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  1. I'm in- Aim Screen name josh couper
  2. What are you talking about it is xbox 360 and ps3
  3. Hey guys hope you guys are having a good day so far and also this is my first post on the forums so Any ways what I wanted to tell everyone about is that NHL 15 on Xbox 360 and Ps3 will have the NHL 94 anniversary mode Online isn't that awesome and hopefully the admins will add this versions of the game to Leauge also the game come's out on September 9th and hopefully if they do add the version's of the game on to the league they will start the league right when NHL 15 comes also if they do this it will probably bring all the people who only have a Xbox 360 and a Ps3 to come join this awesome website well i hope you enjoyed this news I brought you cause I know I did and I hope you guys have a good rest of your night or day Also I forgot to say GO LEAFS GO!!!
  4. thank you kupuck for letting me play in shark week and I have to say gl to chefstar hopefully you win the whole thing and see you all in the Fall Classic
  5. K I will take the Toronto maple leafs and I want to be In this leauge
  6. hey I need to know if tomorrow the guys who did not do there 6 games this week get replaced by a replacement coach?
  7. hey what time will the coaches in the league get replaced
  8. hello i need a test game please AIM Screen name: josh couper email: deathrip12@hotmail.com
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