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  1. The majority of my jerseys doesn't have a player's name but... Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (CCM White - Inaugural Season 93-94) 1997 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim #9 Kariya (CCM Purple) 1998 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (Nike 3rd - White with green arms) 2006 Buffalo Sabres (Koho Black) 2006 Calgary Flames (CCM Red) 2006 Carolina Hurricanes (Koho Red) 1997 Colorado Avalanche (Starter Dark Red) 2004 Detroit Redwings #91 Fedorov (CCM White) 2007 Edmonton Oilers (CCM Dark Blue) 2009 Montreal Canadiens (RBK Edge Red) 1998 New Jersey Devils (Starter Red) 2009 Ottawa Senators (RBK Edge Red) 2006 Pittsburgh Penguins (CCM Black) 1994 St. Louis Blues (CCM Vintage White) 2009 Toronto Maple Leafs (RBK Edge Blue) 2007 Vancouver Canucks (CCM Dark Blue) Plus: 1980's Team Canada #99 Gretzky (Nike White) 2007 Team Canada (Nike Red) 2006 Team USA (Nike White) 2006 Team USA (Nike Dark Blue) 1996 All Star Game Disney Jerseys ( ): 2006 Donald's Destroyers (Blue) 2006 Mickey's (White Buffalo Sabres Based Jersey) Regards, Franco
  2. Yeah, I meant Tile Molester not TLP, although I use TLP very often. So, do you think this can be done with TM or do I need the Hex Editor to get these colours fixed? I tried editing with TM with no sucess, colours get mixed up. I think I didn't get exactly the process of importing a palette... Regards, #93 Franco
  3. Hmm, that's funny...I was trying to edit some menu logos and the same happened to me. Does somebody have a hint on how to clear that so that we can have the same logo colours on the game presentation (Ron Barr) screen? Just FYI: I use only Tile Layer Pro and NOSE to edit my ROMs, don't use the Hex Editor. Regards, #93 Franco
  4. Love Hockey Homicide. Disney is awesome. Did somebody ever seen Donald Duck's "The Hockey Champ"? That's another nice Disney hockey cartoon from 1939.
  5. Yeah, I saw that HABS. I'm preparing a Match Des Etoiles centre ice logo. Probably after the All Star Game they will return with the 100 saisons logo. So I'm keeping it saved, too.
  6. Unfortunately I don't know how to expand the ROM to 32 teams, neither add season option, but that would be awesome. I could say also some fisticuffs would be great. But to tell you the truth I don't think it would be possible. There are not available space for that in the game, I think.
  7. Wow, thanx wboy! Just have a quick question...these lines we should add to the NOSE's application. Should I delete the corresponding lines under NHLPA 93 and substitute them with the new command line or just add to it in the end? I just did it (substituting the corresponding lines) but all I've got was a pink screen.
  8. Guys, I just updated a new version for the file, this time updating a little bit more of the rosters and the ice logos to look identical to the real NHL 08-09 season. Changes in Sabres, Hurricanes, Canadiens (100 saisons logo) and maybe some other that I forgot right now. But well, all ice is updated 100% as the real ones. Ice is still white as I didn't like other options. I will be releasing soon. Again, thanks to wboy, swos and mahavishnu and macks.
  9. I'm interested in editing an original NHL94 rom, just updating the ice colour, ice logos, puck and jerseys to look exactly the same as in the real NHL 93-94 season. I can do that with NOSE, TLP and everything, however I needed SWOS to make an ips file for the jerseys sprites hack in order to have the shoulder colours option to be more accurate, without changing the ice logo colour as well. The only difference is that it would be in the original 26 teams rom. SWOS, are you able to provide a jersey hack in an IPS file, please? Thanks in advance.
  10. That is saw76 (slapshot67)'s work, I guess. BTW, thanks for the update slapshot67, I'm looking forward to see your new rom. Regards, Franco. HOCKEY RULES
  11. Thanks for the tip. Will try using that. Regards, Franco. HOCKEY RULES
  12. Thanks man, just slipped me. I will update it. Regards, Franco. HOCKEY RULES
  13. Not I said, I just updated the rosters and some jersey colours. Probably, saw76 (slapshot 67) had it fixed. Regards, Franco. HOCKEY RULES
  14. Thanks man, I'm just a big fan of realistic things...that's why the bright white ice. I thought it would be more interesting to have the real NHL ice feeling. However, the logos are credited to saw76...he did the great job. I just updated the rosters, and some team uniform colours. Thanks anyway. Regards, Franco. HOCKEY RULES
  15. Hey guys, The much anticipated 2008/2009 season is now available for downloading. I worked on the rosters with all the transactions so far and some of the new players (Stamkos, Schenn etc.), with exact numbers. I just edited the rosters from saw76 NHL 08 Original rom. However, as we don't know exactly what it's going to happen with players like Sundin, Selanne and Shanahan, I decided to let them in their respective teams. Feel free to edit them as much as you like, adding missing players or their attributes or deleting and replacing others. Thanks to saw76 for the rom, NOSE, MacksHacks. All rosters are from, and all the NHL team pages official rosters. Regards, Franco. HOCKEY RULES NHL_09.bin