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  1. I like the gradual color cycling as you sort through the teams. Makes sense to set it up that way.
  2. It kinda reminds me of that one screen from the EarthBound intro.
  3. Something about the phrase "sold out White House" amuses me. Must be a lot of lobbyists in the crowd.
  4. I like that. I thought the descriptions in NHLPA 93's pre-game screen were a nice touch so I'm glad to see you doing something similar with your documentation.
  5. Oh wow, awesome. Thanks for including me on the rebel side. Don't know if the length of my username will break the game or not, though. Haha.
  6. I've been thinking for a while that there's an obvious built-in pun with the political team and the wing positions.
  7. OK, that makes sense. I hadn't seen that in so long that I forgot about it. Would you be open to suggestions for more easter egg players for v1.1? That was half the fun for me, outside of playing it.
  8. OK, having looked through the lineups, I definitely appreciate the easter eggs. I don't want to name specific ones and spoil it for anyone else, though. That said, I'm curious about the one in Montreal. Or more specifically, how you arrived at putting him in Montreal. Because I totally get why you would put him in here somewhere. Oh, and I should point out that trying to edit lines with line changes on crashes the game but that probably shouldn't have surprised me with the roster setups, haha.
  9. Haven't had time to go deep-diving for all the easter eggs but I'm enjoying this so far. I think the Tuukka Rask photo is my favorite.
  10. To be fair it looks like this is a mod of the original Blitz, which predates the Texans by two years.
  11. I'm surprised I haven't seen this mentioned yet but there seems to be an issue with Adler Mannheim. The team logo on menus is glitched and the game freezes if it tries to show David Wolf's portrait. Is this a known side effect of there being so many more teams, like with the Winnipeg Freeze Bug in the expanded 94?
  12. Having an Original Six team miss the cut feels weird but I get it. Truly, this is a strange year.
  13. Ah, bummer. Good to know, though. Thanks.
  14. The problem isn't lag so much as it just doesn't seem to want to open. Like, it runs fine on Fusion on my computer but it just sits on a black screen when I try running it on ClassicBoy on my phone. And it's gotta be something about the way the 30-team hack for '93 is set up rather than your hack in particular since I've had the same issue with other '93 hacks.
  15. I'm happy to see an update. This has long been one of my favorite ROMs. Did anyone ever figure out why 30-team '93 hacks don't run in certain emulators, though? Or rather, how to fix that?