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  1. The brackets are up on the site. Round 1 checkpoint is Thurs., Dec. 24. Please get your games in before then!!! Let me know if there are any problems with the site. I will update the games that have been played already a little later tonight, unless the teams that played the games want to do it themselves. Logging is done the same way as the regular season. The rest of the games will open up when needed (i.e. Game 1 is won by home, Game 2 won by Away. Game 5 will open up to be logged.)
  2. I hope to have the site ready by tomorrow night.
  3. Thanks for filling in and putting this scenario in the books. Bob pulled off an impressive run in his last half of the season to take the division crown.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. It's not even mentioned on the bottom either
  5. As the season winds down in GENS-C, playoff spots are not set in place. But, Evan comes out of retirement to help fix it!!! What will he do? Is he rusty? Easy wins for Chaos? Evan: vs. Chaos: The fight begins tonight, on the eve of the season. Who will win? Go Evan!!! Shake off your rust and show us some fight!! Watch out for my crazy swinging hook!
  6. We will look at the situation after the deadline if Calgary doesn't get their games in and try to make a fair decision. What do you mean by this? The deadlines are in place and that is when the games are due. It is encouraged to finish your games before the deadlines, but the deadlines are also that - a deadline. Congrats on finishing your games early. It shows that you are dedicated.
  7. I think refs in all sports are making dumber calls. Look at the Yankees-Angels series and the World Series. How many dumb calls in that? Football too. I think in football they are not being as careful do to replays, but they aren't supposed to rely on a machine to do their job. That goal was so obvious. What an idiot.
  8. Calgary Flames Line 1 G- Kirk McLean LD- Chris Chelios RD- Mark Tinordi LW- Joe Murphy (#17) C- Mats Sundin RW- Pat Verbeek (#16 - his original number) X- Andrew Cassels (#21) Line 2 G- Petr Sidorkwicz LD- Norm Maciver RD- Sandis Ozolinsh LW- Keith Primeau C- Vicent Damphousse RW- Andrew Cassels X- Mats Sundin
  9. 7th round protect pick up for grabs. Looking for a high to mid 8th.
  10. Looking to give up my 5th Protect and 7th Protect for a high 6th round and any 8th round pick
  11. To VAN - Shaftman: 2nd rnd pick (2-9) 4th rnd pick (4-15) To CGY - Rage93: 2nd rnd pick (2-13) 4th rnd pick (4-11)
  12. Classic. Hokkee makes 3 trades to hop around within the top 10 picks
  13. ADODB.Recordset error '800a0cc1' Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. /draftab/makepick.asp, line 345 Can't make my protect pick.
  14. I agree. I'm not going to start trading players unless I know what the draft order is.
  15. change has been made. Please log the scores. Good luck!!
  16. Also, if he is not logging scores of completed games, then he is not following the rules. I will bring this to the attention of halifax and Evan.
  17. I had the same situation with him. The score was 3-1 beginning of the third and all of a sudden he starts moving his goalie out of the net whenever I had the puck in his zone. I decided not to score on him and just pass it around. Then he disconnects and disappears. He comes back on 10 min later and start apologizing that his PC is acting up. I never knew a PC would take control of the game and cause your goalie to leave the net when the other puck has the team. I would get that fixed ASAP. I accepted his apology, but I didn't think he was doing this to other people. That is just plain being a sore loser. You aren't going to get better unless you play, and skipping out on games is not the way to win any respect from the other coaches.
  18. Sorry for the delay. I've made the coach switch on the website. Please log the games that have been previously played against Pokemaster (PHI). Good luck!!!
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