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  1. Ah, bummer. Good to know, though. Thanks.
  2. The problem isn't lag so much as it just doesn't seem to want to open. Like, it runs fine on Fusion on my computer but it just sits on a black screen when I try running it on ClassicBoy on my phone. And it's gotta be something about the way the 30-team hack for '93 is set up rather than your hack in particular since I've had the same issue with other '93 hacks.
  3. I'm happy to see an update. This has long been one of my favorite ROMs. Did anyone ever figure out why 30-team '93 hacks don't run in certain emulators, though? Or rather, how to fix that?
  4. Honestly I'm just happy to see 95 getting some love again.
  5. I like your idea about mixing the top 6 teams from those leagues. It sounds like the hockey equivalent of the UEFA Champions League.
  6. I grew up thinking Poland was known for hockey because of that game.
  7. DeterminedApathy

    NHL 95

    I don't think it's just a dead battery because I've had the same issue with emulation but I appreciate the tutorial all the same since I have other games that I know have a dead battery. Thanks.
  8. DeterminedApathy

    NHL 95

    There's one thing that I've always wondered. Do you have to do something specific to make sure the game saves properly? It seemed like every physical copy I've ever tried wouldn't save but then I also had the same issue on an emulator (where it isn't as big a deal since there are also savestates).
  9. I was of a mind to try some quick tests on them myself since I'm fairly used to using Photoshop for pixel work but everything that's been said about the level of detail is true. They could use more tuning I think, but a storm rolled through as I was working on the Storm.
  10. DeterminedApathy

    NHL 95

    I approve this message.
  11. I love a good fantasy ROM. Here are a few quick ideas. A Mighty Ducks superteam combining the actual NHL franchise, the movies, and the cartoon. Shadow team - blacked out sprites. A bunch of punny/joke names, e.g. a forward named Willie Passit, a defender named Noah Fence. I also remember playing some other hockey game (ESPN NHL, I think) that had a parody take on the "hidden playable celebrity" idea. You could play as a Republican or Democrat team but their stats were as bad as you'd expect from a bunch of middle-aged politicians.
  12. It gets funnier when you compare that to the order of the actual team data. The two expansion teams come at the end after Washington, who apparently come after Winnipeg for some reason. And Dallas is again slotted between LA and Montreal, suggesting the move from Minnesota was a late development. The Islanders are properly positioned, though.
  13. Loving the inclusion of Tsujimoto. That's one of my favorite hockey stories. I haven't had time to take more than a cursory glance but I did notice you misspelled Marty Turco's first name.
  14. Alright, maybe "loathing" was too strong but then "dislike" didn't feel strong enough after that SS emblem comment. I'm biased though, since 95 was my introduction to EA's series. YMMV, agree to disagree, and other cliches.
  15. See, that was something that always bugged me about this place. Why do some of y'all have such intense loathing towards 95?