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  1. For a few minutes there I did feel like an idiot, [although admittedly most of my ROM hacking time over the past year has been spent in the '92, '93, '95 & '96 engines, with which EARE does not get along with, so I forgot most of it's usefulness] But then I tried custom player pictures help file process and remembered how that didn't work so well for me. [worse!] my work around before was to just make sure I just always put the player in the default slot. Yeah I was looking through that before and it didn't seem to address the issue I'm having. The problem isn't so much the player cards but the "featured lineup" names on the main menu screen. The NLC lineup has the correct player names on the "Ron Barr" screen, [although the #1 center is using a default player pic, probably related] but the main menu features a different set of player names. I figured out with the 30-team ROM, that this seemed to be static to which roster slot/hex offset the ROM was set to reference. My work around was to just put my desired player into that slot and move on. Unfortunately with the 32-team ROM, the featured forward group is whatever player names are in the #3-#5 slots. And If I have a team with three goalies, the game doesn't adjust to read #4-6, rather just call up the third string goalie's name with the #1 center's picture. UPDATE: Okay, I did some more playing around and managed to figure out the EARE thing and got it to work for me.... mostly. It just seems that for whatever reason, it reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally doesn't like that short roster in the number one slot and will not play nice no matter what I try. So i just removed it from the list and whadayaknow, it's using the generic pics, but it stopped my freezing issues. I guess at this point I could try adding a couple of black aces and just not put them on a line, or if all else fails, pretend the team missed photo day.
  2. Okay I'm stumped. I know I've come across this before, but it was late in development that time and I didn't feel like rearranging all 30 rosters just to have a nicer player order. BUT! now I'm playing around with a 32 team ROM and most of the rosters have three goalies, so the third stringer is getting featured in place of the third forward. Kind of dumb, but not game breaking. What is game breaking however... I ran into an issue where one of my historically accurate rosters does not have enough players for the second defenceman pointer to actually point at anything. So I'm getting this: and the game freezes. Of course I neglected to copy the information I need over to my references and I can't seem to find it again. Anybody care to point me to what I'm missing in a manner that doesn't make me feel like a complete idiot?
  3. So just a vanilla '95 with Ron instead of John? Actually, since I've already done all of the leg work, I can whip that up in 15 minutes of copy/pasting. I hope it's okay that I did not modify the title or main menu screens with the Hockey Night logo as that is a bit more of a process. NHL 95 HNIC Edition.bin
  4. Huh, well now I know. Although now I'm imagining a scenario where: Game 7 of the Finals. The home team is up by one in the dying minutes. The visitors pull their goalie and press hard, gaining possession in the neutral zone. A stretch pass springs their speedy forward on a partial break, but a home defender hauls him down and the shot attempt is denied as the attacker slides past crashing into the boards! The ref raises his arm on the delayed call. The last seconds on the clock count down and the home crowd erupts! The ref points to center ice. The home team grabs the Cup and starts skating around in literal circles! The tripped player gets up and skates to center ice. The home team takes the Cup back to their dressing room and pops the champagne! The home goalie is told to get back in the net as the visiting forward prepares for a very important penalty shot. The home team starts drinking from the Cup [this was pre-pandemic] and slurring "Weee arrre the Chaaaaampions!" The visiting player skates in and triple dekes the goalie and scores! The game is tied! We're going to overtime! The home team says "Nope!" The ref shrugs and goes to get another doughnut. The visiting team exchanges incredulous looks. A coach is heard to say "This is <redacted>! That was a <redacted> <redacted> call than Brett in '99! The next day the paper reads "Home Team Wins!! Final Score 3-3".
  5. So I was using Demo mode to sim a game in NHL 95 [don't judge] for reasons of AI balancing I won't bother going in to. To the point, as the game was ending, one of the players was on a breakaway and was hooked. The game ends, the three stars are awarded and that was the end.... wait what? The player that got hooked is being awarded a penalty shot? That is really weird. So I watch the inept player spin around a lot and take a feeble backhand from the face off circle that the goalie easily stops, and the game immediately kicks out to the "Continue Season" screen without letting me look at the game stats. While this is a weird occurrence on it's own, what was really a missed opportunity was that it was a one goal game, and the player taking the penalty shot could have tied it up had he scored. I could have used my Player 1 coaching powers to pull the goalie and, if hopefully the AI doesn't miss the net, the game should have gone to overtime. Curious if anyone else might have encountered this.
  6. As a card carrying Nintendo fanboy, I admittedly argued with the Sega kids about how much they sucked for obvious reasons. [we owned a SNES and could not afford to get a Genesis too, so obviously they sucked] But once my brother bought a used Genesis off a buddy, I had to secretly acknowledge that both consoles had their merits and would bounce back and forth between F-Zero and NHLPA '93. Also, since you mentioned it, you knew this was coming.
