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  1. 4.1 Flatcrusher selects Joe Pavelski
  2. 3.9 Rangers select Ryan Suter
  3. 3.4 Scammy89 selects Artemi Panarin
  4. 2.8 Dccion takes Brad Marchand 2.9 Lupz27 takes Phil Kessel
  5. Per Discord Flatcrusher with the 1st overall pick in the draft Selects Sidney Crosby. Chef with 2nd overall pick select Alex Ovechkin. @kevin77 up in the draft!
  6. You can't have your cake, and eat it to man! Enjoy the ride IF you get a chance at the Bailey Bobble give it all you got, and start the rebuild the following season.
  7. Ice it's not on the post I took Winnipeg.
  8. Boooooooo wire up and your connection will be more then fine! I'm more then fine playing vs you on your wifi.
  9. Hey that's about where I am except I'm not too good for everyone in B.
  10. Gusarov is 4th dman so make him #55 please the rest of my team is good on numbers thanks. Edit
  11. Gusarov is 4th dman so make him #55 please the rest of my team is good on numbers thanks.
  12. I don't know the retro guys numbers St. Louis Blues LW Hawerchuck #10 C Neely #8 RW Boom Boom G LD Murphy #28 RD Sweeney #32 G Blue #1 2nd line LD Pronovost RD Pronovost Make the rest of my 2nd line so Geofrian comes in during a Hawerchuck penalty, and goes to C on a Neely penalty please. I think Gusarov shares a number with one of my retro guys so make him #55 if he does.
  13. 2.6 St Louis (Lupz) Selects D Gord Murphy
  14. 1.6 St. Louis selects F Cam Neely
  15. There are more then 10 this year I believe everyone in the 56.bin rom Coach released is available to be drafted from my understanding.
  16. @TomKabs93 See! Unplug that PS4 when you want to play, and boom your back to online play, heck the wifi games we played were not that bad, if you wire up you will be good to go, and back in the GA!
  17. A perfect Spin o Rama that splits the defense, and ends in a slap deke dropping the goalie helpless!
  18. Just a idea for this seasons format, IF we get the 12 coaches to have a player draft instead of having separate conferences, just put all 12 (or more if more sign up) together no separate conferences like Plablegs league, AND have every coach play a home, and home series knocking the schedule down to 22 games (possibly a few more depending on if more teams sign up), this would make it easier for guys to finish a season even if they are having a very poor season so if they lose interest 22 games doesn't seem like such a daunting task like 40-44 does IMO, and if all goes well, and we have a early finish then their could be another season right afterwards if the interest is there. Just like Plablegs have top 6 qualify for playoffs as first 6 seeds, and then 7 play 10, and 8 play 9 to determine who plays the 1st, and 2nd seed in the first round of the playoffs. I just think with the recent decline in league participation after sign ups a 22 game schedule is more realistic then 40-44 with 12 coaches, and might lead to higher completion % of games, and eliminate the never ending season due to people not playing all their games after the initial early rush in the early part of the season. If enthusiasm for a large schedule is apparent can always go back to the 40-44 game format for future seasons. Anyways just a thought.
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