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  1. Rookie Hockey player

    NHL 93 - 30 Team ROM by wboy v1.0a [Alpha]

    Does anyone still have this! I can't download it anymore!
  2. Nevermind, the links now fully work and I can get the original file
  3. I actually need the original one and not the one shrinked.
  4. For the rink grid, you can upload a bigger pic on Image hosting sites like Imageshack or PicOodle
  5. could you send them to me via PM?
  6. Both links above don't work
  7. Rookie Hockey player

    FIRST EVER 30 team NHLPA 93 Hack is coming....

    The season has been started and the project is dead.
  8. Rookie Hockey player

    FIRST EVER 30 team NHLPA 93 Hack is coming....

    The project seems to be on hold
  9. Rookie Hockey player

    Does anyone play NHL 2002?

    You forgot other RBK Edge jerseys: Boston Away Boston Home Carolina Away Carolina Home Chicago Away Chicago Home Columbus Home NY Islanders Home NY Rangers Away
  10. Rookie Hockey player

    Does anyone play NHL 2002?

    On the PC of course.
  11. Rookie Hockey player

    NHL 09 Sucks?

    Or we might aswell play NHL 2004 again because it's better than 09 and the game itself gets updated to the 2009 NHL season by the staff of Flyermania including ices, jerseys, rosters, faces, fans and arenas.
  12. Rookie Hockey player

    dalstarsfan's "Ultimate Guide to NHL 2002 Modding"

    And Here a jersey list for the National teams aswell for the Allstar and Custom teams Filname Team Jersey Type uni0320- Eastern (Home) uni0321- Western (Away) uni0330- North America (Home) uni0331- World (Away) uni0340- Austria (Home) uni0341- Austria (Away) uni0350- Belarus (Home) uni0351- Belarus (Away) uni0360- Canada (Home) uni0361- Canada (Away) uni0362- Canada (Alternant Black/Red) uni0370- Czech Republic (Home) uni0371- Czech Republic (Away) uni0380- Great Britain (Home) uni0381- Great Britain (Away) uni0390- Finland (Home) uni0391- Finland (Away) uni0400- France (Home) uni0401- France (Away) uni0410- Germany (Home) uni0411- Germany (Away) uni0420- Italy (Home) uni0421- Italy (Away) uni0430- Japan (Home) uni0431- Japan (Away) uni0440- Kazakhstan (Home) uni0441- Kazakhstan (Away) uni0450- Latvia (Home) uni0451- Latvia (Away) uni0460- Norway (Home) uni0461- Norway (Away) uni0470- Poland (Home) uni0471- Poland (Away) uni0480- Russia (Home) uni0481- Russia (Away) uni0490- Slovakia (Home) uni0491- Slovakia (Away) uni0500- Sweden (Home) uni0501- Sweden (Away) uni0510- Switzerland (Home) uni0511- Switzerland (Away) uni0520- Ukraine (Home) uni0521- Ukraine (Away) uni0530- USA (Home) uni0531- USA (Away) uni0540- EA Blades (Home) uni0541- EA Blades (Away) uni0542- EA Blades (Alternant #1) uni0543- EA Blades (Alternant #2) uni0550- EA Storm (Home) uni0551- EA Storm (Away) uni0552- EA Storm (Alternant #1) uni0553- EA Storm (Alternant #2)
  13. Rookie Hockey player

    FIRST EVER 30 team NHLPA 93 Hack is coming....

    RLY? It seems like it's cancelled and it will never be released.
  14. Rookie Hockey player

    nhl faceoff 98

    Don't do it, you become a pirate!
  15. Rookie Hockey player

    nhl faceoff 98

    I don't think that's a good idea. This is piracy.