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  1. Does anyone still have this! I can't download it anymore!
  2. Nevermind, the links now fully work and I can get the original file
  3. I actually need the original one and not the one shrinked.
  4. For the rink grid, you can upload a bigger pic on Image hosting sites like Imageshack or PicOodle
  5. You forgot other RBK Edge jerseys: Boston Away Boston Home Carolina Away Carolina Home Chicago Away Chicago Home Columbus Home NY Islanders Home NY Rangers Away
  6. Or we might aswell play NHL 2004 again because it's better than 09 and the game itself gets updated to the 2009 NHL season by the staff of Flyermania including ices, jerseys, rosters, faces, fans and arenas.
  7. And Here a jersey list for the National teams aswell for the Allstar and Custom teams Filname Team Jersey Type uni0320- Eastern (Home) uni0321- Western (Away) uni0330- North America (Home) uni0331- World (Away) uni0340- Austria (Home) uni0341- Austria (Away) uni0350- Belarus (Home) uni0351- Belarus (Away) uni0360- Canada (Home) uni0361- Canada (Away) uni0362- Canada (Alternant Black/Red) uni0370- Czech Republic (Home) uni0371- Czech Republic (Away) uni0380- Great Britain (Home) uni0381- Great Britain (Away) uni0390- Finland (Home) uni0391- Finland (Away) uni0400- France (Ho
  8. RLY? It seems like it's cancelled and it will never be released.
  9. Don't do it, you become a pirate!
  10. I don't think that's a good idea. This is piracy.
  11. I have hacked a little bit around the rom and I have a good idea to shortend the Ron Barr text (see attachment): One thing is that the one column has been overwritten when shortending the text.
  13. I can't download the addon anymore because the link is not active! Still someone got it?
  14. Are you jerking? I didn't said that I don't like KZK. I have clearly said that the abbrevation for Kazakhstan was unrealistic, unreal and fakie. It was a Swiss player.
  15. I have found some flaws on this rom: 1. The team abbrevations for Austria, China, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Switzerland are wrong. Their real abbrevations: Austria - AUT China - CHN Kazakhstan - KAZ Latvia - LAT Lithuania - LTU Switzerland - SUI 2. Sometimes a player turns himself into a Zamboni (see picture) nhl94_intlrom_juicedbeta_0001.bmp 3. The socks on some teams are inaccurate. 4. The teams Ukraine and USA are not selectable in Playoffs mode
  16. This project is dead but Slapshot67 has made a rom featuring IIHF teams which you can get it from this link:
  17. Nice update on this edit, but the scorekeepers do not appear in the Pause menu. You may also update your sprite patch with adding coaches and scorekeepers in-game and in the Pause menu.
  18. That looks good but there's only a problem that the hockey tapes on the faceoff scene do not appear. I took a screenshot which shows you where the problem is (Indicated by a red ring).
  19. This project will never get finished. I think it's cancelled.
  20. Well there's only one big flaw: the scorekeeper in the pause screen are not visible or added.