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  1. Would you mind adding my fantasy ROM the next time you update?
  2. I've been tinkering with some edits on 93 and it got me wondering. Did anyone ever figure out why the expanded ROMs don't seem to want to work on certain emulators?
  3. So, I tried copying the title music from 93 to 94 again and managed to keep it looping, but that’s only because it has part of the 94 music poking between loop points due to the 93 theme being shorter. I tried pasting the last few bytes of the 94 song's data at the point where the 93 theme ends, thinking that would give me both the cutoff point as well as the looping point. I was half right. The song stopped where it should but it didn't loop. Still needs more research but that's for another day. In the meanwhile it works if you're quick on the menu or don't mind the tempo change.
  4. All I did was follow what was laid out in the message smozoma was referencing. I just went to the address specified in the 93 ROM and copy-pasted that to the appropriate spot in the 94 ROM. To be fair, though, I've also got a fair bit of history with hex editors.
  5. It's doable. I got it to work on a test ROM some years ago but I don't have that file anymore. I remember that for some reason the copied version of the title music doesn't loop like in the original game but maybe I forgot to copy a loop-point byte or something. Like I said, this was some years ago.
  6. Please forgive the necrobump but this seemed like the most relevant topic to post to without just starting a new one. I've recently gotten a Mega EverDrive X3 direct from Krikzz but I haven't been able to use it yet. I was trying to use a SanDisk 32gb with it since they say they support cards up to that size and that was the smallest one I could find locally, but I keep getting an "SD card not found" error. Before I order one online, I felt I should get a little advice on the subject. What kind of SD cards do you have in your EverDrives?
  7. Ah, thanks. That'll come in handy when I look at it again eventually. Sedge was something I made up on a bit of a whim. I didn't really have any ideas for the second splash screen since the legalese screen I used on the 94 version seemed redundant with the way 95's title screen works. So, I thought some kind of spoof of the Sonic Team screen would be funny. I was looking at what letters I had available to work with and just kind of hit on Sedge since I'd heard it somewhere recently. It's a plant but it also sounds to me like an unorthodox way to abbreviate straight-edge, which has been part of my identity for 20 years now. I may use that branding moving forward if I do any other edits. I like how it sounds. Certainly shorter than Determined Apathy anyway, haha.
  8. So, here's the version for 95. There was a slight name change, partially because I couldn't make "Icethetics Hockey League" fit the opening copyright scroll and partially because it helps distinguish it from the 94 version. Welcome to the Impact Hockey League. To be honest I didn't enjoy this one as much as I thought I would. I do like how the title screen turned out, though. Stats are mostly ported from the other version. I may release a revision some day with more varied stats but for now I think it's fit for public viewing. Apparently the game uses two different sets of team overall ratings, one for with line changes and one for NLC. I never did find the set for line changes on but then I usually play NLC anyway. Probably should've rerated the teams after I realized that, come to think of it. Maybe for a future revision. Impact Hockey League.bin
  9. You do have some good points there. Incidentally, naming the divisions after prominent figures was my backup idea. Yeah, trying to account for geography when I was picking teams and arranging divisions did give me a bit of a headache. I ended up having to shoehorn one of the "new" teams (Montreal) into what's currently the Midwest division, since it's a little closer to that region than the east coast. Also, my Atlantic division is full anyway. If you think that's weird, the actual IceHL project put New Orleans in their Western conference. I think that was mostly because the Eastern conference was so full but still. EDIT: Alright, I've reached a decision on something. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. I appreciate the suggestion but it looks like I need something that's nine letters or less to fit the space given. At the moment I'm leaning towards Southwest, which makes me think more of Arizona and New Mexico but might fit in the context of relative geography. Like, California would be southwest compared to Manitoba or something. I dunno, it's just kind of a weird geographic group to me. The Texas teams feel too far east to call it Pacific, and Mountain probably only fits Boulder and maybe SLC. I'm probably overthinking this.
  11. I may as well bump this one to ask a question about the next one. I have my conferences set up for season mode but I'm stuck for a name for one of the divisions. I kept the conferences as Eastern and Western, and the divisions are continuing the geographic theme. The division in question is one of the Western divisions. Its teams are Boulder, California, Houston, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Texas. The best I have right now is "Expanse" but that almost sounds like they're all expansion teams or something. I do have an alternate idea for a division naming scheme if it comes to it but I thought I would ask for suggestions first.
