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  1. you dont need a controller...just go to "options-joypads" in the emulator to set up your keyboard...that's what it is for gens anyways, i think its something like "input-joysticks" for snes.
  2. oh lord wags, not dr. pizza...that name just does not need to be mentioned ps jesus, we've never really "met", but happy birthday man. you are nothing less than a genius from what i've seen of your work (nhl 91 FTW!)
  3. just thought i'd let you know, HABS, that it's Tuba Hero, not Turbo. Because you're only as good as your biggest brass.
  4. im usually on late as you saw (around 10-12pm EST) but could probably scrounge up some earlier times if that's gonna work better
  5. not sure they'll want me, but i'd like to rep canada
  6. considering the first two entrants are snes-ers, that's probably gonna change...
  7. a self proclaimed noob, eh? welcome aboard, and perhaps you'd be interested in this? http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic=10085&hl=
  8. Les Nordiques de Quebec AIM: MeatSkid1
  9. When you're 2-28-1 lifetime online (.080 winning percentage!) you start to forget what winning against a real human being feels like. And when even the C/D division of a league is hanging you out to dry nightly (1-21-1 avec les Nords) you start to wonder "how the hell will i ever pick up some wins?" Now, this is just my story, however I'm sure there are similar ones out there. My solution? A noob tourney! Dubbed after Myles O'Connor, the worst rated player in the game, this tourney will showcase the not-so-best and brightest of the bunch. It'll be a GENS tourney (if you suck and play SNES, you have rightfully earned my full condolences) with the original rom, format depending on how many players join (most likely a single-elimination bracket). To join you must either 1) be an "experienced" player who has noticed a lack of skills or 2) be a relatively new member of the community who hasn't found their footing. I WILL background check, and any player with past triumphs will be banished. Post the team you want here, along with AIM. EDIT: here are yon brackies: EDITED EDIT: brackies moved to score report threads
  10. i did get all the scores right...i just put them in the wrong order of which we played them...i just decided to group the home games together, just in case of any confusion. order of played: stl 4 @ que 2 que 4 @ stl 5 (ot) que 2 @ stl 4 stl 3 @ que 2 i doubt anyone cares, but i just thought i'd clear this up (what else is there to do in grade 9 business class?)
  11. finished our other games. log 'em.
  12. stl 4 @ que 2 stl 3 @ que 2 que 4 @ stl 5 (ot) que 2 @stl 4 ggs *games finished*
  13. not that it really matters, but you flipped around our home games on the site, statto. the quebeckers at the colisee were treated to the massacres while msg got to see some hard-nosed hockey from both sides. ggs, btw.
  14. QUE 1 @ MON 1 QUE 3 @ MON 4 MON 3 @ QUE 1 MON 4 @ QUE 3 (ot) very ggs
  15. score plus locale confirmed. ggs.
  16. time my stoppages better, and perhaps consult with my mother on appropriate behavior while i am playing 94.

    yours truly,


  17. Dear donnybrook,

    i would just like to apoligize for my poor etiquitte displayed earlier this evening. my pausing of the game during your scoring chance was fully inexcusable. unforetunatly, my mother interupted me to pack for my trip for the fourth consecutive time, this time in quite a shrill voice, and me being 14, i felt the need to comply. i realize that next time i should try and t

  18. TubaHero here, first got hooked on the game when my cousin borrowed a genesis from one of his friends, ended up hooked. after a brief stint playing the nhl 06 ps2 version of the game, which failed to kindle the same passion (i mean, john liu playing first line left wing for quebec? seriously...), i stumbled over here, picked up the emulator and rom, and stayed up till 2. aim is MeatSkid1, msn is mf_67@live.ca, and chances are if im online, im looking for a game
  19. Hey, TubaHero here, just signed up for the spring league, can't wait to get some action. Just wondering though, what has to happen test game-wise? Do i have to sign up for an official game, or do i just have to have played someone online before? PS aim is MeatSkid1 and msn is mf_67@live.ca, contact either if you want to get an online game going, but for gens only
  20. gens c/d quebec toronto islanders calgary winnipeg vancouver new jersey anaheim buffalo florida
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