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  1. If I'm taking over can i change location? With the 11th pick the New York Islanders select Connor Mcdavid
  2. Yeah I hate to be that guy but really if you waited for 2-3 weeks to play your stuff and then lag happened, it's still your fault. If you had tried previously that wouldn't be an issue. If you place yourself in a situation where you could be FF'd you might get ff'd unfortunately. Some people are gonna say ''yeah but life'' but we all got life. We're 24 dudes with ''life'' and it's not fair to keep waiting on for the same people every time.
  3. Errr Don't think that's true. In GDL 7 I faced Swos (4th) as the (1st) while Zalex advanced (6th) but played Icestorm (2nd)
  4. Yeah I'd optimally like everybody to do it here. But I'm not sure everybody here can handle that kinda stuff, I'm mostly unwilling to make a tutorial or anything. As for being ''dangerous'' AFAIK only Gens used port 27886, so somebody would have to find a way to ''exploit' the Gens program in a way that could harm. I don't know if that's even possible because of how simple Gens is, or if anybody has the patience or malice for that. There's also other ways to make sure that doesn't happen still.
  5. I do and that's exactly my point. You got reading comprehension issues
  6. This is the solid proposition of The Endurance League. The league is aimed to have 12-16 players and be the most ''sim'' in the realm of NHL94.The league is mostly aimed at ''A" level veterans but will consider other players as well, since there's no wait list, other league participation level is the 2nd criteria after skill. League Features Each team plays other teams 2 times in conference (2 conferences) and 1 time out of conference for a total of 22 games (for 16 teams) or 3 times in conference and 1 out of conference for a total of 21 games (for 12 teams) Expansion draft players belo
  7. So you're simultaneously arguing that it works and it doesn;t lol?
  8. Think scoring is getting low enough, and weirdly enough having the delay increases GC. A lot of people now will just cluster the front of the net knowing that the puck won't get through unless it's coming from a 5+ SHP player. (which is quite rare). Now I don't believe SNES has that same ''issue'' since players pass with more accuracy and wing shots are more dangerous. I think a lot of good players are just starting to play ''no aggression'' defenses and playing the trap as much as the AI will allow them to. Also the 2nd thing I believe that changes the most is that in SNES goalie stats tend
  9. IIRC the NBA Jam programmers hated Jordan. IIRC in some versions if you attempt a buzzer beater with CHI vs DET you auto brick regardless of how good the shot is.
  10. Yeah well, I used to be a much bigger dick too. Also; Makarov's Carse's baby, with that patented 7 second or less goal.
  11. Yeah I'm never allowing the heresy of a goalie button
  12. Poulin-Neely-Janney Wesley-Bourque
  13. No offense to the second division, but Div 1 is brutally stacked, both in terms of team talent and coach talent. Think 1 of AJ-Raph-me should move down
  14. I told him that in playoffs once. Told to go f**k myself
  15. If i cant have MTL, BOS, CHI, LAK, STL or CGY is fine
  16. yeah. I mean it would be a ''loose translation'' maybe including historical revision. (like Roenick whos way 2 good for what he actually was)
  17. So I have a couple of ideas for new league formats and would like to see if there would be any interest in them or not. Classic with line changes and offsides on: These were the settings when I played for awhile in the Finnish leagues. Honestly I thought that league was a very nice change of pace and forced to pass the puck around more. It also changes the power structure of the roster and makes more teams playable as lines 2-3 tend to be more similar. For examples teams like Quebec or Los Angeles who can sport 2 good lines (featuring Brutus's 1st line of GDL) instead of a just 1 great one