  7. Nice! Like the new art direction. Curious though. I was actually toying around with your old NHL95 v5 beta pviously. Is this version fundamentally different from that one aside from the obvious rosters and art? Also, if I may note, I encountered new host Kelly Hrudey stating that he was John Shrader. I know I encountered that before and realized that the game had two intros, and I thought one was for regular game and the other for season or playoffs, but now the weird thing is, that I can't replicate it to say what game mode it was in. I checked the hex, so I know I wasn't imagining it, but it's not coming up anymore. so.... never mind?
  8. Nah that's cool. That's part of why I posted the clean translation before I started messing around with it myself. I will offer a warning though, I didn't do anything in regards to the artwork, and I know from editing the NHL versions of 95 and 96 that the logos and team banners, etc, are not as easy to change as with wboy's 94 ROM. The good news though, is that the colour palette and tile ordering code in both games is usually directly after the specific sprite tiles themselves. So once you get familiar how they work, you can edit all of the logos to your liking.
  9. Great work. I feel I missed the reference on not Ron Barr, but it's funny nonetheless. although... since it's pond hockey, might I offer this? I may have been inspired to edit this into the NHA 1910 ROM from... I want to say Coach Mac made it?
  10. Had a sudden brainwave while making dinner and realized my mistake. I was looking at text in a hex editor when I should have been at sprites in a tile editor. [and then counted the tiles, so then I could go to the hex editor and find the arrangement code] and lo and behold, there's the culprit. So all I had to do was change the double 002E tile code to 0000 [well technically shifted everyone else over to fix the centering] and there we go, much better now. On a side note: While scrolling through the tiles and code, I stumbled on a couple of easter eggs that I thought were cool. Neurostone apparently thought of putting their own team name bar in there a year before EA and THQ decided to add their own teams to 97 and 98. This is found at the bottom after the All-Star teams. No logo however, just Ottawa through Winnipeg left in there after the Swedish teams were pasted over the first 14 logos. And right at the bottom of the hex code, just before the empty space, there was this: Although unlike the early days when programmers had to hide their names in the code because the publisher refused to give them credit, John and Anders are credited as programming and data processing. But hey, it's fun to find stuff like this.
  11. I know what you're thinking. "But... why?" And the answer is: Because it was there, I guess. And besides, we have enough guys doing such great work on the 94 ROMs. I got to find some way to contribute. The Swedish Elitserien games always intrigued me, and since my modding experiences the previous month was almost exclusively research, spreadsheet and data entry based, I figured I can tackle something quick and easy. Like a translation mod. Mostly I'm interested in exploiting the 12-team, 44-game season in '95 for a GM-mode hockey pool, but I needed the menus to be in English first. With that out of the way, it's also a difference from the originals that is well suited to Olympic, World Championships and some Euro leagues. So, look forward to that some time. For now, I figured I can share the translated versions. The caveat being that due to some changes in the code when when Neurostone converted it, I wasn't able to make the translations 100% accurate to the NHL games. So I had some fun with it in a google translate sort of way, while also having to get creative with some text to avoid breaking the code. Some before and after. Elite Series 95 And Elite Series 96 (I have no idea where HV71 is picking up that extra 'T') EliteSeries 95.bin EliteSeries 96.bin
  12. Clearing out another older one. Not sure how much interest this one will garner, but here's an idea I had when I saw the 32 team NHLPA'93 ROM. The back story: The old professional Western Hockey League [1952-1974] evolved from the third incarnation of the Pacific Coast Hockey League. They competed for the Lester Patrick Cup and were considered the west coast's version of the AHL. [although basically treated as a step below by the NHL] They were a place to play for guys on the way up [Glenn Hall], guys "past their prime" [Andy Bathgate], guys who were stars out west, but had varying degrees of luck cracking NHL lineups in the Original 6 days [Andy Hebenton, Guyle Fielder or if you prefer, Don Cherry, who won a championship with Vancouver]. They even partnered up with the first [successful] pro-hockey player's union. Anyway, the hope was to one day turn into a major pro league, possibly even revive the East/West competition for the Stanley Cup like up until 1926. These hopes were dashed as Los Angeles, San Francisco and later Vancouver jumped to the NHL, the WHA raided their players [and later took on the Phoenix and Denver teams] and the league was eventually forced to throw in the towel. But what if they didn't? What if the NHL took the WHA threat more seriously and formed a better partnership with the WHL? This is the result of that thought experiment. Mostly I just rearranged the playoff team brackets and added the lore to the pre-game. WHLvsNHL19.bin
  13. Oh... now you tell me. <looks over at 7.5 ROMs worth of customized ratings> Nope, not changing it. Really? Nope. It's fine. But... Really? ...maybe I can take a look just in case. There you go! i hate you...
