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    NHL'15 by Skip

    I transposed the playoff matchups in my original post. This version has the matchups the way they should have been. There is one playoff bracket that has all of the Canadian teams on one side. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS ONE! See below for latest update... NHL94.2015.bin
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    NHL'15 by Skip

    It's finished, but I will drop players if they get sent back to juniors and add whoever makes the NHL team.
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    NHL'15 by Skip

    Thanks Kiba!
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    NHL'15 by Skip

    Hey guys! Here is my NHL2015 ROM that I've been working on. -Rosters/Ratings updates diligently performed myself -Original ROM by Slapshot67 (originally his NHL 2012) - retrieved from Details: 30 Teams, 26 players/3 goalies per team Rosters are updated as of 7/24/2015 & includes many 1st round picks from 2012-2014 Phoenix is now Arizona, but remains in Phoenix's in-game position Playoff matchups reflect new alignment Most uniforms updated to reflect actual uniforms Issues: I could not find the offset for the new team overall ratings, so the ratings are left as they were in Slapshot67's NHL2012. I don't do graphics - so we are sticking with everything as is. Arizona banner still Phoenix, no player cards. Sorry! Bottom Line: This ROM is all about the roster updates and speed of the game. Goalies are better, teams are deeper, and it makes the game really fun with friends. Testing: Played some games with a friend, awesome games that are not super high scoring and are always fun. I have not tested this with penalties on, so I am not sure if the number of penalties per game will be affected if you're used to using them on. Updates: I will re-post with updated rosters before the season begins. Attribution: This ROM is only possible due to guys like KingRaph, Smoz, Slapshot67, etc. Thanks to all of you guys for keeping this awesome game alive! I put a lot of time into these rosters, but without NOSE and you pioneers, this is not possible! Enjoy! -Skip P.S. - I tried to attach the rosters in excel but I am not permitted to do so...sorry! Message me for the excel sheet. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS ONE!!!!! SEE BELOW FOR UPDATED ROM WITH GRAPHIC UPDATES, COURTESY OF SLAPSHOT67! NHL94.2015.bin
  5. Hey Labs - I will absolutely share! I have the teams done but I'm tweaking before I post it. I included a lot of the 1st round draft picks from 2012-2014 (including 30 of the first 31 picks from 2014). Played a few test games with a buddy yesterday, goodtimes! Posting soon! -Skip
  6. hey Stepher, I hope you don't mind if I use your (awesome!) ROM to copy and paste my rosters of NHL15. I have been using the regular 26 team game (no MIN, PHX, CBJ, NSH) and when I found this ROM, I knew I'd found the one to move my rosters to the next stage. With permission, I will send my updated rosters to you when finished. I have a Sochi roster that I busted my @$$ on but never found a good graphics person to follow through. I can send that your way too if you know someone. I sent them to someone on this site and never heard back from them. Great ROM! Thanks, Skip
  7. I am still trying to get some help from someone on a Sochi edition. I have all of the teams done, just need to do the banners and center ice logos! Please help! I tried the tilemolester, but it doesn't work. skip
  8. hahaha this is great. Something you don't pay enough attention to when you're 14 years old in 1994.
  9. Yes, I did figure that, but wanted confirmation. If you read the entire string you would've known that, but clearly you didn't. Thanks.
  10. found some interesting things when I was moving back and forth between the hex editor and NOSE... if you make changes to anything, for example, I was changing player cards in the hex to match the trades in my if you make changes in hex, and then save the bin in NOSE, it erases whatever you did in the hex. I realized this after I kept having the same issue when I lost Vanbiesbrouck, Housley, and one other guys cards. Does anybody know if A.) This is an issue with overwriting while I am still in the hex? Or...B.) if I play in the NOSE now, and then save my progress, will I lose my updated cards?
  11. thanks again guys! I worked on some uniforms, roughness, etc. today, and I am almost completely done. I will definitely put my file up once it's finished. Hey Prodigy, I am having trouble with the banners, but I will do a little more research before asking for help hahaha Thanks guys! Skip
