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  1. You're right, you did, and I missed it or forgot it from (apologies to anyone working hard) my favorite NHL94 ROM. @Sean did it. I take back my previous posts.
  2. I completely understand now, thanks for the explaination. I can see sharing colors would throw off team colors/logos and that's not good. Thanks again. I wish the coloring worked, though, because you're example is 30 years coming and looks great!
  3. Yikes. Sorry the attachment is so big.
  4. Great work, all of you, and thank you for another fun cooperative ROM. The one thing that has always "bothered" me about EA NHL is the center ice logo. Nothing to do with anyone's incredible mod work here, but is there a way to make it look more true-to-form (I know rotating the logo has been done, but not rotating 90 degrees with the red/white center line going all the way through, etc. as it looks on TV)? Just going on this latest release, I added a picture (not the best angle) to clarify... Maybe the coding doesn't allow it? Either way, great and fun ROM!
  5. Whoa. I didn't expect the Northeat 10 to be mentioned. Honestly, I'm not going to complain about any additional team you include, it was just easy to say the "24". I didn't do a deep dive into who plays who, like you (impressively) do. By what I'm reading, you could (and should?) just do a ACHA, the NE10, Development Program, etc. etc. on it's/their own. *** I would say, though, Adrian College won the 2024 tournament and was runner-up in 2023 to Minot. So, I'd personally vote for them. *** Thanks for responding.
  6. As far as ACHA - I think the best way to do it (I don't know about easiest way), would be to just put the 24 teams that competed this year in the Murdoch Cup (ACHA D1 Championship). Then, put them in the nearest NCAA division to they're respective town/city. I haven't looked closely at all of the schools and if some areas of the US are more represented, but why not put the "best" 24 ACHA D1 in as extra teams to round out the conferences? Your thoughts? The 2024 ACHA Men's Division 1 Championship Field 1. Minot State 2. Adrian College 3. Central Oklahoma 4. Jamestown 5. UNLV 6. Maryville 7. Liberty 8. Ohio 9. Niagara 10. UMary 11. Purdue Northwest 12. Utah 13. Arizona 14. Grand Valley State 15. Calvin 16. Illinois State 17. Grand Canyon 18. Indiana Tech 19. Delaware 20. Pittsburgh 21. Missouri State 22. Indiana Pennsylvania 23. West Chester 24. Oswego State
  7. "Lofty goals" again? Fingers crossed. You can do it! * Remember the ACHA D1/2.
  8. Thank you! Great work, as always. I/we appreciate it. * Just an FYI - the file reads "2025 4 21" (instead of 2024 4 21, I'm assuming).
  9. This looks incredible, great work in progress! 1. Have you seen (or tried, or speculated) if yearly roster updates are "easy" like the NHL94 roster updates? 2. Did you list the devices on which this mod can be played? I looked through the posts and didn't see it, maybe I missed it. If so, I apologize... if not, can you list them, please? 3. Great work! I'm really looking forward to this. Thanks for another tease.
  10. Thanks for the work, great job! It's always nice to see Rob Ray and Brad May when possible.
  11. Thanks for the update! Just knowing you're slowly but surely making progress is good news. As far as your "lofty goals", hopefully one day that will happen. I have faith. I think to be honest, most of us can't name every player on 60+ college hovkey teams, so evergreen is just fine. Just having the NCAA version is a fun switch-up from 30+ years of NHL. Thanks again and keep us updated when you can.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I'll just wait to hear back from @Sean
  13. Um, no. I am speaking of his (your, @Sean) incredible "Road to Tampa Bay" aka "NCAA Hockey: Road To The Frozen Four series gets shake-up for 2023-24 season" and/or his (your, @Sean) latest effort that's seemed to maybe change a bit... NHL 14/15 Legacy Edition. Thanks, @Sean
  14. Hey and Happy New Year! Waiting patiently... any update(s) on either or both of your college hockey projects? Thanks!
  15. Just an FYI, nothing updated since over a year ago... but kingraph had this thread going with quite a bit of interest Mutant League Hockey - ROM Hack Project
  16. I really hate doing this, because this has the makings to be the best hockey rom ever. And I am a HUGE fan of your work. 1. Do I only see one referee on ice? Maybe 2 refs still isn't possible? 2. I like how the ref sits up on the side to get away from the puck/players... but maybe a little too often? I'll just leave it at that so I'm not saying anything is "wrong". Sorry for being computer chair QB. Thanks! I'll still play it as is, whatever the ref is or isn't doing.
  17. That looks incredible! I have SO many questions, but no way you have that much time to answer... can you give a quick outline of the features, options, etc. of the game? Or somewhere I/we can go for that info? Great job to all on this. I am really looking forward to the release.
  18. I usually don't do "bumps", but did you get this accurate? I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to 2023 after your great 2021 KHL. Thanks!
  19. Isn't this what you're looking for? I'm sure this is the whole points fix and playoff bug rom, unless I'm confused. Put this in the search box... NHL '23 (95) - ROM
  20. Are you, Sean, able to do conference tournamnets that don't include the "guest schools" you have included in each rom; select which teams can be and can't be in tounaments? I think it would be a little "strange" if the NCHC Tourney had Minot State in it. My opinion. It's sounding really, really good from what you've shared. More focus and customization on individual conferences is amazing, plus the actual 32 teams in the National Championship. Now hopefully an NHL95 like this will be close behind for regular season (you know who I'm talking to). Thanks! P.S. Was there/is there now any thought on a D3 college rom? You've gone this far in...
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