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  1. Hi guys Its been awhile since I visited last. Just wondering..is Hamachi still the main and best way to play P2P ? Id like to get nhl94 setup on my new computer so just wanted to doublecheck in case there was a more updated method. Thanks
  2. Well Korea has one of the fastest internet connections in the world. Small country but the population is about 50 million. However i may be the only one playing nhl94 here haha Ill try not using wifi
  3. Hi guys Im in Korea and seems when I connect to a memeber through gens there is terrible lag and the game crashes. Is there a list of tips to improve this? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys!!! Its been sometime since Ive played and the last time I did I believe I contacted members through AIM Is AIM still the main method to set up games between members? Please add me and message me if anyone wantes to play Gens 94 Thanks!!
  5. Hi guys! I play Gens and used to play only Classic when I found this site and seen all of the custom roms. SO darn many, awesome! Some questions though. I dont even know where to start to play haha. What would be the top 5 most used/popular custom roms? I know its subjective. I wish I knew how to make a poll, haha Also, I seen all of the new players like in 2011 etc. rom. Are these players/ratings that arent in the 94 game, custom made by the rom creator or are they from NHL2011 but just transferred into NHL94? Time to browse these roms!!!
  6. Being Canadian, Im of course biased, I wish it was Ron MacLean instead of Barr. Growing up playing 94, we never really knew who he even was or if he was a real broadcaster, haha
  7. So would my 6-button renote work for the znes rom?
  8. Would opposing players lose any strenth or ability in the game in they got checked a lot after the whistle? I know it may be a dumb question but it would be cool if it had an effect either way. Getting the player worked up or weaker haha
  9. Hi guys, Im usually a Gens player but have downloaded the ZSNES so I can play against guys who prefer SNES I have a cheap fake-sega 6=button joystick and was wondering could I use it for SNES ? I went into the ZSNES mune under "Confg", then "User 1", but Im confused how to set up my buttons. I hope I can get it to work, Thanks
  10. Hi guys, its been nice playing a few of you the past little while. Im not in the league though coz of my location and high ping, sadly. I was wondering, I know 93 isnt nearly as popular as 94 but is there a rom I can select similar to the 94 rom where I can switch between the 2 from time to time? I have everything set-up, including Hamanchi Id like to get a feel for both versions. Thanks
  11. Thx for the link but since Ill be playing on my laptop the controller cable length itself is long enough. I noticed that adapter comes with a long extension. Is it possible to buy just a usb-sega adapter tip without the cable? It would be easier to carry in my bag as well
  12. http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=120971099244&index=9&nav=SEARCH&nid=52115950024 Wondering the pad and button quality since its an official sega controller. Is the button quality on par with the sega genesis controller? thx for any feedback!
  13. Looking for my first trial game Im online if you wanna play Add my AIM markmessier8@hotmail.com Thx
  14. Hi everyone nice to be a member here! If anyone would like to play some practice games my feel free to message me for a game My AIM is markmessier8@hotmail.com I only play GEN so what is the difference between A B and C? Also can someone post a list of AIM usernames for GEN in order to contact for a game? Thanks!!
  15. Can NON-genesis cables work as well? I seen some older a/v cables laying around but Im curious if the pins on them are the same?
  16. Hi guys I was wondering would any generic A/V cables work with the Genesis 2nd gen. 16-Bit version or do you need specific genesis cables? Thx
  17. Haha yeah it was taken out to pander to the whiners of fighting I wish we could make an ultimate version with parts from 93 94 95 and 96 combined. I like the trade options in the later years and the players used to do a full body slide to block shots. In 95 or 96 I believe But 93 and 94 are almost perfect Oh and in 93 really isnt easy to score if you dont use the deke move. There isnt any one-timers either Just make a rule with your opponant not to deke. If he does then he must allow you a free goal to even it out or something
  18. Nah...im looking for a more portable sized one Gametel one is great but wont fit properly on my galaxy note
  19. I tried head to head on bluetooth but too choppy and laggy Anyone sucessful with Wifi server and client? Probably much faster than bluetooth
  20. I totally agree with you nhlpa93easn The pucks bounces differently and is more realistic around the goalied. In 94 they are too stiff indeed I dont know why '93 gets hardly no love. Fights are awesome too Fights are part of the game. Not this politically correct '94 version
  21. I seen the the Gametel one I thinks thats the name. But its crazily priced over $100 !!! Any other better controllers??
  22. No controller looking to buy a bluetooth d-pad controller though but I dont see many at all!! you can play on your phone with the virtual d-pad but a real bluetooth one would be better I think head to head via wifi or bluetooth LOOKS possible but I dont know how to set it up
  23. You must google for "Gensoid" app coz they pulled it from the market. Yes, Im playing '93 and '94 so smoothly on my smart phone, its awesome! But Id like to play against a friend. Has anyone used this wifi/bluetooth option in the Gensoid menu?