's favour. Suddenly, the Austrian team, is feeling nervous. Austria you say? They aren't even playing in this game! Why yes, they are in the stands watching because the outcome of this game could affect them too. Turns out that all three teams were within two points in the standings with Austria in the lead. Buuuuut... if there is a split of the three points this game is worth, then things might get interesting. And interesting they get as with less than five minutes in regulation France ties it up! Now Latvia is lucky as they only need 1 point to avoid relegation, so they tell Kitty to bar the door and simply try to make it to overtime, which they do as the third period ends with no further scoring. Now Latvia is and Austria are tied, but Latvia holds the tie breaker and France is a point behind with the overtime point still up for grabs. Overtime solves nothing, so it's on to the shoot out. Now, if Latvia's Edgars Masalskis can outshine France's Cristobal Huet (both of whom were their respective team's MVPs), France will finish last, but if France wins in the shootout, there will be a three way tie at the bottom, where Austria actually gets ranked last based on tie breakers. You can likely guess what the result of the shoot out was, but suffice to say, that was the most exciting twenty minutes of hockey I'd ever witnessed in spite of the supposedly detrimentally low skill level of each team (and in spite of the shootout) as the level of desperation to simply not lose was not only easier to get invested in than watching a pair of club teams I mostly don't care about duke it out for the Cup year after year, it's also a lot more dramatic as most people can understand that level of pride in your team. Especially since it's a lot less common to see players get traded to different countries.
  17. Except run it concurrently with the NHL playoffs so many of the best players are unable to participate. [Although to be fair, I'll take a 60 rating player giving it 100% over a 90 rating player giving 50% {See World Cup 2016}. That's just math.] Wow. Thanks man!
  18. Good work man! Although, have to say it, that original organizational method was really weird.
  19. Been a busy week, but it's time to release the eighth installment of the World Championships series. With last year's Championship Edition doing well, EA saw fit to return to the well, ...er, I mean, give the fans more of what they wanted. Introducing Features added to this game include: More teams! [This game was based on the amazing 34 team ROM by @UltraMagnus. So much appreciation to him and his work.] The list of teams is bumped up from 28 to 34. Please welcome Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, South Korea and Spain! More emphasis is placed the playoff series, so now every team is selectable in playoff mode, including Slovenia and F.R. Yugoslavia from the previous game. Season mode is officially removed as it would have only featured the top 26 teams by alphabetical order. [however there may be an easy to find Easter egg related to that] Some other graphical enhancements made possible by the new game's configuration. Ron MacLean is still here! Return of some additional national team logo licensing. Not much else to say, so here it is. IIHF 95 WCE.bin
  20. Because they were the "Monsters" of the mid-west at the time? [my, it has been a long time since da Bears had shuffled their way to a Superbowl eh]
  21. Okay, this intrigues me. Admittedly mostly just to see how you did it. And if I may possibly learn your secrets for purposes of some round robin formats [big surprise] and/or emulating some historic seasons [also assuming there is some way to limit teams to anywhere from 4 to 21].
  22. St. Mucus Ooze is a bit odd because these names sound right, but don't match the number. C Deaderko #9 - Bernie Federko [his #24 was retired by the Blues] LD Hairy Snaps #28 - Harold Snepsts [wore #5, but he did use #28 in Vancouver] At least I'm sure of Pucksucker Pukes LW Scary #12 - Bob Errey
  23. Time for the fifth year and seventh installment of the World Championships series. 1995 was a year of major change for the EA franchise. Most notably, a complete player sprite overhaul and for the first time, you can play an entire season! As in entire, as in every single bloody game. Which is kind of ironic since at the time it came out, the major North American league wasn't playing any games, and wouldn't be for a while yet. But if you were looking for way to grind out all the free time you had from not watching hockey, you could play as one of the top 26 teams by their final IIHF placing. The IIHF still did not want fighting in the game, so like with '94, it was not included. Selling features include: 26 teams in playoff and season modes. Plus 2 more qualifiers in Slovenia and FR Yugoslavia available in exhibition game mode only. Change your team as you Create, Trade, Import and Deport players. Ron MacLean stays on as pre-game host. Team Canada and U.S.A. have stayed on, licensing their logos for center ice in their respective arenas. Other things to note with this ROM. Player ratings are a bit more varied in this one. I basically created an overly complicated spreadsheet formula which took into account a players stats, team ranking and division level, to come up with an overall number. This was then geared towards whatever stats seemed to fit the player. Note that this was weighted to that year's tournament, meaning that if a player over/under achieved or played a different role compared to on their club team, it would be reflected in the ratings. It also means a much wider gap in skill level between the A and C Pool teams that would be more reflective of the actual gap in skill level between the A and C Pool teams. Shout out to @Jkline3for the help with the player numbers. This was based on the original NHL 95 ROM [I finished it before I found out about the wonderful work kingraph has done. [hint for the future] Unfortunately I was not able to find out how to edit the team ratings, so those numbers will not be reflective of the actual skill level of a given team's players. The other, and one might say more detrimental, side effect of this is that the team's rating score will basically determine how well a team performs in simmed games. Which is odd when you consider that you can trade and sign created players. I know there is a road map out there, but nothing seemed to make any difference with this, so you get stuff like China's goalie winning the MVP award, or Estonia beating Canada in the gold medal game. At least players achieve at their proper level when you actually make the AI play the games. Anyways, on to the previews! The World Championships in 1995 were held in Stockholm and Gavle, Sweden. Used these as the Conferences. Used prominent league presidents for the division names. It pained me to admit that Bunny Ahearne would have the tenure to qualify as one of the four, the anti-Canadian swine. IIHF 95.bin
  24. This would be really cool if it can be done. I figured I could change the art assets around, but not a lot else. But to have some way to change team names, rosters, colours and what type of monster each player is, would really make it interesting. Although part of me wants to redo the player sprites as just regular goons in kind of a Hit the Ice style.
  25. Player ratings are still accessible via NOSE. Not sure how new you are to the program, but there is a decent amount of help info to be found around here.
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