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  1. If he is making a well-thought argument, you don't need to be big brother and attempt to censor him just because you find it annoying he doesn't want to comply with VC and swos's rules. Here are two thoughts I'd like to add: 1. Let's say a "contender" trades for a top 10 guy.... if it improves the quality of the "non-contender", why would we want to place a rule to prevent this? If the consensus is we need to hand-cuff contenders to force parity... okay. I'm not sure this is the way to go about it though. 2. I'm not sure Blitz draft results will compare well with GDL when comparing top 10 draft picks vs. playoff positioning/results. The top 10 picks in GDL are much more lucrative than they are in Blitz due to the weight-bug.
  2. I should be around tonight after 7 or 8pm. Monday may be more difficult, but it is also a possibility.
  3. geez, the SNES is like a country club, only certain folk allowed in.... I'll hang out with hokkee anyday!
  4. Yea I'm not benching anyone anymore (it was dumb in the 1st place).... so if you have a problem with my two 77's in the future, you'd better get that addressed now instead of saying "it's over" because you feel you've won some moral victory over me. I can only stand being wrong so much.
  5. You are correct - I went against my word....kind of. Pierre came in after a penalty to Mr. Bradley. I didn't sub him in. If you want to pursue an argument, pursue the "I got thrown off by two 77's." I don't see that perspective at all... but there are other people in this community that can back you up if that argument has any validity at all. I think you need to second guess the "man up" statement since you are pursing the argument that you stand in the moral high ground because you are holding your opponent to play at a disadvantage. I offered it because A- you said you wouldn't play me again with two 77's and I didn't care to fuel a drama queen episode and B - I thought I'd kick your ass no problem without both of them. I underestimated you.. but I did take 3 of 4 so I'm happy
  6. I think I must lack some online etiquette or something because I am getting all kinds of hate playing in these online NHL94 leagues. Latest incident: playing 4 game series with dcicon in Blitz B League. 1st game. I win, post the 'gg' comment, and dcicon replies 'that game shouldn't count... I was thrown off by two 77's'. I have Paul Coffey and Pierre Turgeon - I never looked at the preseason rom to fix it, so it went by unnoticed. After pointing out the difference in '77D' and '77C', I still was called an idiot for not understanding his complaint. I felt pretty confident trucking this guy, so I offered to pull one of them. He liked this. 2nd game. I pull 77C, Turegon. He wins. s**t he must be right! 3rd game. I pull 77D, Coffey. I win. He says "that shouldn't count.. you offered to let me pick." He's right.... but I don't care and upload anyways. I feel like he might participate in special olympics for the medals. 4th game. I pull 77C like he asks. 19, Bradley gets a penalty when it's 3-3. 77C comes in off bench, and I score with Pierre. As guessed, he gets super pissed and calls bullshit. I disregard this as I find the notion of this game not counting ludicrous despite the fact that I did say I'd pull one of the guys.. which is in and of itself ludicrous. It's all ludicrous!!! Anyways Smoz... there's this sitch. I've uploaded my wins... if you think I was a stinker, feel free to pull them down and I'll replay dcicon. If you think the numbering thing is a big enough issue to throw guys off their game, perhaps the rom needs an update. I was told it's "coaching 101" by dcicon.
  7. So he did it last year? Then it already happened again.....
  8. I wish I could relax on this guy hokkee. You were always a competitor despite your rage.... so there is no real comparison here. I understand the sincerity of his apology, and I can see why you empathize... but his temperament isn't something that he can just voluntarily change. Mav playing NHL94 isn't good for us or him... everyone benefits from his exit.
  9. I feel like I'm playing into this guy's passive aggressive tactics by replying... but no warning is necessary. If this behavior happens once I think it warrants removal. It clearly has happened multiple times with multiple people - we aren't a rehab clinic for gamers with poor grace, dump this guy and replace him with someone who possesses a normal amount of tact.
  10. The message I was about to create in another thread, but I'll just paste it here: Smoz - I'm going to recommend mavericks161 be replaced. We played our first game, and I won 5-2. Apparently this is a blow-out score.... in the 2nd game, when I went up 4-2 Mav intentionally dropped, and then went on to explain how he sucks. We start up again, and he wins the game, but I call bullshit since he quit the 1st game, and we agree that those games nix each other out. We play our third game,.. and when I went up 3-1, he pulled his goalie, and eventually proceeded to score on himself. I can understand a guy getting pissed at a 10-1 score, but not a 2 goal disadvantage. I tried to reason with mav on AIM afterwards, but he was just being passive aggressive, and continued to say "you'll just kick my ass next time" when I insisted we just play on a later date when his head is cleared. Mav ruins the fun of the game, and my one experience with him is enough for me to say he needs out. I've played some douches in the 5 years, but I didn't think any of them warranted being kicked out. I was going to PM this to you, but apparently I'm not alone with this. Anyone else have issues with Mav?
  11. Team: HFD First Line G - Casey LD - Housley RD - Coffey LW - Juneau C - Turgeon RW - Zhamnov X - Bradley Second Line G - Wregget LD - Kasparitis RD - Cavalini LW - Statsney C - Bradley RW - Hudson X - Turgeon
  12. I just made my 6 am mistake... drafted a 5th d guy. Can you send him back?
  13. I think you had 3.1 mav since i traded for 3.2, here is my pick: 3.2 - HFD will take Pierre Turgeon
  14. 1.14 - HFD takes Paul Coffey - I don't see chrisknights online... what is his IM? - I am not sure I even have meatskid's IM, can I get a little help here?
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