  12. No, I looked through what information is currently available and it doesn't look like there's anything on 95's music yet. I also tried searching for the relevant hex just in case but it looks like it's in a different format than 94. So, I'm not sure where it is yet. Actually, the only reason I was able to alter the music in the first place was because someone else had posted on here somewhere about how to change the instruments. It does make a nice way to make a ROM more distinctive, though, so I was grateful to have found it. Also, I was looking at your IIHF 95 ROMs again and I noticed you had made a small subtle change to the main menu background. Just out of curiosity, was that very difficult to do? I know the address is in the step-by-step guide already but it didn't look like its graphics line up as neatly as some of the other screens.
  13. Nice, I'm happy to inspire people with their own projects with this. Anyway, I looked through my notes and that amusing snare sample I mentioned is 6B in hex. If you want to hear it for yourself, that would go in 45090 for the title screen, 46DAA for the between-periods menu, or 490FC for the pregame matchup. I also found my early test screens from when I put them into 95 first. They're a little rougher in quality since it was just a quick test but they still matched nicely with 95's anesthetics. I'm interested in giving it another go now.
  14. Thanks again, guys. I actually tried it on 95 first when I thought about experimenting with color for the player cards, but I appreciate the heads-up all the same since I hadn't tested it as thoroughly yet. I felt like they probably worked the same way, though. I had to give it a lot of thought because I wasn't sure if it could work for realistic photos given the limited size, but looking at the larger palette in the Ron Barr window gave me an idea. To be honest my graphics program (Photoshop Elements) did most of the heavy lifting here. I got my pictures from one of those AI generator sites, shrank them in steps to conserve detail, adjusted brightness/contrast if necessary, moved them onto a separate file that had the palette indexed, and it dithered everything for me. All I did was manual cleanup. As for the music, that was just a lot of experimenting with different values until I liked how it sounded. I particularly like how the between-periods music turned out, which is good since I heard it the most. I remember finding one in the snares that made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it. I'll have to go through my notes later to find it again.
  15. Haha, thanks. I was really pleased with how the color portraits turned out. Would love to know how they look on a TV but I don't have an EverDrive yet. Anyway, the IceHL was a sort of community design project turned fantasy league that went from the late 00s until about 2017, judging by the last version of its page: https://www.icethetics.co/the-icehl I did think about including a readme that gives a brief overview of each team but I wasn't really sure how to describe most of them. I can offer some insight into my design process, though. For a while I was going to make this a 16-team playoff ROM. The Other Scores screen needs a minimum of 18 teams, though, so I had California and Washington as secret cameo teams at first. Everyone on Broadus's team (California) is named after a real life musician. The pictures aren't actually them since it's not meant to literally be them, but there's still a fair resemblance. Some more than others. Washington is mainly inspired by movies that are either about hockey or have a hockey scene. For the most part they have the actor's first name and character's last name. When I decided to expand to 24 teams, I kept their cameo origins for fun. And honestly it was hard not to expand further with the options available. A lot of the players in the ROM either came from various projects I've done throughout my life or were generated specifically for this one. This is actually a pretty personal project for me. The two teams on the title screen were mainly chosen for the practical reason of having similar palettes, but I decided to run with it and made them the default teams as well. So, the "canon" for the previous season is that Calgary and New York met in the finals, with Calgary coming away as champion. If you look in NOSE, the first playoff draw is how the rest of that tree looked. The Wheeler Cup is something I made up for the ROM. I chose Wheeler since it's the same length as Stanley and got it from one of the logo designers for the IceHL. He designed the logos for Winnipeg and Seattle as well as a few others I didn't use here. Milwaukee was originally designed to be a wildcard team for Cinderella runs when this was still a playoff ROM. They're also one of my favorites because I had a lot of fun with the player names. Minnesota is intended to be one of the better teams in the game. Not only do they have the highest rated player, they also have a top tier defender as well as one of the best goalies. Salt Lake City's concept happened on a whim while setting up stats. Basically they're a mediocre team that happens to have a breakout star on its roster. He may have a 93 OVR but they still averaged out to one of the lowest team ratings in the game. Honestly, a lot of the stats were done arbitrarily. Looking at them again I sorta wonder why some of them are set the way they are. That's something to think about more carefully when I try again on adapting the concept to 95.
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