  14. Figure I've been using this resource long enough over the past year and a half that I should start sharing some work. While I've been concurrently working on mods of all of the Genesis hockey games produced by EA, [except for Mutant League, but who knows what the future will bring] I haven't revisited this one in about eight months, so I guess it's considered done. Introducing: TRON Turbo Hockey Developed by Kevin Flynn Published by ENCOM Annexed 9/22 by E. Dillinger Features: Based on EA Hockey (1991) for PAL regions. The "Turbo mode" is achieved but playing the game on NTSC settings. The cool part is that playing the 50 Hz game on a 60 Hz setting not only increases the frame rate by 20%, but it also affects the physics in a way where players are faster, shots harder and body checks more brutal. [There may, will be more fights if you are as addicted to that C button as I am] "Awesome" '80s computer aesthetics. Full of futuristic grids and computer font goodness. TRON style game grid and player uniforms. Not the most contrasting, but it fits the style and can be followed well enough. Team names started with Alpha and Beta because, programming, and just kind of stuck with the Greek alphabet motif throughout the modding process. Might change it if a better idea comes up, but it seems to fit. [Also I just really liked Team (Kenny) Omega]. TRON Hockey.bin UPDATE: This one has the edit that allows teams #25 and #26 [the former All-Star teams] to be used in Playoff mode. TRON Hockey 1.1.bin
  15. Still putting the finishing touches on these, but when I saw this, I couldn't help but want to show a teaser of my '95 rom. Even made sure to find a period correct photo from the mid-'90s.
  16. Damn, this is cool. Although admittedly I really want a way to hack the old Madden games, this will be something I'd like to try. I do have one question though, Is there a way to reduce the number of teams? What really interests me is making a CFL version.
  17. Hey I don't know if you are still looking for the logos but I've been working on this one for a while and was able to map most of the game data. Sorry I don't have usable images yet but here's the offset numbers you can search for. First thing to note is that there are three sizes of logos 4x3, 3x3 & 4x2 [Montreal] I found the first logo is at offset 53696. This is followed by all of the 4x3 logos. The 3x3 logos start at offset 55616. And the lone 4x2 logo is at offset 5FB16. Import the colour palette with offset 467160, size 64. The logo colours will be using the second palette. Don't edit the colours though as I didn't confirm if they actually use that palette as the engine tends to repeat colour info multiple times and the programmers had a habit of referencing the same palette offset for multiple assets. *Note that the clock logo and ice logo share the same sprites* Also, and this is key, unlike later games, I've found that the logos are assembled in a vertical manner rather than horizontally, so I found that you are better off setting your tile program at a 1x12 window size. [since most logos are three tiles vertically, four horizontally, with a few 3x3 and lonely Montreal at two vertically x four horizontally] Hope that helps. I have been working on a series of '91 to '96 mods concurrently and made some wboy-like help guides for myself, but they are not really clean enough to post just yet. Maybe if there is enough interest I'll fix them up so they can be followed by someone other than myself.
  18. So I've embarked on a project to map out and hack every SEGA Genesis NHL game [92-98] and have run into a problem that I can't figure out. Similar to NHL 95, the Team Ratings in NHL 96 are obviously... somewhere... in the code, but I can't seem to locate it. [or 95's for that matter] '96 also has the Even-Strength, Power-Play, Penalty Kill, Goaltending as well as Overall ranking in the team select screen, but given that something like EARE doesn't work with any game other than '94, how I may edit these has eluded me. This is basically the only thing I have left to figure out [other than some of the menu background colour palette references seem a little wonky, but that's not a priority, and adding extra teams is well above my pay grade] and would really appreciate any assistance from anyone smarter than I in the matter.
  19. Realize that this is a bit old of a thread, but for anyone looking this up in the future, the reason that this is true, is because EA Hockey, being PAL, plays at 50Hz. And if your emulator is defaulting to the NTSC 60hz setting, you get a 20% speed boost. The cool part is this seems to affect the physics as well, and if you get a guy with good speed and checking, you can just demolish guys. The downside [or upside, depending] is that the extra-crushing hits seems to will trigger fights a lot easier.
  20. I was thinking to suggest the 'Hawks "Pony" line or the Maroons "S" line, but I gather that including a third or defunct team was not the intent. Although I like that you were able to keep the older ice markings with helmet/stick patches. Now if I can just figure out how to adapt this to my full roster with player cards International team ROM....
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