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  1. Soderstrom-Puppa Carson-Turgeon-Recchi Bellows-Yake-Kontos Kasatonov-Bourque Kasparaitis-Gusarov
  2. angryjay93

    Draft round 11

    11.14 San Jose is proud to select Darius Kasparaitis
  3. angryjay93

    Draft round 10

    10.7 San Jose is proud to select Terry Yake
  4. angryjay93

    Draft Round 9

    9.14 Alexei Gusarov and by the way, my 8th pick was not even a guy on my 60 player long depth chart, so screw that horrible pick and that bum Shayne Corson, instead of that garbage im taking Chris Kontos with my 8.7 pick.
  5. did i go up? i lost my series, that just doesnt seem right.
  6. angryjay93

    Draft Round 6

    With the 107th pick in the draft, the San Jose Sharks are proud to pick Defenseman, Alexei Kasatonov.
  7. angryjay93

    Draft round 5

    With the 94th pick in the draft, the San Jose Sharks are proud to select, Center, Jimmy Carson.
  8. angryjay93

    Draft Round 4

    With the 67th pick of the draft, the San Jose Sharks are proud to select Tommy Soderstrom
  9. angryjay93

    Draft Round 3

    With the 54th pick in the draft, the San Jose Sharks are proud to select Center, Pierre Turgeon.
  10. line chages wont fix anything because the third line for Detroit is still just as good as some teams first lines. I think if anything it will only exaggerate the differences in the teams even more.
  11. angryjay93

    Draft round 1

    i second the notion brought forward by Cash.
  12. no kidding, this guy knows how to pull the rabbit out of the hat. In the case of our series though no ones lead was ever safe. He nearly coughed up game 6 after being up 7-1 and nearly coughed up game 7 afterscoring the possible winner with 9 seconds in regulation only to see gilmour score with 2 seconds left, damn that ot goal in game 7, two great comebacks destroyed by bure game winners.
  13. angryjay93

    Draft round 1

    The San Jose Sharks are baffeled by the events of this draft and are estatic to pick Ray Bourque with the 14th pick in the draft.
  14. 10-2 is no joke, great work so far on your predicitions.
  15. Thank you for the kind words and the hilarous post addisonbr, i hope to see you in whatever league i am in next season.
  16. go for it dude, i have no problem with thanking yourself.
  17. First off I would just like to say i had a blast playing in this league. Even though Toronto wasnt a team that fit my strengths, i still had a blast competing with all the guys in the league this season. I wouldn't have been as successful as i was if it werent for some people helping me along the way. First and foremost id like to thank Evan. He allowed me to move into the A league despite my limited experience and ability. He had the confidence in me that i would get all my games in and hopefully be competitive. I will totally understand if i get sent down to B next season so i can pay my dues like everyone else trying to move up. I just want to thank you for giving me the chance though, i had a blast. Next id like to thank the guys who helped me get into this league. MattHurray played a large role in gettting me into this league, he vouched for me saying i could compete and he helped me so much with my defense and learning how to play a better game. Id also like to thank addisonbr. He played the very first game with me and handed my ass to me, but he did give me the desire to continue working on my game so i could hopefully compete one day. Also he supported my bid to get into the league and he continues to play games with me on a regular basis where we can work on our skills. Without him i wouldnt be the player i am right now. Id like to thank James/vocally caged, playing him gave me confidence i could hang with the big boys and not get slapped around. He is a great player who really made me elevate my play to another level that i wasnt aware that i possessed. There is a massive amount of mutual respect between us and id like to think we will have some epic battles in the future. Also backhander needs to get his due. He took detroit and whooped me time and time again at my request. He challenged me on a level that im not ready for yet, but hopefully with some more improvement i can play on his level consistently. Setar needs major props. He took the time to record,commentate, and process the videos of games 1-4 of my playoff series. He does an amazing job when he can be heard and i appreciate everything he has done. Lastly, i want to thank hokkefan for one hell of a series. Im dissapointed with the end result, but as ive sad a few times already, ive never seen so much suspense or had so much fun playing a video game. i now consider you a major rival and i will make sure i always bring a little extra when playing with you, but its all good natured of course. As for anyone i have forgotten, here is my thanks for you in making me a better player and providing an enjoyable experience. No matter what league im in next season,i look forward to more fun. Angry Jay
  18. i like game 4 much better,i can hear the commentating which was very well done.
  19. its too bad the commentary seems to be drowned out by the game sounds.
  20. I must say,i have just had the most heart wrenching moment in my video game life this afternoon. After going up in this sereis against hokeefan 3-2 i have blown it. Game 6: An incredible first period by the Canucks put them out in front with a 7-1 lead, Bure potted home a double hat trick to help the cause. Toronto wouldnt go down without a fight where Gilmour put up his own hat trick and Dave Ellet potted home a goal to make it 7-5 after two. In the first two minutes of the thrid the Leafs slipped two more past McLean to set up an exciting finish. Tornto hopes were dashed at the Gardens though when a Bure breakway with 35 seconds left put the icing on the cake for the Canucks in an 8-7 slugfest. Game 7: The Canucks came home to a boisterous crowd for the winner take all game 7. Vancouver got the early lead 1-0, but Toronto roared back with 2 of their own goals to make it 2-1 after the first. In the second Toronto picked up another goal early, but Cliff Ronning grinded a goal home for the Canucks to set up a 3-2 third period. In the third the Canucks put two in the net to take a 4-3 lead with two minutes left. But Doug Gilmour stormed right back to put a tally on the board and tie it up with a 100 seconds left. While shorthanded though Pavel Bure struck once more with 9 seconds left seemingly sealing the deal for the Canucks. But in a blink of an eye Doug Gilmour stormed down the ice to tie the game on a blistering slapper by KirK McLean. In the ot, Wendell Clark had Mclean beaten with a slapper but it just slipped past the cage and into the hands of a vancouver defenseman who passed it up to Bure and after a quick move, deked both the defender and the goalie to score the game winner and series winner for the Canucks. By far the most exciting time ive ever had, im very dissapointed in how i blew this series but i have to give credit where credit is due and congratulate hokkeefan. Good luck to him in his future games. p.s. The Western Conference can now relax (Chicago and Winnpeg) Juice Maker has fallen by the way side.
  21. no disagreement here with what you just said. im sure everyone here feels that way on some level and 19 of us in the GENS leagues and the teams that lose in the SNES leagues will feel the same on some level.
  22. point in case...or is it case in point? its too late and my wit isnt what it used to be.
  23. as for a rom with everyone ranked the same i just feel it robs the game of its uniqueness and the different way players and teams can be used. part of the excellence of the game is its variety in my opinion, taking the variety out would cause the appeal to decrease.