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  1. I posted in the gdl thread that I was likely to be unavailable before Saskatoon. I was in Saskatoon the last 4 days. That is hardly ignoring you. I communicated my situation quite clearly.

    Im past the point of caring. You are unbelievably annoying to deal with.

  2. I've played everyone but hokkee. I've even sat around the last couple nights waiting for him which is something i never do.

    Tonight is the last night im sitting here for you hokkee. you said youd be around evenings this week and you havent been here.

    Im unavailable the next two days so this is last call. If I dont see you by 8 pacific im gone.

  3. In short, plabax you make the 94 online experience unbearable so I just choose to acknowledge you as little as possible.

    When it comes to season games, I'll always play you at my convenience. You are disrespectful when you "ask" for games so I have no inclination to accommodate you at all.

    Playoffs are different, I like quick playoffs so I'll be flexible despite you.

    Also I've played at zero frames all season. My record has taken a real hit it seems.

  4. Just a quick little blurb for now.

    Just want to thank trojan for hosting the event as well as myself at his house. That made the trip a bit more feasible logistically for me which I appreciate because he's a great host and he put on a great tournament that I wish more of us could have experienced.

    Also, I did lose a game of 94 in Wisconsin. Tim beat me Friday night and played me tight in a couple others. He gave me the wake up call I seemed to be in need of to be ready for the tournament.