  12. to follow up, I explored NOSE today, and man, you are right King, would've savd me so much time. I was mainly trial and error editing guys, though I caught on to the rating system pretty quickly. This program is unreal. I immediately edited the Whalers, Stars, Devils, Blues, Senators, and Mighty Ducks sick! Here is my latest set of rosters ,which I love using already and cannot wait to use more. Anybody in the Boston area that wants in on an Aug 17th tourney, let me know! Also - let me know if I didn't upload my zip properly for people to use...I suck at most of this stuff still. <-----rookie hahaha ********DONT USE THIS FILE, IF ANYBODY TRIED should be fine but there was an issue on Thomas Steen's card in Winnipeg that was freezing the game. I also made a lot of other changes. I am going to post my final product soon. Having trouble with the center ice logos and the banners.
  13. obviously is the correct answer! I wasn't sure if the download would revert everything back to their original coding, etc.
  14. I edited individual attributes for a lot of guys...probably like 60% of players have some sort of edit. This is all new to me, so I will copy and save as a text file I guess and then try it out. I will surely share after! Thanks man! Skip
  15. If I have already edited the s**t out of NHL94 (hours and hours of updating guys for the 1993-94 season), can I download NOSE without losing my edits? I feel the answer is no but wanted to ask the pros! Thanks! Skip ****A look at my rosters...all starters for all teams with new overall rating. Also made most guys on the team they started 1993-94 with or played the most games with that year. Glad to share the hex with anyone who would like it, you all have given me so much info! Forwards 1 PIT M. Lemiuex 100 2 LA Gretzky 98 3 DET Fedorov 98 4 DET Yzerman 97 5 VAN Bure 96 6 BUF Mogilny 96 7 CHI Roenick 95 8 PIT Jagr 94 9 BOS Oates 94 10 BUF LaFontaine 94 11 WPG Selanne 94 12 NYR Messier 93 13 PHL Recchi 93 14 TOR Gilmour 93 15 NYI Turgeon 93 16 QUE Sakic 93 17 DAL Modano 93 18 STL B. Hull 90 19 BOS Neely 90 20 PHL Lindros 90 21 OTT Yashin* 90 22 PIT Francis 88 23 TOR Andreychuck 86 24 NYR Graves 86 25 LA Robitaille 86 26 CGY Fleury 86 27 CHI Larmer 86 28 QUE Sundin 85 29 STL Shanahan 85 30 MTL Damphousse 85 31 CGY Roberts 85 32 NYR Gartner 85 33 CGY Nieuwendyk 83 34 NYI S. Thomas 83 35 PHL Brind'Amour 83 36 WPG Tkachuk 82 37 DAL R. Courtnall 82 38 TOR W. Clark 81 39 VAN G. Courtnall 81 40 NJ Richer 80 41 NYI D. King 80 42 DET Ciccarelli 80 43 LA Sandstrom 80 44 MTL Muller 80 45 WAS Bondra 80 46 BUF Hawerchuk 80 47 DAL Gagner 80 48 FLA Mellanby 80 49 SJ Larionov 80 50 QUE Nolan 79 51 EDM Weight 79 52 STL Janney 79 53 MTL Bellows 79 54 CHI J. Murphy 78 55 WAS Kristich 78 56 NJ MacLean 78 57 VAN Linden 78 58 WPG Zhamnov 78 59 WAS Ridley 78 60 HFD Verbeek 77 61 BOS Juneau 77 62 HFD Sanderson 76 63 TB Bradley 76 64 SJ Makarov (CGY) 76 65 OTT Kudelski 76 66 TB Klima (EDM) 76 67 NJ C. Lemiuex 75 68 EDM Corson 75 69 EDM Arnott* 75 70 SJ Elik (EDM) 73 71 TB Gratton* 73 72 HFD Cassels 69 73 ANA Yake 68 74 ANA Corkum 68 75 ANA Valk 68 76 OTT Daigle* 67 77 FLA Lomakin 66 78 FLA J. Belanger 63 Goalies 1 MTL Roy 100 2 CHI Belfour 98 3 BUF Hasek 93 4 NJ Brodeur* 93 5 FLA Vanbiesbrouck 88 6 STL Joseph 83 7 TOR Potvin 83 8 NYR Richter 80 9 CGY Vernon 76 10 NYI Hextall (QUE) 76 11 SJ Irbe 76 12 TB Puppa (BUF) 74 13 DET Osgood* 74 14 ANA Hebert 74 15 WPG Essenssa 74 16 DAL Moog (DAL) 74 17 PIT Barrasso 74 18 HFD Burke 72 19 BOS Casey (DAL) 72 20 PHL Roussel 72 21 QUE Fiset 70 22 VAN McLean 70 23 WAS Beaupre 70 24 EDM Ranford 66 25 OTT Billington (NJ) 63 26 LA Hrudey 59 Defensemen 1 BOS Bourque 100 2 NJ S. Stevens 92 3 CGY MacInnis 92 4 NYR Leetch 91 5 SJ Ozolinsh 89 6 CHI Chelios 88 7 NYR Zubov 88 8 NJ Niedermeyer 88 9 STL Housley (WPG) 84 10 DET Coffey 83 11 CGY Suter 81 12 PIT L. Murphy 80 13 MTL Schneider 80 14 WAS Iafrate 80 15 HFD Zalapski 80 16 HFD Pronger* 80 17 VAN Lumme 79 18 LA Blake 78 19 WAS K. Hatcher 78 20 DET Lidstrom 78 21 NYI Malakhov 78 22 FLA G. Murphy 78 23 MTL Desjardins 76 24 TOR D. Mironov 76 25 PHL Galley 75 26 LA Zhitnik 75 27 QUE Duchesne 75 28 TOR Ellett 75 29 BOS D. Sweeney 75 30 DAL Tinordi 74 31 EDM Manson 74 32 STL J. Brown 72 33 CHI S. Smith 72 34 NYI Kasparitis 72 35 DAL D. Hatcher 72 36 VAN Slegr 72 37 WPG Numminen 71 38 SJ D. Wilson 70 39 EDM Kravchuk 70 40 ANA Houlder 70 41 PIT U. Samuelsson 68 42 TB Hamrlik 67 43 QUE Foote 67 44 BUF Smehlik 67 45 ANA Hill 67 46 PHL Yushkevich 67 47 BUF Svboda 65 48 TB Chambers 64 49 FLA Benning (EDM) 64 50 WPG B. Mironov* 64 51 OTT Maciver 61 52 OTT Marsh 53