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  1. Alright, maybe "loathing" was too strong but then "dislike" didn't feel strong enough after that SS emblem comment. I'm biased though, since 95 was my introduction to EA's series. YMMV, agree to disagree, and other cliches.
  2. See, that was something that always bugged me about this place. Why do some of y'all have such intense loathing towards 95?
  3. That 8 is the penalized player's number. He only has 32:11 on the clock. Which is still a good 27 minutes longer than intended but yeah. Like I said, the game definitely didn't like having two different lengths for fighting penalties. More's the pity.
  4. I tried doing a two minute fighting and five minute "fighting and losing" penalty once. The game didn't like it. It ended up completely screwing up the penalty clock for the loser. I have some screenshots from that test on my computer at home but I can't get to them yet. Will post later. EDIT: Didn't have a host handy for embedding so those screens ended up as attachments.
  5. For the most part they're pretty plain but I remember finding a few winners when I was looking through the rosters, like DAL goalie Red Duel, DET defenseman Vern Chern, and EDM forward Bubba Dee. SJ defenseman Speedy Greene is probably my favorite. Some of the names have to be deliberate, though, like Joey LeBlanc and Chandler Perry of NJ. Not to mention Wayne Bruce. Teemu Selanne was given the fake name Rick Flash. I also noticed Provinciano himself is playing defense for at least three different teams: CGY, FLA, and MTL.
  6. To be honest, I hadn't tried it in a 30-team ROM yet when I posted last time. Any prior testing I had done was on one of the Minnesota high school ROMs since they use a 16-team limit like what I have in mind. That said, I just did a test game in a 30-team ROM using the last two teams, since their data probably falls outside of the original data block. I pulled up the records afterwards and... No crash but it's definitely buggy. The goals and saves screens also showed incorrect data, though not to that extreme. It merely had me playing with a different team, though my opponent and the number of goals/saves were both correct.
  7. Hi, long-time lurker here with a question. I've apparently long since lost the readme that came with the 30-team ROM originally and would like a refresher about why the user stat tracking option is supposed to be left off. It was something to do with the data for the extra team slots falling outside of the original game's offsets and thus leading to erratic behavior, wasn't it? More to the point, if the number of available teams is limited to the original game's count or less (I've been idly tinkering with a playoff-esque 16-team ROM), would it be safe to re-enable this option? My limited testing with it has gone well enough so far but thought it might not hurt to ask.